Fitness watches are one of the most beneficial types of smartwatches nowadays. Since these devices connect with your smartphones, they have a lot of benefits and advantageous features. For instance, you can easily send and receive messages and calls via your Garmin smartwatch on the go. Not only Garmin watches have notifications features, but you can even check your gallery and go through your favorite photos.

Even though these details are great, Garmin watches are focused on fitness trackers and sporty sensors. All of these apps help you to maintain the active lifestyle you want. And these apps trace your daily routine and guide you to achieve your workout goals. So, if by now you're wondering which Garmin watch you should get, we have gathered some of the best there are on the market. If you're more interested in Samsung watches maybe you'd want to checkout our review of the galaxy watch vs active 2 comparison

Why Garmin Watches?

Garmin watches are excellent travel buddies because most of their models contain GPS and navigation technology. Both these features let you have the perfect travel experience. Garmin watches can join you and notify you through vibrations and light blinking during your walk. If you set up a route, you’ll receive a light vibration on your wrist whenever you need to turn left or right on the path. And we're sure that these features aren't the only details that will convince you to get one.

Wellness positively impacts our daily-life and Garmin promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing users a watch with health and fitness apps. Garmin offers the best smartwatches because they seem to care about customer's health. So, if you choose to buy yourself a Garmin watch, you're investing in your well-being.

Garmin Smartwach Features

Most of the Garmin watches have the Find My Phone feature, and it does wonders for those of us who easily lose our smartphones. With this gadget, there's no need to worry if your phone is lost or even worse, stolen. Because you can easily track your phone just by tapping your Garmin watch. Not to mention that since your Garmin watch is always connected to the cell phone, you can quickly ring or send a text to locate your device.

Whether you’re cycling, swimming, or engaged in any type of physical exercise, these Garmin watches always have your back. It tracks your physical activities while it monitors your heartbeat since most of these devices contain a pedometer and heart monitor nowadays. Plus, you don’t need to carry your phone in the pocket while working out, but it should be near in order to avoid losing connection. The point is that you can easily read the texts, take phone calls, check emails, and read notifications on your wrist.

Garmin watches are good for keeping data as well. Some models also have enough storage memory to keep a record of your heartbeat for a day, your visited locations, elevations, and more valuable data. For instance, if you’re a runner, it records and analyzes your running metrics as well.

These watches definitely outdo old-traditional colors and styles in your accessories. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy wearing these watches outside. For this reason, these devices are more than the extensions of your smartphones and in this review, we'll discuss in detail some of the greatest Garmin watches available in the market. Let's dive in:

Best Garmin Watches For Walking (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.3 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
Check price

Garmin vivoactive4

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
Garmin 010-02174-01 Vivoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts, Pulse Ox Sensors and More, Silver with Gray Band
Garmin 010-02174-01 Vivoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch, Features Music, Body Energy Monitoring, Animated Workouts, Pulse Ox Sensors and More, Silver with Gray Band Check price

Keeps track of your energy levels, Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition), respiration, menstrual cycle, stress,...

The Garmin Vívoactive4 smartwatch has several functional sensors that keep track of your body’s energy levels. Keep in mind that this is not a medical device but can provide insight regarding your health.

This device also monitors your menstrual cycle, sleep pattern, stress, heart rate, and hydration level. Also, if you’re a runner, the Garmin Coach feature helps you to train for a marathon or to accomplish running goals. Plus, animated workout patterns are also available for many different workouts.

A smart notification feature enables you to receive notifications from several social media apps. And more importantly, there are certain safety features that can send your location pin to any desired contact. That way, your friends and family can easily track you on the way.

By connecting to wireless headphones, you can listen to your favorite downloaded music––phone-free. But keep in mind that Garmin is only compatible with Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music, and some might need premium access. Not to mention this device also features Garmin Pay, which means you can make contactless payments. However, not all countries and providers qualify.

Improve your lifestyle by downloading apps, widgets, and a lot of stuff on this stylish device. Garmin vívoactive4 is one of the most reliable and highly recommended watches.

  • Connect IQ feature
  • Tracking feature
  • Eight days of battery life
  • Dim display

Garmin Instinct Watch

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Features GLONASS and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-Axis Compass, Graphite
Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Features GLONASS and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring and 3-Axis Compass, Graphite Check price

Rugged GPS watch built to withstand the toughest environments
Constructed to U.S. Military standard 810G for thermal, shock and water resistance (rated to 100 meters)
Built in 3 axis compass and ba...

You can definitely rely on this attractive and durable watch that fits U.S. military standards. Garmin's Instinct, Rugged Outdoor watch is built with advanced features such as thermal, shock, and water resistance to ensure a longer life span. The military standard 810G finishing material is ultimately shock resistant. Without a doubt, this watch can bear harsh outdoor conditions. And believe it or not, its battery life lasts up to 14 days regularly, but just 16 hours if the GPS mode is on constantly.

The GPS technology on this device is sharp and can provide you with direction no matter the place because its in-built compass is fully functional and enables you to have the three-axis view. This system works in conjunction with the barometers, altimeters, and global navigation to guide you effectively. If you like to hike, this device features the GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo navigation functionalities that work best on places that GPS doesn't. In addition, the Traceback app provides full navigation on your way back home to avoid getting lost.

This Garmin Instinct watch device also has the following features: heart rate monitor, activity controller, and stress measurements. This system lets you examine your internal health condition and provide you an insight into what to do next. The training app gives you guidelines to follow if you would like to train yourself in swimming, running, and more.

Like the previous Garmin watch, the smart notifications can free your hand from holding the cell phone every time. You’ll receive all your notifications on the watch screen while you're working out. The best part is that you can connect your Garmin Instinct device with the live fitness community worldwide to interact with the professionals.

Track your workout and smoothen your journey with this Garmin Instinct Outdoor watch. The cool and reliable features of the watch make it worth buying.

  • Large battery life
  • Rugged GPS
  • Trace back feature
  • Band might be allergic to some

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit - Black (Renewed)
Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, Regular fit - Black (Renewed) Check price

GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution colour touchscreen
Built-in sports apps include GPS-enabled running, biking, swimming and more - no phone connection required
Customize with...

This Garmin Vívoactive HR smartwatch has all the trendy and functional features that will help you in your everyday routine. Not only does this watch provide an insight into your health, but it looks stylish on your wrist. This watch device features modern tracking functionalities with sharp measurements. With its GPS feature, you can enjoy your daily walks and running routes with ease of mind. This feature is reliable, and it's capable of connecting with the foot pod sensor. With this feature, you can even measure the walking distance on the treadmill too. So, these updated sensors make Garmin Vívoactive HR ready to measure how many calories were burnt throughout the day.

The interface is fully customizable, and you can easily select from themes. Apart from the watch faces, this smartwatch also lets you modify the widgets and applications. Since the watch features full compatibility with the Garmin Connect IQ app, it enables you to have different watch faces, including sports mode or formal look. The Vívoactive HR display has an anti-reflective glass that ensures a full bright screen even under the sunlight. This is a great feature for those who enjoy outdoor recreations.

Accuracy is another advantageous feature of this smartwatch is its precise wrist-based sensors. Like other Garmin watches, you can also connect your smartwatch with the Android and iOS apps on your smartphone to enable smart notifications. These notifications include calls, texts, emails, social media app notifications, and reminders. The battery life of this device lasts for eight days.

With more than 1300 downloadable applications and watch faces, this Garmin Vívoactive HR smartwatch provides you the best experience. This product is also highly recommended.

  • Sun-readable display
  • Different watch faces
  • In-built tracker
  • Limited warranty

Garmin Vivoactive 3

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Garmin vívoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch Contactless Payments Built-In Sports Apps, Black/Slate
Garmin vívoactive 3, GPS Smartwatch Contactless Payments Built-In Sports Apps, Black/Slate Check price

Garmin Pay contact less payment solution lets you pay for purchases with your watch (available for supported cards from participating banks)
Personalize your watch with thousands of free watch face...

Whether it’s time for you to pay or play, this Garmin Vívoactive 3 watch offers both. This smartwatch device has the Garmin Pay technology that lets you make countless payments on the go without taking out your cell phone or wallet from the pocket. Furthermore, there are more than 15 apps relating to sports and gym activities to help you to stay active. You can jog, run, climb, or even hit the golf course, with peace of mind because it won’t let you down.

The Elevate Wrist-based heart rate feature is another bonus point because this feature helps you to monitor the heart rate more accurately and also measures the stress rate. Not only this, but additional sensors measure your VO2max and overall fitness with the HRV (heart rate variability) technology. Another good feature this device has is that once you connect it to your cell phone, you can answer calls or text messages right away. Additional features include: Find My Phone, live tracking, and music controls. Also, Garmin Online connect feature lets you interact with professionals to ensure an efficient workout.

Garmin Chroma technology provides you a professional screen that offers a sharp and clear display, even in bright sunlight. The wristband is also comfortable and it ranges between 127 to 204 mm. Its battery life lasts up to 7 days on normal usage (GPS mode off).

This Garmin Vívoactive 3 Smartwatch features all sports and daily life functionalities as well to provide you an amazing experience.

  • VO2 max measurements
  • HRV technology
  • Supports all the sporty activities
  • Not accurate sleep analysis

Overall Conclusion

To conclude, Garmin smartwatches feature smart functionalities, including advanced GPS, navigation, wrist-based heart sensors, altimeter, pedometers, and many more. All of these sensors work in synchronization to monitor your stress and energetic lifestyle conditions in an efficient way. The devices mentioned above have advantageous benefits that will help you in your daily life routine. We hope that this article has made your quest for the ideal Garmin smartwatch easier.

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