The use of textbooks has significantly increased over the years and with the blessing of cheap technology, companies are offering cheap E-readers for the users. Now, you can find e-readers as low as $100 and goes up to $1000 with the size and features of the e-reader. E-readers vary in size, processing, storage, and features that equip special anti-glare technology that saves eyes from strain and helps to read textbooks for hours. E-readers are designed to display text and images on the screen and resembles a real book. It offers portability and readability even in the sunlight. We have compiled & reviewed some of the best E-readers for textbooks below in this publication. We recommend you to have a look at them.

E-readers are specialized devices and are light in weight to provide an edge over to these devices over the conventional tablets. These devices can store a large number of books and offer convenience to study for hours without any problem. The device features an electronic paper, grayscale display unlike conventional LCD screen and equips a powerful battery that lasts for weeks from a single recharge. These devices are primarily focusing on reading and quite beneficial for readers. These e-readers add built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and download e-books from various publishers online. Most of the e-readers allow reading textbooks in different formats such as PDF, JPEG, TXT and Word.

The majority of the E-book readers add edge lighting, which lets users read in the dark light. A user can change the intensity of brightness from dull to full bright allowing users to adjust screen brightness according to their use. If you compare a digital tablet with an e-reader, you will find that the tablet’s screen turns blank in the sunlight, while the E – reader’s screen is quite visible even in the daylight. E-readers offer various screen sizes allowing users to choose as per their convenience. Various companies are manufacturing e-readers and improving the quality of e-ink displays. E-readers were quite slow at the start, but their speed has significantly improved in the latest models. Now, these e-readers are equipped with better features than before.

There are companies that are making waterproof e-reader devices which lets you read your favorite books and stories while taking a bath or on the beach. However, if you are considering to buy a waterproof e-reader, then you have limited choices like Amazon’s Kindle Oasis and Kobo Aura which can sustain submersion in water for some time. E-readers offer innate advantages such as on-screen keyboards making it easier to search text within the E-books and help you to easily scroll through the pages.

There are many options to buy e-readers and due to a drastic fall in prices, there are plenty of options you can consider when buying an e-reader for study and use. Let us throw some light on some of the industry’s best picks for e-readers, which have got almost everything you need to study smoothly. Check out some of the best readers below:

Best E-readers for Textbooks (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
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Kindle Voyage

Our Score 9.7 out of 10
Kindle Voyage E-reader, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress Sensors, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers
Kindle Voyage E-reader, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light, PagePress Sensors, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers Check price

Passionately crafted for readers
High-resolution 300 ppi display--reads even more like the printed page
PagePress enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger
Adaptive front light--provide...

Kindle Voyage is smartly designed for readers with a 6-inch display with E-ink Carta technology and high-resolution 300ppi display and makes you feel like a printed page. The device adds a micro-etched glass screen that eliminates glare, offer a crisp and clear text. It incorporates amazing features such as PagePress which allows users to turn pages effortlessly without lifting a finger and have an adaptive front light that gives control to adjust brightness for day and night. It incorporates a powerful battery in the E-reader, which makes it usable for weeks with a single charge. Its remarkable 7.6mm thin design enables you to use it single-handedly which is perfect for long reading sessions. The device has a sleek and durable design which adds elegance to the device and makes it an attractive handheld device. The device adds 4GB standard storage to hold thousands of books online and provide free cloud storage for all Amazon content. The device can be easily charged via USB cable and fully charge in approximately 03 hours. The device supports different content formats such as TXT, PDF, HTML, DOC, JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP by conversion. The device lets you read books in a fun and safe environment. It is quite different from the traditional tablets which strain your eyes, but Kindle offers you a surface that makes reading comfortable for hours. Kindle Voyage is launched in the market with special offers with the device with big discounts. The device is available at 01 years of limited warranty in the United States.

  • Effortless Page Turning
  • Modern Design
  • Brilliant Screen
  • Highly expensive


Kindle Voyage provides unlimited access to thousands of books and titles to its prime members and offers a great reading device. It’s a compact, sleek and modern designed device with a brilliant screen. The Voyage makes the screen flush with the bezel, which is something that makes it so more pleasing to use, especially when you are adding a bookmark by tapping the upper right-hand corner. The glass is matte & non-reflective. The page turn buttons work really well. The PPI of the Voyage is much clearer. The Voyage is a whole symmetrical. There are page press buttons on each side, so switching hands while reading one-handed is no big deal. But, to do the same on the Oasis 2 or Oasis 1 for that matter requires you to gently flip the device. The screen is great, the back-light is amazingly uniform & the text is insanely crisp. Also, the light sensor is genuinely useful &  great at auto-adjusting the backlight. It’s also tweakable by adjusting the back-light while the auto box is checked. Furthermore, the performance of the voyage as compare to others is much better. It’s snappy and works quickly.

Kindle Paperwhite

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
Kindle Paperwhite E-reader (Previous Generation - 7th) - White, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers
Kindle Paperwhite E-reader (Previous Generation - 7th) - White, 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers Check price

Now available in black or white
Higher resolution display (300 ppi) - with twice as many pixels
Built-in adjustable light - read day and night
No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike table...

Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best selling devices with a high-resolution 300ppi display which is quite better than its previous generation for crisp and high-quality text. It is quite different than conventional smartphones and tablets and doesn’t glare in the bright sunlight. It makes reading like a paper. It is lighter in weight, which makes it comfortable for the readers to read with one hand, which is good for those who are addicted to handling E-books single-handedly. It’s a superb device with a great battery which lasts up to six weeks with a single charge. The device comes in two colors i.e. black and white and built with adjustable lights. Kindle Paperwhite comes with IPX8 a technology that makes it suitable for immersion underwater, making it a waterproof device and gives it an edge from other devices. It can be easily paired with wireless devices such as headphones and speakers. Kindle Paperwhite offers free cellular connectivity with Wi-Fi to let users stay connected with the internet round the clock. The Kindle Paperwhite adds just a single catch that works like a power switch that sits along its base edge. Beside it is a smaller scale USB connector for charging and a little pointer light that flashes when the gadget is connected. There are additionally a couple of new highlights that improve the experience while you’re perusing a book. Subjects empower you to have a choice of textual style and content size presets effectively open with a tap. This is incredible if your Kindle is a common gadget, with your kids or accomplice leaning toward various settings. For example, you can set the textual style bigger for your children, and not need to review the size you were utilizing when the gadget is back in your grasp.


This is an excellent E-reader with great features and appealing design at an amazing price to get for reading your favorite books. The Paperwhite is lighter than both iPhone 6s w/ case & iPad Pro. It’s easier to hold in your hand. The screen feels way more comfortable on eyes than the iPhone & iPad. You can take thousands of books everywhere with you, without the weight & space. Paperwhite is absolutely perfect in every way. The light is perfect, especially with the option to fade or brighten the light. Between 8 and 11 is ideal settings. The good thing about the book is, it can be connected to Good Reads, which makes it easier to keep track of which books you read. You can also connect it with Amazon. This E-book also has a search option for Wikipedia. Another great feature with the look-up is the fact that the words that are looked-up are saved & can be reviewed at a later point in time. For those who want to improve their understanding of more unusual, less-used words, this function is excellent.


Our Score 8.8 out of 10
BOOX Max2 Ereader,Android 6.0 32 GB,13.3" Dual-Touch HD Display
BOOX Max2 Ereader,Android 6.0 32 GB,13.3" Dual-Touch HD Display Check price

Play Store Activation:
Stable Android 6.0: Compare with our older version of ereader and other ebook readers,Max 2 will run much more faster with 1.6G Quad-core CPU tha...

BOOX Max 2 offers a large size 13.3-inch E-ink pearl flexible display with a reading on E-ink screen which protects your eyes while reading for a long time. It just weighs equal to a stack of papers. It has the latest Android version and its performance is much better than its producers with Cortex-A-17 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processing than before. It is equipped with electromagnetic touch control for reading e-books. BOOX Neoreader 2.0 has provided more capacity for PDF readers. Its Reflow function demonstrates to you superior management with scanned PDF magazines. Its edge cutting arrangement resolves your PDF format issues within no time. It just lets you select, annotate and erase any document just like a simple paper. Record your voice with a great audio tool which is an excellent facility for meetings, conversations, and memos. Onyx Boox Max2 can be connected to any Windows workstation or work area PC to go about as a second screen. E Ink looks like paper and can be perused effectively in direct daylight, and on the 13.3-inch Boox Max 2, it looks marvelous. An E Ink Carta show, it sports a goal of 2200 x 1650 pixels, which gives a pixels-per-inch (PPI) thickness of 207. BOON Max 2 offers a great writing and reading device for taking notes and making assignments on this smart portable device. It gets you everything that you need to get your work done and enjoy your leisure time with all the features without stressing your eyes even on continuous use for hours.

  • Big screen size
  • HD display
  • Gives you feel like a paper surface
  • Expensive compared to similar devices


It comes with an Android Operating system which makes it similar to a smartphone or iPad to entertain users with different devices. It is a great E-reader but reading a full-size PDF or browsing the internet, may not be the right tool. With E Ink, Android 6, more storage space, & a faster CPU, the Boox Max 2 is the right tablet for anyone. Access to the Google Play Store is its plus edge. You can download E-reader apps to support your current books & load keyboard apps that use the stylus or your voice.  The default browser works very well.  The built-in Note app works great for taking the notes with the stylus, which is just like a pencil. You can also take notes on PDF manuals. The monitor works as it is advertised. Simply plug the HDMI cable in & start the monitor app. The resolution of this E Ink device is just like a desktop LCD monitor. It can easily be fixed by using the Windows 10 ‘Scaling & layout’ option. The TuneIn & Amazon music apps work very well on the device.

All new Kindle Oasis

Our Score 8.3 out of 10
All-new Kindle Oasis - Now with adjustable warm light - 32 GB, Graphite - Free 4G LTE + Wi-Fi (International Version - AT&T)
All-new Kindle Oasis - Now with adjustable warm light - 32 GB, Graphite - Free 4G LTE + Wi-Fi (International Version - AT&T) Check price

Our best 7", 300ppi flush-front Paperwhite display
Adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber
Waterproof (IPX8) so you can read in the bath or by the pool
Thin and light ergono...

The all-new Kindle Oasis E-reader device features 7 inches 300 PPI large display screen. It equips with the latest technology according to the needs of the readers. It comes with grayscale 16- levels with optimized font technology. The device is 100% wireless that downloads the content quite easily. The design of the device is pretty sleek and smart and very easy to hold it without stressing the hand or arm. The warm light feature of the device enhances the reading experience of the reader. The storage of the device is 8-GB overall, which can save many books. The waterproof ability of the device allows its readers to enjoy their reading inside the pool or bathtub. The easy page turns buttons even make the reading experience like reading a real book. With all-new kindle Oasis, it’s now super easy to access millions of books and newspapers. Furthermore, the battery life of the device lasts for weeks especially if you keep it on airplane mode.

  • Free cloud storage
  • Fully wireless
  • Premium design
  • Problem connecting with 5GhZ Wi-Fi


With premium design and charming warm light display, with multiple grayscale levels and huge storage and completely wireless feature, this new kindle oasis E-reader device will take your reading experience to the whole new level.

Overall Conclusion

If you tired of lugging around a stack of books then embrace the convenience of an E-book device technology. The E-book device technology is truly a blessing especially when you are a book worm. This device allows you to keep as many books as you want. These devices are reliable, lightweight, easy to carry anywhere and more importantly, you can keep maximum books in the device storage. The screen glare of E-readers is so perfect that it gives you feeling like you are reading a real book. In this piece, we have gathered the information for some great E-readers so that you can make an easy decision when it comes to the best E-readers. Get your favorite now.

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