Every day we encounter a number of emergencies such as floods, road accidents & slipping on the snowy road where a victim stuck in the car & unable to move out due to jammed doors & window glass. Such emergencies demand victims to move out of their cars quickly otherwise they would have to face life-threatening risks such as drowning inside a car in case of floods or caught up in fire due to a road accident. However, road accident victims are unable to break the car window glass without the help of any tool & stuck inside the car. Therefore, the significance of car windows breakers cannot be underestimated at that time.

Car window breaker devices hold a huge significance at the time of such accidents & help the victims get out of the trapped car by breaking the glass door of the car with the help of this tool. This tool enables users to smash window glass in minutes without applying much force in case of an accident & get out of the vehicle quickly. It looks so small but a quite handy tool that is easy to fit in your pocket & can break the glass comfortably in an emergency.

Emergency window breakers can save your life & get you out of a dangerous situation. We have compiled some of the best car window breakers in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Breaking car windows without a proper tool is quite daunting & you could further place yourself in a miserable position. Car window breaker surprises you with its simple & effective use breaks the glass in the first attempt. It doesn’t only help to save a life in minutes with little effort. It is a great rescue tool & gives complete peace of mind to have in your pocket when traveling to long distances with your family.

Tips For Safety With Hammer

– Hold the car safety hammer by its handle with the hammerhead pointing straight up.
– Hook the seatbelt into the blade & slice through the belt with a back & forth motion till it is cut. After that, proceed to release other passengers, like small children first, from their restraints.
– Now using either side of the steelheads on the car safety hammer, quickly smash the nearest window by swinging it just like a hammer. The glass will shatter after one or two strikes of the steel points.
– Make sure you protect your eyes & face by shielding them with your other hand, & let the others know to do the same. Right after the glass shattered, use the car hammer to eliminate the remaining glass around the window edges.
– Finally, quickly escape.

Lots of people have misconceptions about this little device & think of it as a mighty hammer which is used for smashing windows of the cars, but, in fact, this is a small tool which helps to break the car glass quite easily. Some car window breakers come with multiple options, like, they have the capability to cut the seat belt as well as break the car glass quite conveniently in the case of an emergency. Normally, these window breakers are compact & portable, it even fits your keychain & gets into your pocket as well. This is a helpful tool that is used during emergencies by emergency responders & firefighters.

The market is full of such tools ranging in features, size, & capability to offer a car window breaker that offers a huge value for safety purposes. This is small enough to hang with keychain or with a chain for frequent use.

Get the best for your safety & to meet all such emergencies when you are traveling with your family & friends. If you are looking for some reliable & useable car window breakers, then there are plenty of variants available. Some of the best are listed as below for a quick review to decide & pick a one for use.

Best Car Window Breakers (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.3 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 7.8 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com

OUDEW Glass Breaker

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
OUDEW Glass Breaker, Window Hammer, Metal Car Safety Hammer,with Hard Alloy Head Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Aluminium Alloy Emergecy Escape Tool(Silver 2PCS)
OUDEW Glass Breaker, Window Hammer, Metal Car Safety Hammer,with Hard Alloy Head Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Aluminium Alloy Emergecy Escape Tool(Silver 2PCS) amazon.com Check price

▲ Small products great power: high hardness tungsten steel hammer tip hard and sharp, can immediately break the window, with a sharp hidden cutter can quickly cut the safety belt.
▲ Strong non-slip...

OUDEW brings an affordable & effective tool that comes in a pack of two to be used by drivers in case of an emergency. This tool resembles just like a small hammer but makes a huge impact in breaking the glass of the car when used on any surface. The hammer consists of a special tip that is made up of carbide alloy & carries a high quality that lasts longer. Its bright color makes it easy to find in the dark or if you are in a state of panic.

OUDEW offers a reliable glass breaker which is a perfect tool for safety & great companion for traveling that can easily be used in emergencies. This glass breaker is an essential safety tool that consists of two ends, one is used as a cutter for cutting seat belt & the other one is used as a breaker that breaks the glass. The thing which makes this tool rock solid is that it consists of a hardened sharp end & heavy carbon steel point to do the needful. It is a smart tool with innovative design & has the capability to offer a life-saving hammer that lets the users quickly get out of the car by using this glass breaker tool. It is very easy to use & doesn’t require any prior experience to use in case of emergency. Just follow the instructions & leave the rest to the tool. It has been tested on a number of things & works perfectly to give the desired results.

  • Compact & Portable
  • Offer Convenient use
  • Ensures safety
  • Bit expensive


OUDEW introduces a life-saving tool made of stainless steel. This equipment is long-lasting & provides continuous safety to users. It has the capability to cut the car belt & break glass door effortlessly in case of an emergency. This life-saving & multifunctional car safety hammer, as well as a seatbelt cutter, is durable & reliable, allowing you to quickly exit from your vehicle in an emergency situation.

LifeLight LED Emergency Flashlight Car Breaker

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
LifeLight LED Emergency Flashlight Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter - Hand Crank Charger Water Resistant Multi-Purpose Hand Crank Flashlight, Emergency Car Escape Toolkit, Flashlights
LifeLight LED Emergency Flashlight Car Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter - Hand Crank Charger Water Resistant Multi-Purpose Hand Crank Flashlight, Emergency Car Escape Toolkit, Flashlights amazon.com Check price

✅ BRIGHT LED EMERGENCY FLASHLIGHT SURVIVAL TOOLKIT: Your multi-purpose survival tool kit for emergency home use, emergency car toolkit, Flashlight for Camping, Trekking and Hiking with Powerful lig...

LifeLight brings a multipurpose emergency flashlight car window breaker & a built-in cutter to use in emergencies. It includes everything that a user generally needs in case of emergency i.e. light, car breaker & a cutter as well to give a complete survival toolkit. Its emergency flashlight is ideal for camping & trekking with a powerful flashlight with easy-grip design to offer a high-quality device. It has a powerful 500mcd LED flasher cum beacon light along with four-strong magnets that can be used on top of the car to get the attention of the rescue team. It carries a light plastic body with the ergonomic build which makes a perfect survival toolkit to be taken anywhere along. It equips a water-resistant multi-purpose hand crank charger which makes it really easy to charge the flashlight anytime when required. It even connects a mobile through a built-in USB port for charging. The powerful lithium battery gives long-lasting charging.  This flashlight & car window breaker is very lightweight & equally compact that easily fits into a pocket or car glove box to meet the emergency needs of the users. The battery comes with a lanyard grip to hold the flashlight conveniently without fear of slipping out of hands. The flashlight equips a small hammer & a cutter which facilitates the breaking of glass comfortably. It is an ideal device to use when there is an emergency & helps get out of a stuck car in case of an accident. With LifeLight LED emergency flashlight car breaker, you can travel with peace of mind with this handy tool in your pocket.

  • Lightweight & durable
  • Self Rechargeable flashlight
  • Ideal for glass breaking
  • Problem charging high powered phones


This is all-in-one-solution combining flashlight, glass breaker & a cutter to provide an essential tool for emergencies & car accidents. It comes with water & shock resistant capability with a high-quality sturdy plastic body. This Lifelight works well even in rain or snow. Not only that, but it also offers a lifetime free replacement guarantee.

Blingsting Glammer hammer

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
BlingSting Rose Gold Glammer Safety Hammer - Auto Glass Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Emergency Escape Tool for Women's Safety, Child Safety, Family Rescue in Vehicle Roadside Emergency
BlingSting Rose Gold Glammer Safety Hammer - Auto Glass Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Emergency Escape Tool for Women's Safety, Child Safety, Family Rescue in Vehicle Roadside Emergency amazon.com Check price

EMERGENCY CAR ESCAPE TOOL - Tempered Window Glass Breaker with Carbide-tipped, Steel Point Hammer
SEAT BELT CUTTER USED BY EMERGENCY FIRST-RESPONDERS - Knife-sharp Blade Quickly Cuts Seatbelt Strap...

It’s a fact that women face & deal with different problems on the road today than men. In fact, women are more likely to carry their personal safety products especially if they are accessible & fashionable. This 2 in 1 vehicle emergency rescue tool will provide you & your loved ones peace of mind while they are on the go. This is a perfect tool they want to have in the car. For fashion-minded family members, this Glammer Hammer is ideally looking, specially designed for women, because Blingsting introduces a heavy head & fashionable car window breaker with a built-in cutter which is quite useful in cutting seat belt & glass breaking in case of a road accident. It comes with a Velcro storage strap that securely attaches the device inside your car making it easily reachable & accessible when required. This is a durable hammer that keeps users safe & quickly breaks the glass to come out of the car in case of an accident. Blingsting Car window breaker requires less force to break the glass & cut the seat belt, this is why this tool is quite useful for women & children as well. Women feel pride in carrying such type of equipment because they can easily keep this in their bags when moving out on a car. This is a little metallic emergency escape hammer that works amazingly & let drivers get out of their car within no time.


Blingsting Glammer hammer is a perfect tool for emergency response & helps securely get out of panic situations. It equips visor strap makes it hanging at the right place & easily accessible. This product is fashionable & cute, portable & ready for any vehicle escape plan. This Blingsting’s Glammer Hammer is designed with keeping its users in mind, quick & easy to access & use in stressful situations.

Lifehammer Car Safety Hammer

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Lifehammer Brand Car Safety Hammer, The Original Emergency Escape and Rescue Tool with Seatbelt Cutter, Made in The Netherlands, Orange (2-Pack)
Lifehammer Brand Car Safety Hammer, The Original Emergency Escape and Rescue Tool with Seatbelt Cutter, Made in The Netherlands, Orange (2-Pack) amazon.com Check price

Double-sided, steel hammer heads breaks through side and rear windows
Razor-sharp blade cuts easily through safety belts
Includes a mounting bracket for installation
A fluorescent pin glows in the ...

This Lifehammer car safety hammer becomes very handy when doors are jammed, the seat belt is stuck, & breaking the window is the only way out. Manufactured in the Netherlands tells the quality of the product.

Lifehammer is a well-known brand facilitating users with a high-quality tool to help users to get out of the vehicle at the time of emergency. This is a double-sided steel hammer which easily breaks the glass through both sides of the window. It incorporates a razor-sharp blade which can sharply cut through the belts & provide an opportunity to escape quickly. It also includes a mountain bracket which helps in the installation of the cutter inside a car. It adds a special fluorescent pin that glows in the dark to help the users easily use it when needed. This is an efficient car safety hammer that is used by professionals like firefighters, paramedics & police to meet the emergency conditions comfortably. This product doesn’t let you trap in your car & ensures a safe emergency exit with its hammer. The good thing is, whatever type of window glass your car has, Lifehammer car hammer breaks it all, which makes it a perfect auto escape hammer. In fact, this Lifehammer car safety hammer is the fastest way to cut down the seat belt break the glass & quickly remove your loved ones on safe distance in a panic situation. This by far is considered the best essential automobile safety equipment by most of the professionals.

  • High-quality tool
  • Fluorescent pin for light
  • Pack of dual hammers
  • Size is quite tiny


Lifehammer is a life-saving tool that works perfectly to ensure a safe exit from cars in case of unforeseen accidents & equip a pack of dual hammers for safety.  It comes with a razor-sharp blade & sturdy emergency escape hammer. The best feature of this hammer is its luminescent pin on auto escape hammer which lets you locate it quickly even in complete darkness. Highly recommended tool.

Stat Gear SuperVizorXT

Our Score 8.1 out of 10
StatGear SuperVizor XT Auto Emergency Rescue Escape Tool - Seatbelt Cutter & Window Glass Breaker Hammer Survival - Mounts Right to Your Sun-Visor! Pack of 2
StatGear SuperVizor XT Auto Emergency Rescue Escape Tool - Seatbelt Cutter & Window Glass Breaker Hammer Survival - Mounts Right to Your Sun-Visor! Pack of 2 amazon.com Check price

ESSENTIAL AUTO EMERGENCY TOOL – This life-saving tool is essential for anyone with a car or truck. Small in size, but powerful and easy to use. Features a window punch and seatbelt cutter for escap...

The Auto emergency tool kit is perfect for a safe and secure experience as it comes with all the necessary gadgets you need to save a life. You can keep this Stat Gear SuperVizor XT auto escape tool in your every kind of vehicle, i.e., a car or a truck. The small size of the kit ensures you secure storage without taking up extra space. More noticeable equipment in the package is the escaping window punch. This punch is necessary in case of door blockage or nay unforeseen situation where the door gets damaged and locked. Also, another main component is the seat belt cutter, which is sharp enough to cut the belt in seconds. The Stat Gear comes in the dual pack, which means you can keep it on either side of the door to save the precious lives of your family and friends.

The cutter in this escape tool kit is featuring the 440 stainless steel material that works super-fine in cutting the belt of any other hard surface as well. While the punch tool has a carbide tip to break the glass in one or two attempts effectively. The whole kit equipment is easy to use and essential addition to your vehicle.

  • NYC paramedic design
  • Easily accessible
  • Built with stainless steel material
  • Weight can be heavy for some


You often see the sign on the road that ”Beware of road Hazards” which means anything can happen on the road with anyone, any time. Your safety must be your first priority. So, if something bad happens on the road with you especially away from the city, a reliable and quality escaping tool can help you to deal with the situation. This stat gear tool in the shape of SuperVizor XT is one of the best tools which can save you in case of any mishap.

Overall Conclusion

You cannot ignore the fact that, without life-saving equipment, vehicle doors & windows are not possible to open & people cannot escape on time. On the other hand, with life-saving equipment, like a life-saving hammer, can help you break windows & successfully escaped from danger at the right time. According to the research, many passengers died in the bus fires each year because of the absence of proper escape equipment. Also, when the vehicles fell into the water, the doors & the windows can not be opened under the force of water, & as the result, people lose their life, but with safety hammer, they might still have a chance.

We have discussed some of the best life-saving hammers with additional key features above by keeping your safety in mind.

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