Benefits of Makeup Mirrors!

There are so many elements in the fashion industry that matters but there is one particular thing, without it the whole fashion industry is incomplete. Yes, you guessed it right, its vanity mirrors. Large salons worldwide and beauty parlors are nothing without vanity mirrors.

Without a vanity mirror, salons cannot complete their job and also cannot satisfy their customers unless or until they check them self’s how do they look? So, if you are working with fashion or showbiz industry you must be well aware that this industry without a quality vanity mirrors is incomplete.

Now, apart from the simple makeup vanity mirror there are plenty of advanced mirrors available in the market. They are usually high in price but has plenty of features. Let’s discuss a few of them:-

Clarity: These mirrors offer crystal clear clarity and show an excellent reflection of the consumer.

Magnifying Feature: Yes, that’s right advanced vanity mirrors also come with magnifying power few comes with 15X magnification and some with 8X magnification. This zoom-in feature allows users to check even the little details of their makeup.

 Lighting Feature Advanced vanity mirrors come with built-in lighting features as well to provide a clearer view to the consumer. The best part is, this light can be adjusted according to your needs.

Touch featureSuch mirrors also have touch feature, which means a user can touch the mirror and adjust the lighting low or high according to the requirements.

Other FeaturesAdvanced vanity mirrors also come with Bluetooth option so that you can connect it with your cell phone and enjoy your favorite music during the makeup or shave. Some mirrors also have a digital watch which shows the time and room temperature feature as well.

Anti Fogging FeatureFogging is always an issue during makeup, but in advanced vanity mirrors there is a feature which is called Anti Fogging feature which keeps the mirror crystal clear and avoids fogging. The steam cannot affect the clarity of the mirror.

Wall Mount OptionsThese mirrors also offer two types of mounting either consumer can install it vertically or horizontally it is totally up to the user and the area where they are going to install it. There are always have two options to choose from.

Solid Frame: The advanced makeup mirrors come with solid Aluminium or steel frame to keep the mirror tight and keep it in one place. This frame is usually very sturdy and can hold the weight of the vanity mirror like a pro.

Simple InstallationThe advanced vanity mirrors are not very heavy in weight. Most of the mirrors have lightweight and they can be easily installed anywhere by anyone. Even the electric circuit is easy to attach. So if you are a non-technical person, still you will be able to install it without any hassle.

Finally:  Although modern and advanced vanity mirrors are high in price but the convenience and some cool user-friendly options they offer, you won’t be able to get it in ordinary mirrors.

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