Watches have a simple purpose of giving you information about time. These days, watches are greatly revolutionized and provide you much more information than the time. Many types of professions find it compulsory to wear a watch to keep an eye on the time. In the same manner, hikers and travelers also need to wear suitable wristwatches to utilize every second correctly.

Whenever you are trying to plan an outdoor adventure like hiking, the wristwatch must be a necessary gadget in your list. Hiking watches helps you a lot during your journey and also prevents you from getting lost. The first and foremost quality that the hiking watches are providing is the rigidness. The exterior of hiking watches is reliable and robust as it has to deal with the harsh environmental and physical conditions. To prevent the scratches as well as to bear the harshness, these watches have a coat in their finishing, which makes them water and dust resistant too. Water-resistance is an excellent ability for any of the watches as it keeps your gadget safe from rain and snow. We have compiled some of the best hiking watches under 200$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Hiking watches let you be organized during your journey. Hiking or traveling requires a permanent look of the time as you have to go from one place to another and also keep track of the sunset. Also, while camping you have to maintain a balance between your time and task. You may not want to go outside your camp once it is dark. So, to complete all the tasks before getting dark outside, watches help you to shape your schedule accordingly.

Another important influencing factor that hikers may need is the location. Hiking watches have GPS technology, so you can easily track your current location. Also, some of the hiking watches have the tracker sort of thing which keeps you sorted during your journey to unfamiliar places.

A certain amount of features in your hiking watches will help you keep your pockets and the bag light as you don’t need to carry a lot of gadgets. Hiking watches have GPS, stopwatch, light option, and many more you need. Also, these watches have an essential weather monitoring feature, which can save you from any strange situation. So, all these attributes in a single hiking watch let you avoid several gadgets that can heavy your bag during hiking.

One important thing to keep in mind is protection and safety during camping and hiking. Hiking watches have specific attributes that let you avoid accidents. Like you can easily measure the altitudes and heights of any point using the high-end hiking watches. Hiking watches’ GPS has some other sort of information as well, which are known as advanced metrics. This information includes the heart rate, cadence, stride length, vertical location, threshold, and many more. These watches then help you to improve your hiking experience and keep you safe as well. Let’s have a look at the top models of such watches.

Best Hiking Watches under 200$ (Comparison)


Suunto Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch - SS014279010
Suunto Core All Black Military Men's Outdoor Sports Watch - SS014279010 Check price

An altimeter tracks your vertical movement, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and a compass points the way
Suunto core tracks both the weather and the sun for you; Operating temperature:...

This SUUNTO Core is a perfect product for outdoor as it equips the advanced engineering features that can bring out the hidden traveler in you. This watch device can detect the weather with weather monitoring control, and you can also keep an eye on the sun. However, this watch can operate its function within the range of 5 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather monitoring feature also provides you a weather trend graph. This graph shows the forecast for the next few days and also gives you the sunrise and sunset times for more than 400 locations on the globe. Storm alarms alert you of the heavy rainfall or storm. All these features help you organize your schedule and have a safe and sound journey.

For hikers, there lie many sorts of sensors, including altimeter, barometer, and compass. The altimeter is here to provide you with your current location. Not only the place, but it offers many advanced matrices, including height, altitudes, and elevation. You can easily keep a record of the ascent and descent and manage your climbing accordingly.

Next in the list is the barometer. This device equips with the best technology to measure air pressure. Sudden changes in weather and air pattern will not resist you from continuing your journey when you have this device in your wrist. You can track your location and get ahead of the storm safely. Also, this device informs you on time so you can take your precautionary measures. This SUUNTO Core has another advantageous feature of the compass. An unknown location is not a problem anymore for hikers and travelers. You can easily navigate the direction and pinpoint your current location to know your return path.


Be safe and know your path while traveling through the wilderness and unknown places with this SUUNTO Core sports watch. This watch is a life saver, you cannot get lost when you have a SUUNTO Core.

EZON’s Hiking Watch

EZON Men's Hiking Outdoor Sports Watch with Altimeter Barometer Compass Thermometer Waterproof…
EZON Men's Hiking Outdoor Sports Watch with Altimeter Barometer Compass Thermometer Waterproof… Check price

Digital Watch: Fashion and sport on dial design, with military-style’s appearance. EZON watch combines Weather Forecast, Clock, EL Backlight, Stopwatch, Countdown, Alarm, Hourly Chime, Calendar and...

This EZON’s hiking watch is modern and stylish, along with the military-style appearance. The dial design reflects the trendy craftsmanship. This watch equips with in-built Swiss altitude sensors that let you know your current location and advancing path within no time. This altimeter is all set to provide you with the vertical motion, up and down places, and many more. These features help the hikers to know their next proceeding path. Also, this watch device is featuring the barometer to check the pressure, temperature, and weather forecast accurately. Weather changes can easily be measured using this device, which further helps you to take the protective steps towards that situation.

If you’re a hiker or an explorer, you might know about the need for the compass very well. This device has the most advanced version of the compass that lets you navigate and explore the area without any map. Physically, this watch device encloses in a hard protective case. This case utilizes the hard PC+GF material in manufacturing to overcome the harsh conditions. Also, this device can withstand such a harsh environment of heavy rainfall or snow. The wristband is manufactured with the PU material, and a hollow design makes it comfortable to wear.

Hence, this device is best for planning and safely maintaining your trip. It has a very high-end and advanced 164ft-50M waterproof ability. Also, the stainless steel hardback makes this device dust resistant too. EL backlight provides you a bright display of the dial even in the dark places. Additional features include the replaceable battery, high-quality front glass, thin dial, and simple look. Having the bailout to feature the time of 48 countries, this multifunctional watch is for you.


This EZON’s Hiking Outdoor Sports Watch is full of popular features to keep your journey safe. It has all the basic and necessary functions that an explorer needs especially when they are away from everything, simply worth buying.

Casio Men’s Pathfinder

Casio Men's PRO TREK Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, (Model: PAG-240-1CR)
Casio Men's PRO TREK Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Black, (Model: PAG-240-1CR) Check price

Black solar-powered sport watch with multiple features including digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, low temperature resistance (-10 C/14 F), EL backlight, world time (31 time zones...

This Casio Pro Trek PAG-240-1 series pathfinder watch has so many advanced features that provide you a fantastic outdoor gadget. Considering the design, this device has all the sturdy and robust features that go well with your style statement. This Casio gets its pathfinder’s name from the bezel, which has colorful direction markers on it. This multi-functional device has a rugged appearance with the resin bracelet that remains comfortable on your wrist. Also, this has the perfect sturdy case that ensures a longer life span of this watch.

This watch device equips with the Triple Sensor technology that includes Altimeter, Barometer, and Digital compass. All these three sensors provide abetter traveling or hiking experience. To measure the vertical distance or height, you can make use of the altimeter. This will warn you of the high altitudes and dangerous descents. Next is the barometer that helps a hiker to measure the air pressure to take precautionary steps at heights. The fully digital compass will guide you at every turn, and you’ll not lose even in the jungle. Auto EL backlight is also featuring in this device that provides a clear as well as sharp display. This backlight is fully automatic in its functionality and lets you have a more convenient way to keep an eye on the time.

The most unique and exciting feature of this watch is that it solar-powered. It has a built-in tiny solar panel that makes the best use of sunlight to recharge the battery of the watch means the watch’s battery automatically charges if you’re wearing the wristwatch in the sun-light.


This Casio Men’s Pathfinder Sports Watch is a sufficiently durable, rugged, and robust waterproof device with so many advanced features. Solar panel base makes it battery-free and runs a longer time.

Timex Expedition Grid Shock

Timex Men's TW4B02500 Expedition Grid Shock Black Resin Strap Watch
Timex Men's TW4B02500 Expedition Grid Shock Black Resin Strap Watch Check price

Adjustable black 16mm resin strap fits up to 8 inch wrist circumference
100 hour chronograph; 24 hour countdown timer; 3 vibrating and audible daily, weekday or weekend alarms; Shock resistant to I...

Get rid of so many gadgets in your bag pack and hold on to this Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch, which has all sorts of advantageous features that might help you in traveling, hiking, and many other sports. This Grid shock device is all set and ready to bear the harsh environmental conditions. First of all, it finishes with the trendy and modern back strap. This black strap is comfortable to wear as it is fully adjustable. Apart from being adjustable, the strap can even fit a wrist size of up to 8 inches of circumference.

This Timex series watch has a unique feature of 100 hours chronograph. Also, there lies a 24-hour countdown timer that you can use for multiple tasks that need to be done at the specific time of the day. Also, this feature is beneficial for many sports that require a countdown lap timer. This watch model has the perfect three types of vibrations and alarm settings with an audible sound. This alarm also includes the weekend and weekday settings. Occasion reminders are also there to keep you updated with the home events.

The material of construction is hard and sturdy, which makes this device fully shock resistant. Due to this shock resistance ability, this watch is being used by many sportspeople, including travelers, hikers, and many more. The military 24 hour time format is another unique attribute of this Timex watch. The calendar keeps you updated with the day and date.

The display of the watch supports a grey interface with a digital screen and INDIGLO light. Additional features include the 100m Water resistant ability, hydration alarm, three time zones, and many more.


With all the updated features, this Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch is perfectly suitable in harsh conditions. Its unique design and cool features make it special.


Hiking watches are perfect for providing you with all the features and comforts you can have to ease your journey. These devices have the most advanced form of GPS, maps, and compass, which is there to guide you of your trip. These features are important to keep you tension free during your adventure. The altimeter, barometer, and thermometer provide you the perfect details of your surroundings. Some devices mentioned above are equipping such high technological functionalities. Have a look at their detailed features, pros, and cons to choose accordingly.

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