A cash register is a machine used for registering & calculating transactions at the point of sale. The mechanical version of the cash register was traditionally used by many of the shopping malls & stores in the past, but today the electronic version has been introduced & widely in use by many companies & businesses. Traditionally, cash machines were equipped with drawers that were used to store the cash at the point of sale, whereas modern cash registers equip a partitioned drawer that opens at the time of record-keeping & saving cash at the time of transaction.

The cash register was invented by James Ritty & John Birch, it was invented with the purpose of stopping employees stealing the cash. Mechanical cash registers were only used in the past which were quite simple & unable to create any receipts during the transactions. The cash register was only meant to create an alarm on every transaction in the register. These were simply recording machines that could help businesses in running a business smoothly. Today, electronic cash registers are commonly used in stores, restaurants, & malls. We have compiled some of the best cash registers for small retail businesses in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Cash registers have become essential for small as well as large businesses because they cannot operate efficiently without a proper system of recording. These smart machines don’t only record transactions but perform a number of functions such as preparing different reports related to the business. Modern cash registers equip a cash drawer to provide a safe compartment to keep the money. These drawers add locking system to these machines as a part of security measures & capable of printing receipts for the clients. These machines can be connected with barcode scanners & credit card terminals to offer a modern point of sale system.

There are so many options available on the market when it comes to buying a cash register for your business. Cash registers vary in specification, size, functionality, use, maintenance & offer a number of features that perfectly align with your business process & make it easier for the businesses to manage your day to day affairs. There are simple machines available on the market, whereas other empowers users with their unique menu-based systems to fit the diverse needs of the businesses.

In this too many numbers of options, it gets difficult for the new businesses to pick the best machine which fulfills all their needs. There are certain things which a new business might not need at the start like printing of sales reports, but with the passage of time, it becomes a need.  So, it is important to buy a machine that facilitates the printing of reports & can connect with the point of sale software. We are going to offer an in-depth review of leading cash registers to tell users about their features along with their pros & cons. Check out some of the best & latest cash registers available on the market as below:

Best Cash Register For Small Retail Business (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.1 Out of 10
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Sharp XEA207

Sharp XEA207 Menu Based Control System Cash Register
Sharp XEA207 Menu Based Control System Cash Register amazon.com Check price

3.7 inch LCD for 5-line operator / 8- line maintenance operations
Menu based maintenance, easy to learn and use
2,500 PLU’s, 99 Depts and 25 Clerks
Spanish and English menu’s. Thermal printing for ...

Sharp offers a 3.7 inch LCD cash register for the 5-line operator & 8-line maintenance operations. Its menu-based maintenance offers easy learning & convenience of use. Sharp’s XE-A207 is designed for advanced users & has capabilities to generate complex sales reports. It can be used with QuickBooks for the advanced record keeping. It comes with built-in SD card slot memory which empowers users to save a lot of data, backup records & keep records on the machine. The software offers customization of receipts by adding logos and text on them. It is designed to use for special purposes like to offer an automatic tax system with 4 tax tables to facilitate business in calculating the tax on all sales. It uses high-speed thermal printing & drop-in tape for printing a large number of receipts.

It gives an ideal solution with its unique menu-based control system which makes it easier to use & control more comfortably. It offers 99 pre-programmed departments & let the users add a number of product types separately. It features 2500 price lookups which offer quick & accurate entry to the system. The Sharp’s cash register adds two displays for customers & operators to bill viewing. Its thermal printing features give quick & high-quality printing without making any noise.

The best thing about Sharp XE-A207 comes with extra support to its customers with web-based support through its dedicated website. Though it is easy to set up & come up with easy to understand instructions manual. In case a user feels difficulty in setting up the machine, then he can also use instructional videos & FAQ along with 24/7 support.

  • 99 Pre-Programmed Departments
  • 2500 Price Lookups
  • Directly connect the credit card terminal
  • Ordinary customer support


Sharp XE-A207 Menu Based Control System brings all-in-one cash register with all essential features that would require running a retail business successfully. It is fully customizable, this is why letting users modify & use it according to their own requirement. Sharp XEA 207 is ideal for small retailers & strongly recommended.

Casio PCR-T500

Casio PCR-T500 Electronic Cash Register,Black
Casio PCR-T500 Electronic Cash Register,Black amazon.com Check price

25 Departments/200 Departments
3,000 PLUS/40 Clerks numbers
built-in Rear Customer LCD Display. Your cash register is designed to operate on standard household current (120 V, 50/60 Hz). Do not ove...

Casio brings another state-of-the-art cash register for business use. It comes with dynamic functions to assist operators in performing their duties quite comfortably & efficiently. It doesn’t only improve the business process but continue to offer more convenience through its innovative product & adds value to the businesses. PCR-T500 is a 10-line machine which equips LCD to offer a view for both the customers & operators as well. It has enhanced functionality & allows the operator to record transactions without errors. The machine displays totals of a minimum of 5 items & shows the separate price of all items entered in a record. The machine equips 2×20 pop-up rear customer displays with name, price, & subtotal of all the items purchased by a customer. The Casio machine equips a raised keyboard with 25 department keys. This allowing retailers to categorize their entry inputs. 3,000 (PLU’s) are always available to track individual items sales on this machine. The PCR-T500 single tape thermal printer can also be used as either a customer receipt printer or as a journal printer. This casino PCR-T500 register is much easier to program. The one & the only downside of this machine is that the device sometimes shows a bit of trouble recognizing the SD card. Otherwise, it is ideal for small businesses.

  • A 10-line operator LCD display
  • Raised keyboard with 25 department key
  • Drop & paper loading easy on this thermal printer
  • Unable to program


PCR-T500 combines multiple functionalities & equips medium cash drawer & facilities operators making its life easier for the businesses. This cash register is very simple & extremely to use. The PCR-T500 comes with a unique style & excellent functionality. The PCR-T500 10-line LCD gives the operator a reference for the current transaction to reduce errors. It shows the transaction subtotal, as well as the price of the last item entered, are all displayed for the operator’s review. The PCR-T500 also offers a raised keyboard with (25) department keys that can be preset priced or open to enter prices manually.

Casio SE-G1SC-PK

Casio SE-G1SC-PK Electronic Cash Register
Casio SE-G1SC-PK Electronic Cash Register amazon.com Check price

8 departments/24 departments
999 PLUS/8 Clerks numbers
built-in Rear Customer LCD Display with large font
4B/5C drawer insert/4 tax rates
7 position mode key lock, Interactive setup

Casio SE-G1SC-PK is a small & compact cash register that carries enough features to accomplish basic tasks for the retailers. It offers 8/24 departments with innovative functions to help users in recording their routine business transactions. Casio is committed to improve the lives of customers with its state-of-the-art product & enhance their value through its product innovation. The machine is available in three different colors to let the users pick a suitable one. Casio SE-G1SC-PK has a high-speed single station thermal printer that enables the machine to customize the receipt according to their own requirements. It equips a large viewable LCD for the operator & a rear LCD for customers to enable them to check the prices entered in their bills by the operators. It also carries a multi-purpose tray with eight (8) physical department keys with 3 shifts. It also features eight clerks with sign-on codes & advanced reporting. Casio SE-G1SC machine works perfectly & easy to use. This user-friendly machine offers programming for sales tax to allow users to calculate taxes on total sales of the business at the end of the month.

The printing on the receipt is very nice & the instructions for programming are easy to follow. The Casio SE-G1 series cash registers permit you to ‘Match the Color of Your Store Decor’ with three different colors to choose from. Red, pink & blue are available to coordinate the color schemes in your place of business. The good thing about this machine is that it can be placed at any place due to its small size and lightweight.

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Rear LCD display
  • Eight (8) physical department keys with 3 shifts
  • Ordinary quality


This is a simple, & multi-purpose machine for meeting day to day business needs of customers to enhance the efficiency of their businesses. It is extremely lightweight & compact. It’s so easy to move around. It comes with batteries too. When Casio SE-G1SC is unplugged or the power goes out, the good thing is the settings won’t be deleted.

Casio PCR-T280

Casio PCR-T280 Electronic Cash Register,Black
Casio PCR-T280 Electronic Cash Register,Black amazon.com Check price

5 Department Keys – for quick and easy item transaction entries and categorizing sales. An additional 15 department (max. 20) categories are available through a department shift key to provide more...

It is a small cash register with 5 department keys that enables the machine to quickly enter the transaction conveniently & comfortably. However, the machine offers more customization with additional department keys enabling to add more product entries. It offers 1200 price lookups for better item controlling. It features 8 clerk totals which allow tracking sales in different manners & providing advanced-level reporting. It also has a built-in rear customer display so customers can monitor items being purchased & the final total they owe. It also has mode lock with key control which provides multiple operation positions through physical keys. This mode lock feature also gives easy & quick mathematical calculations outside a transaction. It has a calculation function too.  The PCR-T280 offers a single tape 58mm thermal printer. This high-speed printing with a thermal printer allows users to print receipts & sales records quickly. Its multi-purpose cash register offers 4 tax functions including calculation function along with multi-purpose tray, 3 payment keys-cash & built-in display for the customers. Its anti-microbial keyboard offers protection from bacterial germs & lets the machine to collect the cash through registry keys. Furthermore, in PCR -T280, two more keys are provided, where OP key allows only registration & the PGM key provides access to all positions.

  • 5 Department Keys
  • 1200 Price Look Ups
  • 8 Clerk Totals
  • Short life span


Casio PCR-T280 is a multifunctional machine which is best for medium-sized business with entry-level models. It has the ability to track 1200 products & provide specific sales report. The PCR-T280 gives more functionality for medium-sized businesses than the entry-level models.

It has a nice multi-purpose tray is for holding money while calculating change for a transaction or for holding loose change. It comes with 3 payment keys, i.e. cash, check, & charge with a built-in customer display. This small register has many functions that make it ideal for small business retailers. Highly recommended machine.

Royal Consumer 39285K Alpha 1100ml

Our Score 8.0 out of 10
ROYAL Consumer 39285K Alpha 1100ML Cash Register
ROYAL Consumer 39285K Alpha 1100ML Cash Register amazon.com Check price

200 Departments for sales analysis by category of merchandise
40 Clerk ID System can program each clerk with a 24 character name or description
Alpha Keyboard cuts programming time in half. Departm...

When you own a small business, there is no chance of mistakes, you need to be accurate because successful businesses depend on your accurate calculations and for accuracy you need reliable and trustworthy tools particularly in money matters. The Royal Consumer 39285K Alpha 1100ml cash register is your perfect companion when you own a small business.

This Alpha-model allows you to see sold items easily especially that are sold frequently. The machine also allows you to categorize non-taxable and taxable items. The clerk ID system of the cash register can program 40 different names with their complete description. The keyboard of this Alpha cash register can split the program timings as well. The cash register has a high-quality and sturdy money drawer and the coin tray which has five slots and easily removable. Furthermore, this cash register allows you to set more than 3 tax rates with its automated tax calculating programming. The screen of the cash register shows each description when a cashier makes during sales so that a customer can also see.

With this Alpha cash register, you can easily print the sales record from the SD card reader slot as well. Thermal paper rolls 3-pack usually 2 1/4″ in size it uses.

  • Solid money drawer
  • Decent in looks and size
  • Automatic tax calculating programming system
  • Tech support


With 100% accuracy and decent cash screen display and solid money drawer, this Alpha 1100ml cash register from Royal is perfect for your business.

Overall Conclusion

It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, if you are dealing with the general public, at some point you will have to make cash transactions. So, it is important to invest in a cash register in order to keep track of these. It’s a fact that there are so many cash drawers & registers out there. It can often be difficult to decide which is better & most suited to your business because, they come in a huge variety of sizes, designs & prices too.

The simplest cash registers do simple calculations & provide print outs of the transactions. They are much more than fancy calculators. The cash registers even the most basic models can store product codes, making it much easier to keep track of sales & taxes. In this piece, we also have gathered some of the best cash registers (listed above), which are ideal, especially for small businesses. Get the best one right now.

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