Baseball is a popular game & being played all over the world. It is played between two teams which involves batting & fielding. A player from the batting team hit the ball with the bat thrown by the pitcher & run into the bases to score the runs.

A baseball helmet or batting helmet is commonly used by baseball players during the game. The equipment is used to protect the player’s head when the ball is thrown by the pitcher towards the batting player. The baseball helmet was first developed in 1905 by Mogridge as a protective headgear which was just like an inflatable boxing glove.

Later on, Roger Bresnahan, who injured from the pitcher’s ball invented a leather batting helmet in the year 1908. Though it was not a proper batting helmet, but just a protective earmuff. Over the passage of time, the batting helmet continued to evolve & changed its design & structure to come into fashionable & wearable shape. We have compiled some of the best baseball helmets for youth in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Since baseball is a dangerous sport & it poses a serious threat of injury while playing the game which may even result in the death of the player. So, it was necessary to have proper safety gear before playing this game. A player may easily get a concussion through a baseball pitching, which can damage your brain & leads to serious consequences. It is imperative to protect oneself while wearing a batting helmet while playing.

Today, there are many companies making baseball helmets that offer safety & convenience to use by the players when playing a baseball game. The game is extremely popular among the youth & many youngsters around the world use to play baseball games as their leisure time activity.

If you are planning to buy a  baseball helmet, then make sure that the helmet that you are going to buy comply with NOCSAE standards & carry all safety standards. There are a few important things to consider when buying a helmet which includes:

  • Size of helmet
  • Single or Double earflap
  • Face & jaw guard
  • Material
  • Brand
  • Price

Make sure that you are buying the right side of the helmet which doesn’t only adjust to your head but quite comfortable to wear. A tight & rigid helmet wouldn’t offer any flexibility & will make it quite irritating to wear for a long time. Secondly, pick between single of double earflap because there is a huge difference of price between the both, if the single ear flap works perfectly for you then don’t need to spend more on the additional earflap. Make sure the brand that you are going to buy has a face/jaw guard or otherwise. Keep all these things in mind when buying a baseball helmet for the game. We have found some of the best-featured helmets available on the market to consider one for you.

Best Baseball Helmets For Youth (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.3 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.0 Out of 10
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Easton Z5 Grip Helmet-SR

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
EASTON Z5 2.0 Batting Helmet | Baseball Softball | Senior | Matte Black | 2020 | Dual-Density Impact Absorption Foam | High Impact Resistant ABS Shell | Moisture Wicking BioDRI Liner | Removable E
EASTON Z5 2.0 Batting Helmet | Baseball Softball | Senior | Matte Black | 2020 | Dual-Density Impact Absorption Foam | High Impact Resistant ABS Shell | Moisture Wicking BioDRI Liner | Removable E Check price

High impact resistant ABS shell for maximum protection
Dual-density foam liner for shock absorption and comfort
BioDri padded inner liner absorbs moisture
Wrapped ear pads for durability and comfor...

The Easton Batting helmet is made up of ABS plastic which offers an amazing choice of the protective shell against hard-hitting & built with high-quality material. It adds dual-density foam which adds shock-absorbing capacity foam & resistance against any strike of the ball. The foam has the capability to absorb sweat & can be easily pulled off the head when needed. It protects the player’s ear by wrapping due to its special design. It is quite helpful in protecting against concussions & prevents similar head injuries. The Easton batting helmet is adjustable for different sizes & suitable for all ages. It is lightweight, comfortable & easy to wear. It makes good airflow through the helmet & doesn’t let the players suffocate when wearing this helmet. The helmet is available in multiple colors for the fascination of youth & to give them plenty of options to choose.

Easton Z5 helmet comes at an economical price & offers great use of the helmet. These are famous because they have an amazing finishing with great structure & shape which fit easily to everyone. The Easton Z5 Grip Batting Helmet SR features a new & sleek look with the ever-popular matte paint finish. The Easton Z5 Grip Batting Helmet SR is constructed with high impact-resistant plastic to provide an excellent protective shell.

  • Comfortable & airy
  • Perfect for softball & baseball
  • Dual-density foam
  • Ordinary headgear


It is a great helmet that doesn’t only protect the head, but also provide comfortable equipment to wear while playing the baseball. It is suitable for both baseball & softball for kids & adults. Easton Z5 SR batting helmet also features dual-density foam for better shock absorption & maximum comfort. The dual-density foam is covered with a ‘Bio-Dri’ liner which absorbs sweat & pulls it away from your head, keeping you cool, especially in high-stress conditions.

Rawlings Highlighter Series

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Rawlings Highlighter Series Coolflo Youth Baseball/Softball Batting Helmet with Face Guard, Matte Neon Black
Rawlings Highlighter Series Coolflo Youth Baseball/Softball Batting Helmet with Face Guard, Matte Neon Black Check price

Made of the highest quality materials
Baseball protective gear batting helmets
Another quality Rawlings product
Refer to the PDF attached below for sizing

Rawlings brings a highlighter Series, which is a high-quality helmet for the baseball players to use it as a protective batting gear. It comes in matte finishing in a wide range of colors to give players more choices to pick. Its sleek, aerodynamic look & state-of-the-art venting system have revolutionized batting helmet with enhanced protection for the players. It is very popular & worn by all major league baseball players. Rawlings has been offering a number of helmets with attributes that offer more convenience & prevents the head from injuries. The helmet has a durable shell that gives perfect protection & equipped with EVA foam giving maximum protection to the player’s head. The EVA foam also helps to absorb moisture & sweat while playing the game. The helmet makes it easier to move the head around due to its lightweight & adequately grip the head without creating any problem. Rawlings sports helmet complies NOCSAE standards of safety in production & its pre-drilled ear holes make it breathable & airy equipment to wear. It also incorporates head & jaw protection with the help of a special steel bar cage fixed to the front of the helmet which is also detachable on demand. Rawlings has been offering quality baseball helmets for the player at an affordable price range to fulfill their sporting needs.

Furthermore, Rawlings is famous for producing high-quality products for the baseball game.  From gloves, bats, balls, apparel, to gear, you name it, Rawlings manufacturing excellent, high-standard & durable products at a very reasonable price for many years.

  • Durable & lightweight
  • Available in numerous sizes
  • EVA foam absorbs moisture
  • Little pricey when compared to others


So, those who are looking for highly resistant baseball helmets can go for this one because it ensures maximum safety & protection to the players on the field. it is available in numerous sizes & durable to wear. Rawlings also offers different chart sizes for each item so that anything you buy fits perfectly.

Easton Z5 Junior helmet

Our Score 8.6 out of 10
EASTON Z5 Junior Batting Helmet with Baseball Softball Mask | 2019 | Black | Unisex | Dual Density Shock Absorption Foam | High Impact Resistant ABS Shell | Moisture Wicking BioDRI liner
EASTON Z5 Junior Batting Helmet with Baseball Softball Mask | 2019 | Black | Unisex | Dual Density Shock Absorption Foam | High Impact Resistant ABS Shell | Moisture Wicking BioDRI liner Check price

JUNIOR 6-3/8-7-1/8
High impact resistant ABS shell for maximum protection
Dual-density foam liner for shock absorption and comfort
BioDri padded inner liner absorbs moisture
ABS plastic provides an...

Easton Z5 is a highly amazing batting helmet with high impact resistant ABS shell which offers maximum protection. It incorporates dual-density foam liner for shock absorption & quite a comfortable helmet. It features BioDri padded inner liner which makes it capable of absorbing moisture & sweat while playing. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any itching to the players as well. Its wrapped ear pads don’t only save the player, but also adds durability & comfort for the wearers. The helmet is made of ABS plastic which gives excellent protective shell & gives good resistance against high impact strikes. The helmet is NOCSAE approved & meet all safety standards for baseball & softball use. It is the best protective gear for constant play & offers an amazing choice of baseball helmet for the players. The helmet also features a chin strap which makes it easy to grip the head & prevents slipping.  Moreover, This durable helmet model from Easton is perfect for players of all caliber. Its super-strong face steel wires keep your face safe if accidentally ball hits. The amazing thing is Easton Z5 Baseball/Softball is not only durable but also lightweight. This is why it’s a popular choice among the players.

  • Wide range of colors
  • Suitable for 7-8 years old
  • Wrapped ears
  • Limited sizes


So, whether you are digging into the batter’s box or digging for extra bases, you always need a helmet that provides excellent & reliable protection. The Easton Z5 has all. It has a highly protective shell & interior padding that comfortably absorbs shock. Kids & young who love playing baseball should get the Easton Z5 batting helmet for playing their favorite game. It fits well on head & has extra face mask protection especially for the kids. The helmet has dual-density foam which can absorb sweat & pull it out of the head through the ventilation system of the helmet.

Rawlings Coolflo

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Rawlings Coolflo Single Flap Batting Helmet for Right Handed Batter, Black, Medium
Rawlings Coolflo Single Flap Batting Helmet for Right Handed Batter, Black, Medium Check price

Pro style batting helmet
Covered leather head band
Abs plastic shell with clear coat finish
Age- Adult
S - 6 7/8 - 7, M - 7 1/8 - 7 1/4, L - 7 3/8 - 7 1/2, XL - 7 5/8 - 8

Rawlings Coolflo gives a wide range of sizes to meet everyone’s needs & provide safety to the players during the baseball game. It is a professional style batting helmet & suitable for left/right-handed players. The helmet uses ABS plastic shell covered with a leather padded headband with good finishing provides greater resistance against any strike of the pitcher. This is the most suitable helmet for adult players & available in different sizes.   The helmet features Coolflo technology, which adds 15 vents for airflow, making it an airy & comfortable helmet to wear. It weighs just 1.3 pounds, which is quite affordable & doesn’t put any stress on the head while wearing the helmet. It incorporates EVA dual-density foam which adds more comfort & extra protection to save the skull against any possible hit. This helmet doesn’t have NOCSAE certification but still a durable & high-quality product.

Furthermore, Rawlings is popular in making quality sports kits. Specifically, if you compare the quality of the helmets of Rawlings with other brands. Rawlings’s helmet quality is not only better but also lasts long at affordable prices. This is also the reason that Rawlings helmets are official batting helmets of major leagues. We would certainly recommend this helmet to anyone out there who loves baseball. Coolflo is the perfect & stylish way to protect your head.

  • Professional batting helmet
  • Covered leather head
  • ABS Plastic shell
  • Limited sizes


This is the most breathable helmet due to its Coolflo technology and ensures maximum protection to the head during the game. It gives options to the player to pick the size which they find suitable for them and perfect for both softball and baseball players. This specific pro-style batting helmet is made with one ear flap, which is especially for a right-handed batter. This helmet features a high-quality plastic shell with a clear coat finish & also covered with a leather headband.

MACH Matte Batting Helmet

Our Score 7.6 out of 10
Rawlings MACHEXTR-B7-SR 2019 Mach Baseball Batting Helmet, Matte Black
Rawlings MACHEXTR-B7-SR 2019 Mach Baseball Batting Helmet, Matte Black Check price

Sleek, low-profile design with optimized ventilation
Extension flap provides added protection for face and jawline
High-performance IMPAX padding absorbs and disperses force
Forms a barrier around ...

With the increasing knowledge and interest in sports, many new techniques are evolving with time. Most of the new pitchers are throwing the ball at a faster pace in comparison to the conventional players. This situation requires safety and precautions. MACH Matte batting helmet from Rawlings is providing you the utmost safe and secure way to be on the pitch. The perfectly engineered device comes along with the top-notch quality material that works for the shelter of your skull. This MACH batting device is featuring the IMPAX padding material, which can absorb the shocks more effectively.

The padding further ensures you of smoother spreading of the shock waves to prevent the tremor at only a single site. Another great feature is the protective flap extension, which makes it easy for you to protect the whole skull along with the chin. The sleek silhouette works along with these protective flaps to protect the jawline. This MACH Helmet is not only meant for protection but features the optimum ventilation for the maximum convenience and relaxing situation while playing.

Another feature that adds more worth to this MACH matte helmet is that it provides full surrounding cover for the head. The helmet follows all the principle standard features from the NOCSAE.

  • Sleek and low profile
  • IMPAX padding
  • Extension flap
  • No CON against this product


The glossy and stylish in design, very sturdy in construction, fully protective, this MACH Matte Helmet is all you need to stay safe in the match. It protects all the delicate parts of your face and keeps you comfortable as long as you are in the field.

Overall Conclusion

The helmet is an important piece of equipment in sports, especially in sports where you have more chance to get a head injury. Different sports have different styles & shapes of helmets. The main purpose behind each helmet is the same, to protect the player head. People use helmets in cricket, in baseball, in hockey, during cycling, etc.

It’s important to know that, the helmets’ shapes also change along with the nature of the sport. For example, in cricket solid & extremely hard case helmet with the protection of steel wire from the front is used to protect the player’s face & head. Similarly, in hockey helmet, the front steel wire area is much larger to protect goalkeeper if the ball accidentally hits him. Just like other sports helmets are also essential in baseball too. In baseball, it’s important for batter & keeper to wear a helmet to avoid ball impact. Because this impact of the ball could be lethal for a player’s life.

Most of the baseball helmets are not expensive. These batting helmets now meet the benchmark standards set by the ‘National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment’, which is also called as NOCSAE. These helmets are tested by shooting balls out of a “canon” of sorts & hit in different locations to test the vulnerability of the materials. If it cracked means the helmet does not meet the standard specifications.

Above listed helmets are also considered best helmets for a baseball game. Choose your favorite one right now.

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