If you are fond of playing guitar & want to try your favorite tones, but struggling on the chords, then you must get the right guitar according to your hands. People with small hands usually find it difficult to properly use the guitar chords. Sometimes it becomes impossible for them to access the cores due to small hands or fingers. Such people can overcome this problem by using electric guitars for small hands. This is the only solution such people can have & these instruments make it easier for them to play the guitar quite conveniently. We have compiled some of the best electric guitars for small hands in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The guitar is one of the widely played instruments in the world. Music shows, big concerts, & bands are incomplete without the absence of the guitar. There are various kinds of guitars available & electric guitars are one of the most commonly used guitars today. It can easily convert the vibration of the chords into electric signals. The vibration only occurs when a player strum or Fingerpicks the strings. Thus, electric guitars tend to produce a sharp & loud sound which creates marvelous effects when used for music composition. There are three types of electric guitars which include fingered, picked or strummed. Their design & construction vary due to their distinctive size & shape. There is a fundamental difference between body shapes in different types of electric guitars. The player with small hands feels great difficulty in playing guitars conveniently. They can’t even play basic strings due to their small hands. It’s not only men, women & children also feel the same problem.

Furthermore, the guitars are quite stunning musical instruments that grab most of the attention of the audience due to their sound & style guitars create in the surroundings, but the physical characteristics of the guitar can really make an impression & influence playing style. So, if you are having trouble in playing guitar, then you should look for a one which suits your hands rather than considering your arms’ length, the size of your hand & the length of your fingers.

According to professional guitarists who have spent their lives playing with the guitars to share their experience of using guitars to help our readers understand & the most important thing to consider when they plan to buy a new guitar. As electric guitars come in a wide range of types, so there comes some user-friendly (small hands-friendly) to let the players (with small hands) use them rightly. There are many guitars which suit for smaller hands & we have brought some of the best as below:

Best Electric Guitars for Small Hands (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.0 Out of 10
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Fender Standard Stratocaster

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Maple Fingerboard, Brown Sunburst
Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Maple Fingerboard, Brown Sunburst amazon.com Check price

The Standard Series is the perfect choice for any musician looking to upgrade to a professional level instrument
The “C” shaped tinted neck provides universal comfort and elegant styling
Achieve th...

Fender Standard Stratocaster electric guitar is an ideal instrument for a novice player who wants to practice basic skills & wants to enhance their professional skills. It’s a C shaped tinted neck guitar, which is quite comfortable to play with small hands. It not only offers elegant styling & helps to achieve the classic tones but also the most convenient instrument with its 3 single-coil pickups. The guitar features classic fender tone styling & proven the quietest chords which make the loudest note. This is a very perfect guitar for standard use. Fender Standard Stratocaster is an ideal guitar for those who use the thumb to play guitar & its contemporary shape & smooth finishing provide great performance & finish as well. Fender has been offering timeless signing, screaming & sparkling sound with its single-coil pickup making it the most versatile instruments over the years. It equips a large steel block for optimum sustains & features a vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge with fully adjustable saddles. The guitar features a modern fingerboard with a 9.5-inch radius & 21 jumbo frets, making it a superior quality instrument & usability. It offers a flatter surface which is suitable for soloing & modern string techniques. It’s a good, versatile & strongly built guitar, which is perfect for players with small hands & a perfect musical tool for everyone. The standard Stratocaster electric guitar is durable, reliable & a rocking guitar which makes marvelous beating. It’s a player-friendly & high performing guitar. If you are planning to start your musical career with a huge impression, then this is the most authentic guitar for you. Just so pure & simple with all great qualities.

  • Alder Body Wood
  • Modern Fingerboard
  • Authentic Fender Tone & Styling
  • Little pricey


Fender Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar is a durable guitar, which lasts longer & has features to make you an expert guitarist. If you are looking to embark on your musical journey with style & performance, you have come to the right place. Typical guitars with basses bring pure fender designs along with sound to a whole new generation of players. It is also durable enough to take a beating, dependable enough to last for the long haul & equipped with all the features you need, a Standard series instrument is a tool to get you playing & keep you playing.

Dean Vendetta XM

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar - Natural
Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar - Natural amazon.com Check price

Paulownia body with natural finish and bolt-on construction
25.5-inch scale, 24-fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays
Dual Dean humbuckers with volume and tone controls, three-wa...

It has a Paulownia body with a natural finish & bolt-on construction. The guitar has a 25.5-inch scale, 24-fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard & dot inlays. It equips dual-deal humbuckers with volume & tone controls which also features 3-way toggle. It is a great guitar for players on a budget & an instrument with all the bases. Dean Vendetta XM hit the market with a light-weight body & a slim neck design. It is a comfortable guitar & convenient for players with small hands. Once you are comfortable with it, you will never hand over it to anyone. Vendetta series offers you everything that you are looking for. Vendetta’s electric guitar supports all sorts of music such as full rocking music, country, & blues for music & has paved the way for worldwide guitar enthusiasts. It’s been a top choice of professionals & musicians over the world. The vendetta XM is famous for the precision & beat it produces with this simple design. No matter what tastes of music you have, Vendetta XM will always come up to your expectations. Dean has provided state-of-the-art instruments since 1977 & highest standards of instruments for the industry. Dean’s legacy has been depicted in the instruments & recognized worldwide due to its high quality. It has offered bolt-on models with matching black hardware. Its neck-through construction & solid flame maple top make most of the impression among the players. Get one of the best guitar available on the market to quench your thirst for music.

  • Unique & Versatile Design
  • Made of Rosewood
  • Rich in features
  • Normal Performance


Dean’s Vendetta is a key instrument for playful tones & rocking beats. It outperforms as compared to other models & has extraordinary features to make it a hot instrument for music players. If you’re looking for an ax that can cover all the bases then this is it. This electric guitar has full-circle for rock, country, blues & countless other styles of music. Dean Vendetta XM featured with the Tune-o-Matic bridge along with string-through-body design. So, from funk to punk & from metal to blues the VNXMs got you covered. Featuring an extremely light-weight body & slim neck profile, this is one comfortable guitar you will ever see. Don’t pass up one of these fabulous Dean Vendetta beauties. It’s worth buying.

Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012 Electric Guitar; Black
Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012 Electric Guitar; Black amazon.com Check price

Agathis Body
Maple Bolt-On Neck
Sonokeling Fingerboard
Vintage Tremelo
5 Position Switch

Yamaha Pacifica 012 brings the most innovative & well-designed guitars for their music lovers who love to play with the chords with small hands. Yamaha has been ranked as the best electric guitar manufacturer recently & still meeting the expectations of music enthusiasts with its diverse range of instruments. This instrument is well known for its extraordinary tone & playability. This guitar has been offering versatility, uniqueness, & individuality. It is designed to play the latest tones, genres, & styles. It’s a unique combination of pickup help to produce a diverse range of sound waves pitching a clear & high-frequency sound. It can easily outperform other leading instruments without falling in performance & most importantly in the economical price range. It is made up of Agathis which is quite popular for making guitars due to its tonal properties & makes a perfect combination with acoustic string instruments. The black color stunning guitar makes an impression & effects to enthrall the surroundings with rocking tones. All the chords equally perform & properly set up, there is no need to make extra settings. If you have some know-how of guitars, then there wouldn’t be any problem adjusting the guitar according to your requirements. The uncommon Sonokeling fret-board comes with 25.5 scale length & 22 medium jumbo frets. This Yamaha guitar has its own quality, especially the double-cutaway body which is available in various color options.

  • Extra Master Volume & Tone
  • Good starter instrument
  • Use Rosewood
  • Buzzing E string


Yamaha Pacifica brings you an electric guitar that has everything you need. It’s a pretty economical & competes for the latest instruments with extra strings. It is a great buy you should have at home. It is considered one of the best guitars for more than ten years. These Pacifica guitars are known for great tone & outstanding playability. The Pacifica Series was first launched in the year 1990, which was inspired by the individuality, performance & versatility of the California scene.

The series has been designed in order to accommodate various genres & playing style. In the Pacifica Series, this product is a gem in Yamaha’s beginner’s guitar. It has almost everything a player needs in an electric guitar. Plus, its quality is undeniably a Yamaha quality. Numerous pickup configurations give a wide range of sound characters from heavy distortion to a clear clean sound.

Jameson Thinline Acoustic-Electric

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar with Free Gig Bag Case & Picks Black Left Handed
Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar with Free Gig Bag Case & Picks Black Left Handed amazon.com Check price

Full Scale Acoustic Electric Guitar
Thinline Body For Easy Access
Play Plugged In or Acoustic
Included Free Gig Bag Case
High Gloss Black Finish

Jameson brings a full-scale Thinline Acoustic-Electric guitar with a thin body for ultimate comfort & playability. Play it as you like because it is a lightweight & modernly built. Its high gloss finishing with a cutaway body adds maximum comfort & performance. The guitar comes in a package including a gig bag & guitar picks to let users play conveniently. It’s 41-inch perfect length & 3-inch body thickness makes it easier to carry & play wonderfully. Its stringed instruments providing performance & value that most of the players always expect from a standard guitar. Whether you want to play the guitar as a hobby, learning strings & chords or just chill on the weekends, this is the perfect instrument to meet your diverse needs in a single package. Jameson guitars are known for their quality & performance with a range of colors & characteristics. It has cutaway which is easily reachable & used to create a loud sound. It’s an economical choice of a great instrument with all the facilities available for the game players.

The sound is good enough for beginners & even for intermediate stage. Combine that with high playability & you’ve got yourself one of the best cheap beginner guitars on the market. This instrument can be yours for as low as $109, yet it packs all the features, durability & sound quality a beginner needs. It’s a great instrument to start your musical journey with & one of the top newbie items out there.

  • High Glass finish
  • Full-length guitar
  • Fine quality steel string
  • Improper install


Jameson Guitar is a complete package that equips all essential features to suit the needs of novice to professionals. The fixed neck guitar is quite playful and competes for more expensive models available on the market. A full-scale acoustic-electric guitar with a thin-line body for ultimate comfort & playability. Play it acoustically or plug it in. The guitar features a high-gloss finish on a single-cutaway body for high comfort & performance. A gig bag case & guitar picks are included. The simple conclusion is, this guitar might be cheap, but it offers possibly the fabulous value for money on today’s market. We are talking under $110, which is a ridiculously low sum for a genuine instrument you can use to kick off a musical journey of a lifetime.

Traveler Guitar ( EG1C BKG)

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Traveler Guitar 6 String EG-1 Custom (Gloss Black), Right, (EG1C BKG)
Traveler Guitar 6 String EG-1 Custom (Gloss Black), Right, (EG1C BKG) amazon.com Check price

Full 24 3/4-inch Scale Electric Travel Guitar
Built-in headphone amp w/ clean, boost, overdrive, and distortion
Aux-in for jamming with your music
Built-in E-tuner on pickup ring
Deluxe Gig Bag Inc...

Master in sound and classic in design this full features electric guitar EG1C BKG from Traveler Guitar is one of the best guitars out there. The glossy black looks of the guitar are very appealing. The guitar has a complete 24-3/4 inch scale. This model is shorter and lighter in weight than other models available at the market. The EG-1 comes with a built-in custom headphone amplifier so that if you want to practice alone or privately, you can easily do it. Not only that, but you can also listen to your favorite amp through these headphones.

This EG-1 traveler guitar is very smoother when it comes to sound. It is so comfortable and easy to play that even kids can play it without any hassle. Moreover, the Aux-in feature is also there in jack plate so that you can also easily plug in your cell phone devices and play behind your favorite track.

So, if you are one of those who is always unwilling to compromise especially on scale length then EG-1 is particularly for you.

  • Quality sound experience
  • Nice features
  • Fits perfectly in hands
  • Customer service


EG- 1 electric guitar is one of the smartest and coolest guitars at the market which fits perfectly even if you have small hands. The high-quality sound of the guitar makes it worth buying.

Overall Conclusion

The guitar looks similar to the other. But they can differ greatly from one another. This is why it is very important that before one sets out to go & purchase a guitar, they should possess basic knowledge of the features to look out for in a good music guitar. Some of the things that one should learn about include the guitar tonewood, the body style, the pickups, neck settings & other aspects. Ensure that the guitar you purchase matches the style that you will want to play. In this piece, we have done our best to let you know which guitar will be best for you no matter you are a beginner or an expert. These are ideal for all. Not only that, but these are also good for people with small hands & face trouble playing guitars. So, there will be no more trouble if you choose wisely next time.

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