Electric scooters are specialized machines similar to motorcycles, power with electrical sources. These scooters store electricity on board with the help of a rechargeable battery which helps to drive the electric scooter. Electric scooters have been in use for years, but their origin is still unknown. However, the electric scooters transformed from electric bicycles which were first introduced in the year 1896 and continued to change overtimes. At the start of the 19th century, the introduction of an electric powered motor was introduced with limited speed and later on, it continued to change further with several improvements.

Electric scooters are a great convenience for commuters who intend to travel locally while enjoying the surroundings of a city. Such scooters are very popular among adults and youngsters for everyday riding and wandering. Though these charging vehicles have a limited capacity with a single charge but give an exceptional riding experience to the riders. These scooters are environment-friendly, efficient and most importantly an affordable choice for pedestrians who intend to explore the city. These are good enough for personal use and they can be easily charged even at home for use locally. We have compiled some of the best electric scooters for NYC in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Electric scooters are quite popular due to the ease they offer to the riders without pedaling like bicycles. They are foldable and can be carried anywhere for use and even they can fit into the car trunk. For kids, young and adults, electric scooters are fun to ride and it gives them a great vehicle for mobility. It gives an alternative choice of traveling to avoid public transport and the freedom to move. These electric scooters are used by a large number of users all over the world for traveling especially in the US.

Electric scooters are made with an aluminum lightweight frame, equips a powerful battery for charging and tubeless rubber tires. It comes in both two and three-wheel vehicles supported with a retractable handle to allow riding hassle-free. They are very helpful to walk the side of the busy roads in the middle of the town. These rides are much cheaper than an ordinary bicycle, motorbikes and take only 30-40 minutes to charge. Electric scooters vary in design, size, power and built as well. Their sturdy build supports enough of the weight that even an adult can ride these scooters.

The market is full of electric scooter variants and it makes quite difficult for the buyers to pick the most usable one for them. There are lots of companies that are assembling electric powered scooters for consumers. We have spent hours researching and finding the best electric scooters by comparing their features, built, speed, capacity and most importantly, their design to bring some amazing vehicles for the viewers to consider buying them. Check out the list below and pick one of these amazing electric scooters now.

Best Electric Scooters For NYC (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.1 Out of 10
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Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Razor E100 Electric Scooter, Red
Razor E100 Electric Scooter, Red amazon.com Check price

With its kid-sized deck and frame, the Razor E100 electric scooter is the perfect introduction to electric-powered fun for riders ages 8 and up
Powered by a 100-watt, high-torque, single-speed, cha...

Razor electric scooters are an amazing choice for the riders and these are widely popular due to its diverse features and durability. It incorporates a 24V lead-acid rechargeable battery which gives long-lasting charge for use locally. Its built-in battery gives continuous use of 40 minutes and easily recharged with a battery system. Razor electric scooters are available in lots of variants ranging in colors and designs to give more choice to the buyers. The scooter carries a twist-grip acceleration control supporting kids aging up to 8 years and up and incorporates a handlebar with a height of 22-inches. The scooter gives great control to the riders by adding a hand-operated front brake to the vehicle which makes it easy for them to stop. The E100 vehicle incorporates an 8-inch pneumatic front tire with quality material and capable of sustaining maximum pressure and remain inflated to keep the ride stable on the roads. It incorporates the rear urethane wheel which gives these wheels an edge over rubber and steel wheels. Apart, this is a kick-starting scooter with high torque and incorporates a chain-driven motor which makes it a smooth ride for the kids and adults. The company doesn’t only boast on high-torque, but its ultra-quiet motor and a handy twist-grip throttle making it a state-of-the-art scooter. The scooter is really comfortable to use and supports 10 mph speed for traveling locally. Though it has limited features, its build doesn’t make it less useable than a bike and add convenience for the users. Its spring-loaded kickstand makes it more comfortable to park anywhere conveniently. The scooter provides all the necessary tools required for assembling and maintenance of the vehicle. The scooter has a huge deck and frame to support kids and adult riders. This is an amazing scooter to give you a thrilling experience and a joyful ride.

  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Sound chain-driven motor
  • Great controls, while accelerating
  • Rough use will shorten its life


Razor has been providing high-quality, superior technology and innovative products making it an extraordinary experience for riders. E100 aims to offer freedom and fun with its popular brand of the scooter which is making this vehicle a part of the culture.


Macwheel Electric Scooter

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter, Powerful 350W Motor Up to 15.6mph, 18.6 Miles Long-Range 36V/7.5Ah Battery, 8.5" Non-Pneumatic Foam Filled Tires, Adult Electric Scooter for Commute and Travel (MX1)
Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter, Powerful 350W Motor Up to 15.6mph, 18.6 Miles Long-Range 36V/7.5Ah Battery, 8.5" Non-Pneumatic Foam Filled Tires, Adult Electric Scooter for Commute and Travel (MX1) amazon.com Check price

【Powerful 350 Watt Motor】A powerful 350W hub motor propels the electric powered scooter tops out at 15.6 miles per hour under specific conditions, which can easily overcome slope and other obstacle...

Macwheel MX1 brings a state-of-the-art two-wheel scooter with a sleek design and elegant look making it a favorite choice for riders. It carries a powerful 350-watt motor which is more than enough and drives the scooter at a top speed of 15.6 miles per hour on a smooth path. Its high-speed motor enables this vehicle to cross different obstacles and overcome slopes when traveling. The scooter backs a long-range battery with a capacity of 270Wh and can run the scooter up to 18.6 miles range from a one-time charge. It takes about 4 hours to charge the full battery at a time which is good enough to travel around. However, the travel range also depends on the road conditions, the weight of rider and speed as well. The scooter also equips adequate sized non-pneumatic tires, which require less maintenance of air pressure according to the weight of the rider and punctureless tires. It equips 8.5-inches large front and rear wheels that not only make it efficient in performance but also enable the vehicle in shock absorption and give them a good grip. All these features make this a reliable vehicle to support riders anywhere they go. Unlike the traditional scooters, it adds a double braking system with both front and rear disc braking, which it the safest vehicle on the market. Macwheel MX1 electric scooter delivers a smooth ride and ensures the safety of the riders when traveling. It incorporates a portable folding design which makes the whole system foldable in 3 seconds. It makes this scooter completely portable and less space-consuming to take it anywhere along for use. This is a great gift for fitness and re-creational purpose and offers an excellent alternative to commute escaping traveling by bus or train. This scooter supports a load capacity of a maximum of 256 lbs and suitable for kids and adults too. Its stronger climbing ability helps in achieving a smooth riding experience and offers 3 different speed modes.

  • Great battery life and mileage
  • Sturdy frame and build
  • The great value of money
  • The medium-sized deck is suitable for kids only


MX1 Electric Scooter is a great solution for commuters rich features and durable enough to last long. It has power controls, battery indicator and incorporates speedometer in the scooter.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter with hub motor, push-button throttle, for kids 8+
Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter with hub motor, push-button throttle, for kids 8+ amazon.com Check price

Innovative Power Core technology features a 85-watt, maintenance-free, high-torque, hub motor that delivers smooth acceleration to up to 10 mph (16 km/h) with the push of the throttle
Rechargeable ...

Razor has launched back to back models of electric scooters incorporating diverse features to allow buyers to think out of the box when making their purchase. This has opened a whole new competition in the industry and making it more competitive for the consumers. Razor E90 incorporates a new technology featuring a 2x increase in this model and more powerful than the previous models of the company. It gives a completely hassle-free solution requiring no alignment, no chain and even no tensioner needed to maintain the scooter. It has the capability to run at a speed of 10 miles per hour and support 80 minutes of continuous use with a single charge. Expect all standard features from this model like kick start, high-torque motor, front hand-operated brake, urethane front wheels, and push-button throttle as well. It is recommended for the age group of 8 and above and supports a maximum weight of 120 pounds at a time. The powerful electric scooter supersedes an 80-minute standard ride barrier and offering a more powerful motor. Its high-tech motor offers a more efficient and hassle-free ride and durable steel frame with performance-enhancing the expectations. It has a unique build with a push-button acceleration control which gives easy control and incorporates retractable kickstand for convenient parking. It incorporates solid wheels that make it suitable to walk on any type of surface, allowing kids to have fun at home and on the road as well.  It is a great vehicle for the kids to start the adventure and enjoy their ride gleefully. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter brings an easy to assemble, powerful and fast enough for the kids.

  • Push-button acceleration
  • Power core hub motor
  • Maintenance-free
  • A bit slow for adults


E90 is designed to provide twofold speed and maintenance-free ride back with powerful torque and speed up to 10 mph that makes a marvelous choice for youngsters.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Our Score 8.1 out of 10
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter - 8.5" Solid Tires - Up to 17 Miles & 18.6 MPH Portable Folding Commuting Scooter for Adults with Double Braking System, Rear Suspension and App(Seat not Included)
Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter - 8.5" Solid Tires - Up to 17 Miles & 18.6 MPH Portable Folding Commuting Scooter for Adults with Double Braking System, Rear Suspension and App(Seat not Included) amazon.com Check price

POWERFUL MOTOR AND LONG BATTERY LIFE - The 350W electric brushless hub motor allows for speeds up to 18. 6mph. High capacity battery with a Max. travel range of 17 miles under specific conditions.

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is a perfect commuting vehicle for adults. It has a powerful motor and a long battery life, allowing riders to cover most of the distances on this vehicle. It carries a powerful 350W electric motor which covers a distance of 18 miles at a speed of 6 miles per hour. However, the mileage depends on the road conditions and speed of the vehicle. It gives a stable and durable ride for commuting, making it a smooth experience on accelerating and turning with constant speed. Hiboy makes a powerful electric scooter that has a sturdy frame and very solid tires. Hiboy scooters are the only ones on the market with headlight, middle and rear lights to make it usable at night. It incorporates a double braking system featuring an ABS braking system with anti-lock braking to help riders easily control the speed of the scooter. The best feature about Hiboy electric scooter is its digital lock which works by connecting through a mobile application with the help of Bluetooth technology. The mobile application works both with Android and Apple phones. This application is quite helpful in controlling speed, turning on/off lights and most importantly locking the scooter. Hiboy scooter is quite handy, portable and easy to expand/contract making it fit in the car’s trunk and closets under the seats. Its seat is easily detachable and can be fixed when needed.

  • It travels with constant speed
  • Great battery life
  • Takes less time to recharge
  • Sturdy frame and built
  • The customer support is bit lazy


This is an ideal choice for commuters aging from 8 to 10 years to travel to their schools and to travel around the town.

 EV Rider Transport Plus scooter

Our Score 7.6 out of 10
EV Rider Transport Plus - Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility (SeaFoam Blue)
EV Rider Transport Plus - Manual Folding Scooter Power Mobility (SeaFoam Blue) amazon.com Check price

A true one, two, three-step folding/travel scooter + 1 Year Extended Warranty
The Transport weighs a total of 70 pounds, however the seat and battery can be removed to make it only 46 pounds for ea...

This EV rider Transport Plus scooter provides you a unique and well-established design along with the folding capacity to offer you completely convenient controls. This folding ability is the main center of attraction of this device as it just follows three simple steps to fold into a smaller looking device. This folding feature also allows the users to store the scooter anywhere easily. The scooter makes use of sturdy material in its construction that supports massive weight-bearing ability. On the other hand, another exceptional feature is its lightweight ability. The scooter weight only about 70 lbs. and provide you a free and smooth ride experience. To make it even lighter, you can remove the seat if you can ride it while standing. While, if you remove the seat and battery, it will weigh only about 46 lbs. Which is very lightweight.

With an amazing and powerful motor that uses 270-watts of a powerful engine, you can not only achieve the higher speeds but can also have a stable ride as well. Moreover, the powerful motor is supporting the 10 to 15 miles of coverage distance with a single charge. The front end of the scooter is perfectly engineered to deal with the rough and bumpy surface. For a more beautiful view, there are front and backlight attached to the bike.

  • Front and back lights
  • Removable seat
  • 270-watts of power
  • Limited leg roam


With one year extended warranty and solid construction, this Transport Plus Scooter from EV Rider is perfect not only for youngsters but also for elderly people. The scooter has the capability to travel 10 to 15 miles of total distance in a single charge. The front and backlights adds more safety for the rider in the dark. Overall, beautiful and decent scooter.

Overall Conclusion

All these electric scooters are great and give a good alternative to commuters for traveling. All the above-listed scooters are popular choices on the market and these vehicles compete with each other in features, quality and built as well. Buyers can check them before buying, and get the one that suits their budget.

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