The use of biometric time clocks is the latest method used by large scale businesses & corporations to collect, track & manage time & attendance of their employees. These clocks are quite useful for gathering employees’ time, attendance & their dedication towards their official duties. It helps employees a great tool of accountability & enhances the productivity of the employees towards their work. The device uses fingerprint technology to scan individual employee’s patterns to enforce biometric attendance in offices & factories as well. It is a great tool for companies to manage payroll & salary claims of workers in the industries. It doesn’t only let the employers know the exact hours of work but also helps to calculate the total working hours of each employee at the end of the moth.

Why Biometric System For Employees?

Managing a large number of employees manually & calculating their work time & breaks during a month can be time-consuming & challenging. There are a lot of chances of errors & mistakes in calculating work hours of employees manually. The biometric time clock can be helpful in recording time automatically & saves a lot of time & money to do the same task effectively without hiring extra people. We have compiled some of the best biometric time clocks in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Time clocks give support to a variety of businesses & help to clearly identify a time in & time out of every employee in the company. It has made doing business much easier & just requires employees to scan their fingerprints to punch their identity & time on the clock. Biometric clocks are easy to use, it can store a large number of fingerprint scans & give multiple options to the users to punch their identity. Some of the devices also incorporate cameras for security reasons & fulfill most of the diverse needs of commercial & industrial concerns at an affordable cost.

For the new startup, investing in biometric time clocks is a little daunting as they want to have a systematic arrangement for the timekeeping & attendance of their employees with a low budget. So, buying the right machine which fulfills their needs for the new startup requires consideration of different factors. Such consumers should consider whether the machine which they intend to purchase offer fingerprint scanning or facial recognition. Do these machines have the capabilities to record time in & time out using the pin number & storage to hold the record?

Biometric clocks carry a lot of features & able to provide a lot of benefits to the users. They come in a fashionable, power back up, provide huge storage, accurately track data & generate a number of reports for the businesses. Biometric clocks provide wired & wireless connectivity to the users for their use. It can be placed in the entrance of industries & commercial units to facilitate biometric recording & help businesses to manage the payroll of their employees in a better manner without errors & mistakes. There are plenty of biometric time clocks available on the market ranging sizes, features, storage, power & adds a number of benefits. Check out some of the best time clocks available on the market:-

Best Biometric Time Clocks (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.2 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 7.9 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.6 Out of 10
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TotalPass B600 Biometric Clock

Our Score 9.7 out of 10
TotalPass B600 Biometric Fingerprint Employee Time Clock | 100% Identity Verification on Every Punch| Connect via USB, Network, Wi-Fi or Web| No Monthly Fees
TotalPass B600 Biometric Fingerprint Employee Time Clock | 100% Identity Verification on Every Punch| Connect via USB, Network, Wi-Fi or Web| No Monthly Fees Check price

Includes everything needed to automatically calculate up to 100 employee timecards, for a one-time cost. Easily expandable up to 250, 500.
100% employee identity verification with every single punc...

Icon Time Systems introduces a state-of-the-art identity verification B600 Biometric time machine. It helps business & factory owners by providing the details of each scanned thumb by their employees. The TotalPass B600 equips all features which help to calculate timecards of 100 employees at a time.  The system offers customization to be used for employees up to 250,000. It gives accurate & reliable employee identity verification with a single punch. It also equips a built-in camera for alternative image verification in case of a failed fingerprint scan. This is a multipurpose time clock facilitating entry recording off-site & on-site employees with its easy setup & functionality. It also includes PIN, badge & web punch along with 15 web punch licenses which are included in the device to help to track employees on a remote location effortlessly. Furthermore, it offers multiple connectivity options such as USB, Wi-Fi, & Internet adding a wide range of options to take your business to the next level without incurring any fee. This biometric time clock can be installed on a standalone system & on a network of 33-time clocks using different connectivity methods such as web, VPN, LAN or WAN.  IconTime provides the best time, attendance & verification system for small & medium-sized businesses. It too includes a robust reporting system that can be customized to generate a diverse range of reports.

TotalPass B600 has everything you need. The good thing about this system is that it’s easy & hassle-free setup eliminates the need for IT support, which is really a relief for the user. Moreover, this system is customized with email alerts & packed with advanced features. It’s quite easy to use & very reliable, efficient & flexible.  Its user-friendly & excellent features make it worth buying.

  • Built-in camera support
  • Detailed reporting
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • A little pricey


IconTimes offers an innovative, sturdy & durable fingerprint scanner that resists extreme conditions & able to deliver consistent performance making it easy to monitor. This system has the ability to instantly detect your Wi-Fi network so you can connect fast.

Icon Time System TotalPass

Icon Time Systems TP-BIO TotalPass Small Business Premium| Biometric Time Clock
Icon Time Systems TP-BIO TotalPass Small Business Premium| Biometric Time Clock Check price

Includes everything you need to automatically calculate up to 100 employee time cards, for a one-time cost. Easily expandable upto 250, 500.
Multiple Punch Options / PIN, Badge, Biometric and Web P...

Icon Time System brings another innovative Biometric Time Clock TotalPass which can automatically calculate time cards of 100 employees at a time free of cost. It is further expandable for employees up to 500 quite easily without incurring extra costs. It facilitates users with multiple punching options including PIN codes, Badge & web support punching to enable tracking employees remotely. Its Next-Gen Biometric technology enables camera email photo verification, allowing managers to monitor attendance & verify the attendance of their employees. The time clock can also be used on a stand-alone system or it can be distributed on a network of 33 clocks using LAN, WAN & web connectivity. It increases workplace productivity with its time-saving technology & complete self-enrollment program to provide comprehensive turnkey reports to help out managers. It offers secure data storage in its built-in storage & allows safe access to data. It is quite easy to set up offering a smooth transition to your business & doesn’t let the users face any downtime. IconTime has been offering universal time clocks & provides a complete payroll system supporting small and medium scale businesses.

Just like other convenient devices from Icon Time, TotalPass is also easy to set up & doesn’t need any IT assistance. The good thing about this machine is that its patented self-enrollment wizard offers step-by-step guidance for flawless employee on-boarding. The other interesting feature is that you can also use this one-time clock for two companies at the same time. It also works like that. But make sure that both have the same pay rules & are on the same pay cycle.

  • Supports multiple payment systems
  • Compatible with a different system
  • Provides both verification & identification options
  • Lacks Wi-Fi


This is a standard biometric time clock, offering an automatic self-enrollment & payroll system to streamline the work time of all employees. This system has the ability to lock down employee data & safeguard access to the device. It can set automatic email backups too. TotalPass is loaded with time-saving technology. It also comes with 1-Year manufacturer warranty plus 30-Day free set up support.

Acroprint TimeQplus Biometric Time

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Acroprint 01-0250-000 timeQplus Biometric Attendance System Bundle, Includes timeQplus Network Software for 125 Employees (expandable up to 250 employees) and TQ600B Finger-scan Biometric Terminal
Acroprint 01-0250-000 timeQplus Biometric Attendance System Bundle, Includes timeQplus Network Software for 125 Employees (expandable up to 250 employees) and TQ600B Finger-scan Biometric Terminal Check price

Includes: timeQplus Network software for 125 employees (expandable up to 250 employees) and one TQ600B Finger-scan Biometric Terminal
Employees clock in and out with a simple finger-scan, finger-sc...

Acroprint TimeQplus clock is functional & will continue to work correctly once setup. Which is much better than other devices available on the market.

Acroprint biometric reader eliminates buddy punching & it is compatible with most of the third-party payroll & accounting software. It’s simple finger-scan records time in & out of all employees. In case of any trouble in recording finger scans, the machine facilitates recording through PIN codes, passwords, & punches. The machine supports the use of multiple languages includes French, English, & Spanish to enable wider users internationally. Acroprint provides software to support 125 employees system & enable recording of weekly, monthly or bi-monthly pay periods for regular & daily wage employees. It eliminates the need for payroll preparation & avoids clerical errors automatically enhancing the productivity of the business. It is easy to set up & configure with the help of easy to understand user manual & software wizard. This is the most suitable biometric time clock ever for recording hourly & weekly timings of employees. It can record total work time, overtime, sick time, breaks & holidays offer automatic calculation of total payable work time of each employee at the end of the month.

When you purchase a machine, the hardware is always a problem like the installation & other matters. But, Acroprint TimeQplus Biometric Time’s hardware installation tools make setting up terminals virtually painless. This easy system allows you to set up the machine & running in minutes without the requirement of expensive consultants. The only drawback of this Biometric time machine is that it can only be used with windows, it doesn’t work with a Mac computer. Furthermore, it also can’t be accessed from multiple networks. Apart from these couple of flaws, this product is really very good.

  • Provide multiple reports
  • Enhanced security levels
  • Support multiple languages
  • Software doesn't play well with any screen resolution but 1920x1080


It is a complete-time & attendance system which eliminates the need for pricey manual punching & easily record time & out in the multiple languages while connecting to any computer systems. It’s very suitable for hourly & salaried employees.  It also offers free 30 days support.

uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Clock

uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock
uAttend BN6500 Wi-Fi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Check price

Gain insights towards cost-effective scheduling with real-time overtime alerts when employees approach or meet overtime
Eliminate buddy punching when employees clock in or out with a fingerprint sc...

uAttend BN6500 brings an innovative solution & offers cost-effective scheduling making real-time alerts to monitor employees. It automatically records all data of employees using an advanced biometric time clock technology. This is a quite useful machine that offers the export of data to be used in different formats. It lets the users set their own rules at the time clock by automating different policies in the system. It is quite helpful for meeting business needs for different small & large scale companies in automating their payroll & avoids the hassles of taking prior permissions for time off from the higher management. In other words, it comes with flexible employee punch options, i.e., It enables web punching as well as mobile app punching too, so that employees can pull out their phone & clock in while on the go or in the office. Not only that, but there is also a dial-in punching option & a group punching feature for businesses with many employees clocking in at once. uAttend BN6500 allows you to view & approve time cards in real-time, you also have the option to track your employee vacation & sick time accrual. The System offers great customer support round the clock in case any problem or troubleshooting with its affordable monthly subscription to offer unlimited benefits. It is easy to customize with different settings to facilitate managers to get reports in different formats, making weekly, bi-weekly & monthly reports.

  • Flexible time recording options
  • Gives LAN/Wi-Fi support
  • Automated work time tracking
  • Sometimes problem connecting with Wi-Fi


Get alerts on all time-in & time-out, which helps reduce overall costs of setting up a dedicated payroll system & quite effective in handling payroll of employees. uAttend BN6500 also allows you to take a full benefit-rich affordable monthly subscription with unlimited expert technical support. It also offers customer service seven days a week. Keep in mind that the subscription price is based on employee count & offers unlimited data storage. Moreover, it has the ability to record & store all employee’s data instantly. Simply worthy buying.

WL20 Biometric Fingerprint Clock

WL20 Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal Time Clock Machine Attendance Machine Payroll Recorder Employee Checking-in Recorder
WL20 Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal Time Clock Machine Attendance Machine Payroll Recorder Employee Checking-in Recorder Check price

❗️The Upgraded NGTeco time clock marks a new chapter of Time and Attendance machines. Please search NGTeco time clock if you need it. The Smart Time Clock supports overnight shift and allows to add...

WL20 Biometric Fingerprint clock works fairly so well. It is ideal & mostly used for a small business to keep track of employees. The good thing about this finger scan clock is that it’s very secure & prevents misuse & abuse of the time machine. The reports are so easy to read & very easy you see who is in & out including break/working etc.

ZKTeco brings WL20, another innovative solution for recording attendance & payroll management. It is a quite durable & ultra-thin designed machine which helps to download report by connecting USB through the port. It is compatible with mobile phone & let the users download the report directly on smart-phones using the TA assistance app software. The machine ensures stable operation with its Bio-ID fingerprint sensor adding a strong light source to the machine to ensure 100% working. Its built-in software is to help access/download data externally. It doesn’t only offer attendance record reports, card reports, & schedule information reports but also statistical reports for the top management to make decisions. It has built-in SSR excel software, with this software you don’t need any other complicated software & extra long-term license fee. This enables you to set shift, upload users’ information, download report via USB flash drive in excel format. The shaking feature of this machine is very unique, all you need is to shake the mobile phone to get the reports, which is quite interesting. Not other brands offer this rare feature. Overall, it is super easy to install & the manual is fairly easy to follow. WL20 Biometric Fingerprint machine is worth buying a system for your business.

  • Offers Mobile Application Management
  • Stable Fingerprint Sensor
  • Built-in Excel Software
  • Unit is bit hard to install


ZKTeco fingerprint time attendance system is an economical, simple & usable machine to meet the diverse needs of small & medium-size businesses. This light-weight & ultra-thin design attendance machine support to download the report by just inserting USB-disks & finish the downloading in less than 8 seconds approximately. Keep in mind that, it can’t support overnight shifts or two breaks in a working day.

Fingertec AC100C Biometric Attendance system

Our Score 7.6 out of 10
Fingertec Full Color Biometric Time Attendance System for 3000 Fingerprints - Fingertec AC-100C
Fingertec Full Color Biometric Time Attendance System for 3000 Fingerprints - Fingertec AC-100C Check price

Ideally suitable for offices, retail outlets and factories.
Easy Administration of Attendance and Human Resources Management
Includes TCMS V2 fingertec Solution Powerhouse Software
Easy Administrat...

The Fingertec AC-100C is in trend these days because it’s fulfilling all the attendance needs in almost all kinds of industries. This device is featuring an intelligent and precise fingerprint reading sensor, which helps you to get solid proof of anyone’s presence. The invention also has a built-in clock, which saves the time of attendance immediately as the operator touches the fingerprint sensor. For more convenience, the Fingertec device equips the USB port to transfer data between the PC and the device. You can quickly terminate any fingerprint or add a new one.

The AC100 device has an ample amount of storage to store extensive data, which means you can easily store the biometric data of the full building of your office. According to the rough survey, you can add 3000 plus of fingerprints with two hundred thousand` transaction logs. The device comes at a very economical price according to its vast uses and efficient functioning. The user-friendly design is all set to provide you an easy configuration and comfortable handling. The Fingertec AC100 device comes with the TCMS V2 type of the fingerprint, which is fast and reliable in accessing and identifying any fingerprint. You can use the device for offices, retail outlets, and factories as well.

  • User-friendly operations
  • Huge built-in capacity
  • USB port
  • Accessible from only a few devices


The finger tech AC100C is the perfect attendance solution for all the industries out there. The device comes with a video CD and manual guide to guide the users in the right way in case if the user faces any kind of difficulty during installation. The warranty feature makes this device worth buying.

Overall Conclusion

The use of biometric attendance machines is quickly becoming a leading tool in workforce management. Today most of the companies are switching towards a Biometric Time & Attendance system. One of the main reasons behind starting this system is to erase time theft & increase security & accuracy. This is why the importance of this attendance system is increasing.

The Biometric machines which are reviewed above are the best machines in terms of performance & reliability. You can rely on them without any hassle. These are worth buying.

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