Knives are commonly available in the kitchen of every household & known to all of us. The culinary world is incomplete without them because they are used for cutting, slicing & making a variety of foods into pieces. The frequent use of knives in the kitchen makes them dull which requires proper care in order to keep them sharp. However, if you have a knife sharpener at home, then you don’t have to worry about sharpening knives at all.

Knife sharpeners are conventional tools that help in sharpening the knives by grinding them against a hard and tough surface like stone, metal & sandpaper which makes them sharp & straighten as well. The knife is being sharpened by grinding the knife on a manual sharpener in a close angle makes sharp edges of the knife. This manual sharpening process requires applying some force in a particular direction against a stone or metals to sharpener the edges of the knife. Until the last century, the rough sharpening method was so common & popular all over the world & a traditional method of sharpening was being followed until the invention of electric & other advanced knife sharpeners. We have compiled some of the best knife sharpeners on the market in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

A knife sharpener simply works in a mechanism that creates micro-serration on the blades to give it a sharp edge to cut & slice quickly. This method of sharpening only applies to a specific kind of knives, while another type of knives uses a different technique of sharpening.

Today, both manual & electric sharpeners are commonly available & widely used in our homes. Some of the knife sharpeners involve 3 to 4 stages to bring the finest edge of the knife to cut all kinds of meats, vegetables, & slicing. The market is full of brands and lots of companies are marketing their knife sharpeners as the best, which is making it difficult for the consumers to know which one is authentic & genuine to buy them. A little research about leading knife sharpeners can help you to find a piece of a reliable device for knife sharpening.

Fortunately, such consumers are blessed with expert’s opinion in the shape of product reviews which don’t only share a comprehensive list of products available on the market but also elaborate manual & electric devices along with a detailed comparison of their characteristics to help consumers finding the perfect one in their budget.

We are going to introduce some finest quality knife sharpeners from the market with positive customer feedback & these products have come up to their expectations of most of the consumers. Each product is assessed in terms of features, characteristics, pros & cons along with an in-depth review of the product. Consumers get an opportunity to readily assess each of the products without wasting their precious time finding a suitable one on the market & pick a one which they find as suitable for their personal use.

Check out the products as below:

Best Knife Sharpeners On The Market (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.8 Out of 10
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Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpener

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
Brod & Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener Solid Stainless Steel and Austrian Tungsten Carbide
Brod & Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener Solid Stainless Steel and Austrian Tungsten Carbide Check price

FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO SHARPEN ANY KNIFE WITH SUPERIOR USA PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Radically new sharpener is the absolute best way to sharpen dull knives and keep them sharp WITHOUT removing meta...

Brod & Taylor brings a high-quality & solid stainless steel knife sharpener for both domestic & industrial use. It offers the fastest & quickest way to sharpen any blade or knife with patented USA technology. It sharpens all types of dull knives whatever sizes of knives have without removing metal upon them. It takes a few seconds to make your straight or serrated knives sharp to cut anything effectively. It features an Austrian Tungsten carbide sharpener which automatically adjusts blades between the angle & sharpens the blade effortlessly. It let you pull the knife through factory bevel & safely hone them bringing the desired results. Keep in mind that, if you want a sharp blade with cutting meat or similar item which requires harder blade, then you should press harder while sharpening the blade otherwise light pressing will give you slicing blade with a soft edge.

This knife sharpener also gives a perfect edge to knives for multiple uses in kitchens & keeps knives sharper for some time without removing particles of metal from them. This simple & user-friendly knife sharpener works perfectly on all types of blades & maintains their sharpness easily. The Austrian made tungsten carbide sharpener has a rugged construction with almost 2 pounds of solid stainless steel that makes it tough & long-lasting to use. Although its ideal for all knife blades, it especially works great on Japanese or Damascus knives. Directions are also printed on the bottom for the user’s convenience.

  • Superior quality painted technology
  • Auto adjustable blade angle
  • Sharpen any kind of knife
  • Price is a little high


Brod & Taylor brings the finest & high-quality sharpener which gives blades a precise shape & makes them sharpen without removing metal into small pieces with its auto adjustable blades. This knife sharpener has the ability to sharpen all your dull kitchen or commercial knives in seconds. It’s very well made very sturdy & stands up to continued use. Highly recommended tool.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener
Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Check price

Sharpen every knife you own like a pro quickly, easily and with repeatable, consistent results. Creates the sharpest blades you've ever had!
Easily Replaceable Abrasive Grit Belts. Comes with premi...

Work Sharp is a uniquely designed sharpener that can sharpener every knife & tool easily & consistently. It is a manual sharpener that gives consistent results & gets you the finest quality blades. It incorporates easily replaceable abrasive grit belts that come in different sizes to meet all of your diverse sharpening needs like fine, medium & coarse belts. The gritting belts don’t damage or burn the blades while sharpening. It can sharpen all types of knives, scissors, & tools with the help of this simple & easy to use the tool. The sharpener can hone straight shaped blades, yet additionally bent blades, tanto cutting edges, filet blades, serrated blades, gut snares & practically all types of blade edges. This sharpener perfectly works for hunting & outdoor use knives & provide sharpening for kitchen knives as well.

Whether you need to sharp scissors, blades or knives, the Work-Shop sharpener gives precise results with little use. The sharpener carries interchangeable guides to facilitate different types of tool sharpening for the convenience of use in the home. This is a power sourced sharpener, so you don’t have to manually apply force to sharpen knives & blades. The sharpener is available in two types of power source i.e. 110V & 220V, however, if you buy 110 powered source motor then you will get a year warranty which is only available in the United States.

  • It carries flexible belts
  • Interchangeable guides
  • Best for tool grinding
  • Not suitable for sand paper level


Work Sharp is famous for producing high-quality sharpening tools on the market, So, if you are seriously thinking to buy a reliable machine for your personal use, then this is the best thing available out there which is suitable for all types of knives. One of the most amazing things about the Work Station tool is that it can even sharpen your mower blades too, which most of the sharpeners can’t. This is really a convenience for users & makes it worth buying.

Triangle Sharpmaker Knife

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods, Instructional DVD, Two Premium Alumina Ceramic Stone Sets for Blade Repair and Professional-Grade Finishing - 204MF
Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker with Safety Rods, Instructional DVD, Two Premium Alumina Ceramic Stone Sets for Blade Repair and Professional-Grade Finishing - 204MF Check price

EASY TO USE, OUTSTANDING RESULTS - This has everything necessary to sharpen any type of edged or pointed tool in just a few minutes' time. Simply keep the plane of your knife’s blade vertical and d...

Spyderco introduces a super crafted triangle sharpener with the highest quality materials. It is designed for performance & durability to offer a perfect solution for home use. The device is made in the United States & helps in sharpening most of the types of blades & offers a top-notch sharpening edge for the tools.

It’s a fact that sharpening a tool requires maintaining a constant angle between the blade & the stone, but this tool has made it easier to sharpen a knifes easily without making an angle in the quickest manner. It incorporates ABS plastic base that consists of keyed holes which give you perfect sharpening angles ranging from 15, 30, 20 & 40 degrees angles to sharpen your knives. Where 40 degrees is considered an ideal position for sharpening most of the knives. It is extremely easy to use & simple to sharpen knives. Triangle Sharpmaker equipment incorporates two types of high alumina marble stones, a couple of medium-coarse stones for extreme honing & a pair of white stones for extreme finishing. It also includes the brass safety rods which protect your hands while sharpening. It uses dry stones without the use of oil, water, & lubricants to give perfect sharpen knives.

So, if you are totally dummy or new to the world of sharpening & just looking for a simple kit that can take you from dull to sharp in minutes, we can safely recommend the Sharpmaker. Because, the system is foolproof & the components are all high quality, plus the price is right.

  • Cheap & handy
  • Can be fixed with tables & countertops
  • Quite economical
  • Not suitable for outdoor knives


This is a perfect tool for sharpening all knives in your kitchen which you can hone easily without any problem. It comes with an easy instructional book & video to let the inexperienced users know how to sharpen their tools without any hassle. All components snap into the self-contained ABS plastic base plus lid for easy storage.

Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

Our Score 8.5 out of 10
Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System
Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System Check price

Deluxe 5-stone knife sharpening system for kitchen, outdoor, hobby, or garden knives
Includes extra-coarse, coarse, medium, fine alumina oxide, and extra-fine ceramic hones
Replica: Made with heavy...

The made in USA Lansky system is just perfect for outdoor sporting, kitchen or workshop knives. Lansky also offers the widest range of accessories available. They have been producing high-quality tools for the last 35 years. This is the reason why the Lansky sharpening system has been the preferred sharpening system for DIY & cutlery enthusiasts worldwide.

Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone sharpening system comes in a range of packs & gives a perfect sharpening system for kitchen knives, hobby as well as for gardening knives. It offers a range of sharpening solutions such as extra-coarse, medium-coarse, & fine coarse hones to fulfill the diverse sharpening needs of domestic & industrial users. Its controlled angle sharpening system offers angle sharpening with different color-coded stones. It comes with a written guide for the angles to sharpen for the best edge depending on the type of blade, i.e. from razors to pocket knives to work knives, also for hatchets & axes. It also includes a specially engineered knife clamp to hold the knife perfectly & a customized storage/carrying case for placing the sharpener tools set. It let the users select sharpening angles that they think are best for them. It has various sharpening angles ranging from 17-degree angle, 20 degrees angle, 25 & 30 degrees angles which are suitable for both domestic & professional level knives, which makes it a must-have sharpening system because this original & legendary controlled-angle system is the perfect & ultimate in knife sharpening technology. So, for the money, this is probably the best ever sharpening system available on the market.

  • 5-Stone sharpening system
  • Offers controlled sharpening angles
  • Built-in Knife Clamp
  • Somehow difficult to use for beginners


Angle constancy is one of the most critical & the most elusive element of hand sharpening. The Lansky controlled-angle system assures that your knife edge sharpens to the exact bevel you specify. Lansky brings an overall great tool for sharpening knives with a variety of colors honing stones that uses different sharpening techniques & deliver variant sharpening results to meet varied uses.

Chef’s Choice 15 Electric knife sharpener

Our Score 8.1 out of 10
Chef'sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Patented Sharpening System, 3-stage, Gray
Chef'sChoice Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives Patented Sharpening System, 3-stage, Gray Check price

CONVERT YOUR KNIVES: Ideal for converting traditional 20-degree factory edges of household knives into high performance Trizor XV 15-degree edges
DIAMONDS: Advanced stropping stage and 100 percent ...

If you are tired of sharpening your knives manually every day than, here is the Chef’s Choice 15 Electric knife sharpener, which can convert your standard sharpening knife into an extraordinary kitchen knife. The device features the perfect stropping stage, which let you enhance the sharpness. Not only is this, but the acting material for sharpening the knife using the diamond abrasives.  These diamond abrasives can convert the ordinary straight knife into the serrate blade shape knife.

Basically, there are three stages for the sharpening process, which provides the sharpening capability individually. The first two stages are meant for the sharpening via the 100% diamond abrasives, while the third one is capable of polishing the knife. The polishing will not only make it look shiny and sleek but offers the longer life span of the knife. The Trizor XV 15 is the mixture of durability and robustness, which exploits the old knives and perceives an angle of 15-degrees to cut sharply. Also, the device is efficient enough to save much of your time by providing the fast mechanism which uses only one minute to sharpen a knife.

The device makes use of the electricity, which means you don’t have to apply the mechanical force by hand, which is more hectic and less efficient.

  • 15-degrees XV technology
  • Electric power working
  • 3-years warranty
  • Loses sharpening ability quickly if not used properly


This knife sharpener from Chef’s Choice is really a handy tool especially when you are tired of sharpening your old knives in an old fashioned way. This amazing electric knife sharpening tool is just for you. This sharpener device also has a 36-months limited warranty so that you can work with your tools (knives) with peace of mind.

Overall Conclusion

A knife is a frequently used item both on commercial & domestic premises. They must always be kept sharp. A blunt or dull knife might be dangerous because it requires more force &  pressure to get the job done & is more likely to slip & cause an injury. This is the single most important reason to keep the knife sharpen both on domestic & commercial levels.

Keeping the knife sharpener is important, especially for those who frequently cut. A knife, which is sharpened on a daily & regular basis, also means that the person using it will be able to do a job much better, faster & a lot easier. Sharp knife also enables you to work neatly as well as more accurately, which means less wastage. So, knife sharpeners are an essential tool to have.

The above-listed knife sharpeners are considered the best sharpeners on the market. Taking the benefit from our research, you can choose any one of these to finish your cutting thirst like a pro.

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