We all love having parrots around, and when you can find different kinds of them, it’s surely a plus point for everyone. Besides, a happy parrot chatting and chirping around the house is always the best and most natural feeling one can have. However, understanding the different kinds of parrots and how you should look after them, and then buying one you adore the most serves you much better. This way, you can understand the needs of the type of bird or parrot you like and understand just the right way.

Now it’s surely not odd to take care of your pet budgie too, as they’re a bird pet. A budgie is a long-tailed parrot that is beautiful in its way. So to take care of this green and yellow with a black colored parrot, it’s important to understand what serves them the most. Whether it’s in terms of the food, the look-after, or the home you choose for them. We have compiled some of the best budgie cage setups in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Taking care of your budgie is all sorts of fun and comforting, and it also makes them get fond of you. But all these factors of taking care of your budgie do serve as the most important one too. So if you miss focusing even a single one of them, you might not have a great time with your pet budgie and it would soon fly away. But that’s not necessary, as long as you understand what suites these types of parrots the most.

For this, researching and understanding the type of food and hobbies, they are fond of; can surely be a great start. But with all this, considering a suitable home for your budgie that they would adore is also highly important. As birds tend to stay in homes or cages they are most comfortable in. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a bedded box for your budgie to stay in, as they’re still caged pets. Therefore, when you go out to buy a suitable home for your budgie, you can always look for special cages for them.

Now investing in the best budgie cage setup can take a lot of your effort, since there’s one too many options and opinions to look into. Yet, if you go for the best options only, you can always eliminate that struggle and stress for yourself; while investing in the best cage set up for your budgie. This would not only please you and your home interior but would also ensure that your budgie is happy and pleased in your space as well.

Now to help you find the best budgie cage set up for your dear parrot, we’ve got some best options reviewed below. Hence, keeping in mind your need and requirement, you can find the most suitable option from these best cage set up’s, and make the most out of your investment for your little budgie. Sounds fun, right? Well, then let’s not waste any more time and head onto discovering them below.

Best Budgie Cage Setups (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.1 Out of 10
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YAHEETECH 63-Inch Bird Flight Cage

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
YAHEETECH 63-Inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cage for African Grey Small Quaker Amazon Parrots Cockatiels Sun Parakeet Green Cheek Conure Lovebird Budgie Finch Canary Bird Flight Cage with Stand
YAHEETECH 63-Inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cage for African Grey Small Quaker Amazon Parrots Cockatiels Sun Parakeet Green Cheek Conure Lovebird Budgie Finch Canary Bird Flight Cage with Stand amazon.com Check price

Overall Dimension: 81 x 47 x 160 cm/ 32 x 18.5 x 63’’ (LxWxH)
Easy cleaning: A slide-out tray covered with waterproof paint can be removed and cleaned with water, making cleaning a breeze. A grate ...

The perfect overall dimensions of this birdcage make it a suitable cage option to be placed anywhere in your home easily. For a stress-free cleaning, this bird flight cage comes with a slide-out tray that has a coating of water-proof paint. This ensures that you can easily wash the birdcage with water and remove all the dirt without facing any struggles. The addition of a gate between the birds and the tray ensures that your bird doesn’t walk on its droppings while being all hygienic and clean. To ensure the safety and security of different sized birds, this birdcage comes with a suitable bar spacing feature that eliminates the chances of birds easily escaping out of the cage. For smart and secure locking of the cage’s door, while ensuring that your birds don’t open the door and escape when you aren’t watching, this cage comes with a crescent lock on the front door and an arc-shaped wire on each small door.

The multiple doors add ease to the living of birds of all sizes inside this cage. This includes a small entry door within the large front door along with 6 more small doors for feeders to easily fly through. The four rolling casters that this birdcage comes along with, makes it a lot easier to move the cage in different corners of the house – all without the need of picking it up on your own. You can also turn this cage in a mobile cage by attaching the casters on the bottom of the cage.

  • Safe gate locks
  • Durable making
  • Easy moving
  • Heavy weight


Although this YAHEETECH cage comes with multiple doors but still it’s safe and 100% secure for your pet birds particularly for your budgie. So, if you’re looking for a large birdcage to keep your budgie as well as other kinds of birds inside without worrying about having them face any issue, then this is certainly the best option you can invest in.

Prevue Hendryx F041 Cage

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand, Chalk White
Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand, Chalk White amazon.com Check price

Our flight cage makes the perfect home for multiple Parakeets, canaries or Finches
4 Plastic double cups and 3 wood perches are included
Bottom Grille and tray slide out for convenient cleaning

The perfect making and design of this F041 flight cage ensure that you invest in just the right cage for your budgie. This Prevue Hendryx Pet Cage has been designed for not just budgie’s, but also other birds like a parakeet, finches, and canaries. Hence, you can have a wide variety of different types of pet birds in this cage, without any issue.

The 4 different plastic double cups present in this huge flight cage helps you ensure that all your birds are fed rightly with enough food inside it. The addition of 3 wood perches also eliminates the worries of not having various birds fit and adore this cage equally. This gives all the birds more space while allowing them to be fond of this home. To ensure that you avail convenient and less-hectic cleaning experience of this Prevue Hendryx Pet Cage, it also consists of a bottom grill along with a tray slide out. Since it’s made with durable wrought iron, you can be sure that it will stay the same durable cage for quite a long time. Furthermore, the easy to assemble feature of this Prevue Hendryx Pet Cage ensures that you won’t go through any assembling struggles, and allow you to get done with assembling in no time. Its two large hinged front access doors help gain a suitable and safer living option for your pet birds, making sure that they don’t escape while you’re not around. The six small doors help the birds to either have side access to the outside world or as nest doors for as many pet birds you keep inside this house.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and durable making
  • Quality outlook
  • Side access gates are not helpful


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, strong, and finely made budgie birdcage that serves as many birds as you keep inside it, then this is the most suitable one for you to invest in. This is one of the best cages for your pet birds in the market.

Prevue Hampton Deluxe F070 Cage

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Prevue Pet Products F070 Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage with Stand,Black Hammertone,1/2"
Prevue Pet Products F070 Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage with Stand,Black Hammertone,1/2" amazon.com Check price

Innovative, stackable breeder cage with divider on stand
Ideal for multiples of small birds such as canaries, finch and parakeets
Quality wrought iron construction with convenient features
Four per...

The innovative design of this Prevue Pet F070 Cage makes it a perfect fit for any and every room or interior design. The stackable breeder cage that comes along with a divider present on the stand helps users to ensure that their pet birds are living separately; having their own space – without facing stuffing issues. Other than budgie’s, you can also keep multiple other small birds in this divided cage space. These other birds can include parakeets, finch, canaries, etc.

The quality wrought iron construction of this birdcage ensures that you don’t face any rusting, de-shaping, and other damage issues for a long time. The four different perches and 4 plastic cups present in this birdcage helps users to stay stress-free on the fact that the pet birds wouldn’t face any adjusting issues – no matter how long they live in the cage. This birdcage comes with an easy-to-assemble quality, this helps to ensure all the users that this cage wouldn’t take a long time to get set for those budgies you have. However, you can also make this a go-to cage option for other pet birds.

Furthermore, the addition of wheels in the lower making of the cage helps users to easily move the cage around, without facing any weight issues. This helps you to keep your birds wherever you are – without having to go through any struggles. To avail a larger space inside the cage without the presence of a divider, this cage comes with the customization option of having removed the divider from the cage.

  • Comes with wheels to move
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Divider is removable
  • Not easy to clean


This Prevue Pet F070 Cage makes it a perfect cage option for anyone who wants to keep their pet birds (of all kinds) in a sturdy and quality looking cage. Its decent wheels addition and catchy outlook ensure that your birds will have the best time with you inside this cage. It is a quality overall cage with reasonable price.

A&E Cage Co. Flight Cage

Our Score 8.3 out of 10
A&E Cage Co. 32' x 21' x 61' Elegant Flight Cage, Burgundy (MA3221FL Burgundy)
A&E Cage Co. 32' x 21' x 61' Elegant Flight Cage, Burgundy (MA3221FL Burgundy) amazon.com Check price

Technical Details • Exterior Dimensions: 32"x21"x61" • Interior Height: 31" • Bar Spacing: 1/2"
Product Features • Bird proof front door & feeder door locks • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars fr...

This A&E Cage Co. Flight Cage comes as a perfect addition to your living room and balcony while serving as a highly convenient cage for our lovely birds. This cage comes with a bird proof front door that ensures that your birds don’t easily escape from it anytime. The feeder doors lock help users to be stress-free that their pet birds would fly out from them easily, even when you aren’t around the cage. Its vertical front and back bars along with horizontal sidebars allows you to be sure that even a large amount of birds can easily roam/fly inside the cage without feeling stuffed. For easy and advanced feeding experience to your pet birds, this birdcage comes with 4 swing-out feeder doors. The presence of front door safety latch present in this cage, adds an extra touch to the security of your birds inside this cage.

This A&C Cage Co. Flight Cage ensures easy access to your birds inside and outside the cage, all with the help of the large front doors. To ensure that you don’t face any rusting or damaging issues with this cage, it comes with 4 stainless steel feeder cups and 2 perches. For easy, fast, and convenient cleaning, this birdcage comes with a slide-out grill and tray – making it faster and easier than ever to clean this cage completely. To avoid any toxic effects on your birds living inside this cage, it comes with a powder-coated finish that isn’t just non-toxic but also durable and safe for all birds. Overall, it’s very elegant and sturdy and a highly recommended product.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and non-toxic coating
  • Bar spacing doesn’t suit large birds


If you’re looking for a birdcage that doesn’t just meets your expectations of high-quality and catchy outlook, but rather also serves as a safe and durable living option for all your birds – then this A&C Cage Co. Flight Cage is the perfect option for you to invest in.

Prevue Hendryx Victorian 294 Cage

Our Score 7.9 out of 10
Prevue Pet Products Featherstone Heights Victorian Bird Home 294
Prevue Pet Products Featherstone Heights Victorian Bird Home 294 amazon.com Check price

Expertly designed bird cage replicating the classic American Victorian architectural style
A generous floor plan for your small bird
2 Plastic cups and 2 perches are included
Two access doors, one ...

This Prevue Hendryx Victorian House 294 Bird Cage has a classic outlook which is designed by experts, making it a perfect addition for the interior of any room or space. And since its style is of American Victorian Architectural Style, you can be sure that it will carry the overall class of your home’s interior and give it a more enriching outlook. The decent and generous floor plan present in this Prevue Hendryx Bird Cage ensures that you get the perfect and most convenient cage for your little budgie/bird. For the ease and quality of your little bird’s living, this Prevue Hendryx Bird Cage includes 2 plastic cups and 2 perches inside of the cage. This cage has 2 different access doors (one on the front and one on the top), ensuring you that your little budgie can have multiple easy accesses in the cage for a more convenient living experience. The decent measurements of this cage ensure that your little bird can easily fly around and make the most out of this cage, helping you stay relaxed in this matter. This also makes it easier for you to keep the cage on wooden racks and platforms easily, without struggling on fitting the cage anywhere. Since this Prevue Hendryx Bird Cage is very well constructed, you can be sure that it will last for a longer time period, without facing any damages or other issues. Moreover, this cage allows users to easily remove old paper daily and clean it with ease. You can do this frequent cleaning job without any struggles.

  • Easy to clean
  • Quality outlook
  • Perfect size
  • Doesn’t have clipped doors
  • Not suitable for large birds


The quality architectural design, the decent space for your little bird, and the durable making; all about this Prevue Hendryx Bird Cage makes it a perfect fit for anyone who wants a cage for a single little budgie or any other small bird.

Overall Conclusion

Having a cage for your budgie bird can be quite an interesting haul for anyone. Since these cages are of different sizes, styles, shapes, and colors, you always have a bunch of variety to look from and invest in the best one that pleases you.

Now, looking for the best pet cages is not easy when you have thousands of options in the market, also it’s a very time-consuming job as well. Therefore, we’re here to rightly serve you with all the best options you can find, so that you can invest in one that fits your budgie’s/bird’s needs perfectly. So go ahead, make your decision, and get your little pet bird that perfect house!

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