A phenomenon to treat the condition of heart attack or dysrhythmias immediately by applying high energy shocks round the chest is known as defibrillation. And to perform defibrillation effectively, a proper medical apparatus that is employed is named as a defibrillator. Basically, a defibrillator is used to provide a sufficient dose of electric current to help internal body’s pacemaker to rework on the normal heart rate. We have compiled some of the best defibrillators for the offices in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Depending on the need & place, a number of types of defibrillators can be used. Defibrillators can be manually operated or might be automatic. Furthermore, manually operated devices can be external or internal. The main difference lies in their functionality & expertise, it must be practiced in order to operate manual external defibrillators. A doctor must observe the rhythmic condition first on by itself & then regulate the electric current in a manual way. These devices are well placed in hospitals for in-house cure & some ambulances for emergency situations.

On the contrary, the device that is designed to be operated automatically is known as automatic external defibrillators. These AEDs have a major advantage over manual defibrillators that these devices can be run by laymen. Professionally trained doctors are not mandatory to diagnose the cardiac arrest condition. This advantage makes it easy to employ these devices in public places & workspaces. Engaging these devices in public places can reduce the risk of losing life in a heart attack by providing medical help at an appropriate time.

AEDs also have limited use in comparison to manually operated defibrillators, especially in hospitals. The former devices have a set voltage of electric current that can only be practiced during critical emergency situations. Next is the placement of the pads to apply electric shocks. The best & correct method to place is the anterior-posterior method. Fix the electrodes at the lower part of the chest & one on the back of your heart.

Defibrillators mostly automated external ones (AEDs) must be placed in workspaces & checked after a certain time. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) highly recommends the employment of these devices in most of the offices & organizations. Placing these devices in most of the business places can assure you of the safety of your employers.

Most of the cardiac arrest victims have very low chances of survival which can be improved efficiently by using defibrillators. A cardiac arrest is a condition that comes without any warning to anyone at any place. Once a person comes into this situation, he may have a few minutes to survive. If he gets help in less than five minutes, before reaching hospital; he might get another chance to bloom in this world, Also, defibrillators can greatly increase the probabilities of endurance.

Hence, in a nutshell, defibrillators are mostly automatic in their functioning that analyses the rhythmic condition & prepare for an electric shock on its own. This portable device can easily save a number of lives while the emergency services are on their way. Businesses & other workplace owners must need to understand the delicateness of this matter & take this life-saving initiative.

Before we move into further discussion, first of all, a proper & clean emergency cabinet is very important to keep your defibrillators in it. The cabinet which we are going to discuss here is worth buying & excellent, later we will discuss other best models of defibrillators.

Best Defibrillators For Offices (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 7.7 Out of 10
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AED Cabinet fits all brands

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
AED Cabinet fits All Brands Cardiac Science, Zoll, Defibtech, Physio-Control
AED Cabinet fits All Brands Cardiac Science, Zoll, Defibtech, Physio-Control amazon.com Check price

CE approved AED first aid wall mount cabinets with alarm,designed with round corners which are more safe for people.
Now with quality AED cabinets you can proudly display your AED for all to see an...

To employ AED defibrillator devices in workplaces & public areas AED cabinet box serves the purpose. This AED cabinet box is approved by CE & designed for the convenience & safety of the devices. Considering the design, this cabinet comes in round corner design that can prevent scratches while colliding & is safer in public areas. Moreover, the cabinet box makes the AED defibrillator device clearer & easily accessible in critical situations. Furthermore, the owner can display their AED device in a spotless manner without ruining their remarkably designed offices.

This cabinet apart from depicting the device in pubic can assure you the safety & cleanliness of this medical equipment. AED devices must be protected from dust & moisture to make them long-lasting & also work without any failure during the life-threatening condition. This cabinet is also equipped with the alarm system to know others about the critical situation in the office & also a key to store the AED devices safely. The alarm system is powerful enough to generate a sound ranging from 80 to 10 decibels. Also, a strobe is placed on the cabinet to let others warn & seek their help in an emergency.

Apart from all this, this cabinet is firm & robust as it is finished through the stainless steel material. This material can easily save the cabinet from corrosion & also saves the device from getting moisture as the moistness can ruin the ability of the device to provide electric shocks. A pure window is fitted in the middle for a clear view & holes are also mounted for a wall-mount feature.


Wall-mount this AED cabinet in your offices or public places that can fit all brands’ devices safely & securely.

Emergency Defibrillators

& now we are going to discuss different best types of defibrillators which you can use it in your office or home or anywhere you want. You can also you these to train your employees so that they can help their fellow employees in a time of need. Let’s have a look below:-

Philips HeartStart Home AED defibrillator

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Philips HeartStart Home AED Defibrillator with Slim Carry Case
Philips HeartStart Home AED Defibrillator with Slim Carry Case amazon.com Check price

AED defibrillator designed for ease of use and prompt response
Step-by-step voice commands and CPR guidance provide real-time guidance
Easily converts to an AED trainer when you attach training pad...

Designed for a quick & responsible move during cardiac arrest situation, this Philips HeartStart Home defibrillator is not less than a bliss. It comes along with a complete guide of operation so that a layperson can have easy access to this device. The voice operations completely guide you with your next step as soon as you start the defibrillation process. A simple & clear voice can be heard which encourages you more to take the life-saving initiative. Hence, with overall CPR guidance at each & every step and in-built intelligent sensors, even an inexperienced one can calmly save a person’s life.

Not only this but these AED smart pads are also here to work more effectively. These AED smart pads examine your body’s condition & send signals to the defibrillator for real-time guidance. For improved functioning, trainer pads can also be installed with this AED device for more comprehensive instructions.

Once a person comes into this situation of life & death, every second count. Hence, if you can save time, you can save a life. This device provides you with Accelerated CPR delivery & eventually life-saving defibrillation.  This accelerated & ultimate cure provided at a faster pace can put a second life into someone’s body.

Moreover, this HeartSmart Home defibrillator is a device that can be employed for persons having any age. Also, this device is fully automatic & you don’t need to care whether you are applying to infants or adults. It will automatically provide the electric shock or specific voltage which is necessary. Paramedic scissors are also included in the Slim Carry Case.

  • AED smart pads
  • Paramedic scissors
  • Convertible to AED trainer
  • Slightly less sensitivity


Act promptly & decisively during a serious cardiac arrest condition with this amazingly designed Philips HeartStart AED defibrillator.

Philips HeartStart Onsite AED defibrillator

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Philips HeartStart Home and OnSite AED Defibrillator Trainer
Philips HeartStart Home and OnSite AED Defibrillator Trainer amazon.com Check price

Clear, calm voice instructions matching those of the heartstart onsite (Hs1) defibrillator
Reusable training pads resemble defibrillation pads for quick and easy learning
Adult and infant/child CPR...

For more efficient real-life work, training before time is necessary. This Philips HeartStart Onsite AED defibrillator trainer lets you completely mimic the real onsite treatment process & an efficient CPR coaching prior to the original incident. This device is completely similar to the original onsite AED defibrillator so an experienced trainer feels no worries while using the real one.

This AED defibrillator trainer device comes with the in-built 8 scenarios similar to real-life situations. These pre-planned settings for infants, adults & old provide you a chance to learn. This tells you how you should react in a real-life critical situation.

Moreover, to provide you with an easy and flexible experience, this device is featured with voice instructions. These voice instructions are the same as that in the original AED defibrillator device so you can familiar with the process instructions thoroughly.

Apart from the similar appearance that helps you to get used to with the Philips Onsite AED Defibrillators; this device has another major advantage of being durable at the same time. Training units are usually designed for a provisional time period but the same is not the case here. This defibrillator can perform many sessions successfully without failing. Also, the easy power supply of 4 AA batteries can make the running process cheap & simple. Furthermore, anything reusable in this era is a blessing in itself. This training defibrillator comes with the reusable pads for a cheaper cost. The whole package comes with the long-lasting nylon carrying case & training pads.

  • Durable
  • Pre-planned scenarios
  • Clear voice instruction
  • Pads must be changed on time


For an improved & better live experience, train your expertise & skills on this Philips HeartStart Onsite AED defibrillator trainer.

Zoll AED Plus defibrillator

Our Score 8.1 out of 10
ZOLL, ZOL800000400001, Medical AED Plus Defibrillator, 1 Each, Lime
ZOLL, ZOL800000400001, Medical AED Plus Defibrillator, 1 Each, Lime amazon.com Check price

Designed to rescue victims of sudden cardiac arrest and provide high-quality CPR
Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity
A metronome leads you to push at the right rate...

Once someone suffers from a cardiac arrest he/she might need an electric shock but not necessarily every time. But on the contrary, CPR is the most need during the cardiac arrest situation. This Zoll AED Plus defibrillator is regarded as the FULL rescuer. This device aids in defibrillation along with effective CPR treatment. Hence, the sporadic confidence that is a must need to treat the patients is provided by effortlessly by this Zoll AED defibrillator.

The major advantage of this device is real-time feedback during CPR. This tells you the exact depth &   rate you need during CPR chest compressions. Furthermore, this defibrillator is regarded as the first device that actually sees what a health trainer is doing. This is featured with the complete audio & visual presentations of the process. It will also help you to follow the correct procedure by completely coordinating with your operations. After observing the actions, a message might be prompted as Push harder or Good Compressions.

Ensuring that the rescuer is providing with the best medical help; this device can certainly save a life. This device is also equipped with the advanced LCD screen to provide you the display of running operations & consultative messages for manual compressions. Moreover, the display screen shows the elapsed time & shock voltage. The overall software can also be updated via download from CD or internet once the update is out. Employing lithium batteries this device can greatly reduce the cost. Finished through dust resistant material along with a long-lasting 7 years warranty will prove its worth.

  • AED plus defibrillator
  • Voice & message instructions
  • CPR adult pads
  • A little heavy


The first effective defibrillator device that provides quick real-time CPR instructions for better & prompt treatment.

Prestan Professional AED Trainer

Our Score 7.8 out of 10
Prestan Professional AED Trainer, AEDT Plus Series
Prestan Professional AED Trainer, AEDT Plus Series amazon.com Check price

4 complete durable units with 5 English and Spanish pre-programmed scenarios
4 sets of adult/child pads and connectors
4 manuals
1 Zippered, heavy-gauge fabric carrying case with handle

This AED trainer kit equips the sturdy and robust components that utilize premium quality materials in their construction. The premium construction of this trainer unit, along with the high-grade functionalities, makes it suitable for professional use. There are 4 complete durable units with 5 scenarios in the kit which have functions in different languages. The unit supports the English as well as the Spanish language, which will help you in maintaining the versatility of equipment to be used around the globe.

Moreover, there are 4 sets of adult and child pad connectors. These different sized pad connectors are better to keep for a perfect fit on the patient having different body sizes. Furthermore, with the four kits and four connectors, there are four separate manuals as well, which will provide you enough information on the working ability.

To prevent the equipment from any damage, dust, or moisture, this Prestan AED trainer comes along with a durable and sturdy kit case. The case is resistant to any shocks from the outside, which will save the device even in case of any accidents. The heavy-gauge fabric is being employed in its construction, which ensures durability. The three-years of warranty are adding worth to the device as well.

  • Zippered case
  • Multiple language support
  • 4 durable units
  • Not automatic


The voice prompts and easy CPR guidelines allow the user to use this AED easily. The device is durable and reliable and made in the USA. The warranty adds more worth to the product.

Overall Conclusion

In a serious life-threating situation of a cardiac arrest, AED devices can be a blessing. A cardiac arrest patient requires prompt treatment within 5 to 8 minutes after an attack. This definitive & quick cure can only be provided with the AED defibrillator devices. Moreover, most of the defibrillator devices come with voice & display instructions so you need not worry about the operations. We have researched & mentioned some of the best working AED products to employ in your office or any workspace that can surely save your employers’ precious lives. Look at the pros & cons of all devices to choose accordingly.

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