For any of the repair or renovation work, the equipment & its balancing is an important factor to take care of. The equipment or apparatus must be properly oriented or balanced well on the ground to reach the topmost level. For painting 2 story houses, you need to have a good quality ladder which helps you to reach your desired height with much ease. Painting the walls within a human height range will not be a worry-full task but the difficulty starts onwards. To tackle such problems, an ideal ladder apparatus is much needed. We have compiled some of the best ladders for painting 2 story houses in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

There are a number of types of ladder that can be used for such purposes depending on the range & elevation you need. First of all the material of choice can differ as the ladders are made up of different kinds of materials. Amongst which most of the ladders are finished by employing aluminum material. However, a single disadvantage of such ladders is their conductivity of electricity. After making the choice for material, you need to select your desired height. There are charts available in which you can find out the height of different types of ladder you need to reach a certain point. For example, you need to have a ladder of 3 to 4 feet to make up to a height of 7 feet with a step ladder while on the other hand extending ladders are used above the 15 feet level.

Discussing some precaution, all you need to do is a complete inspection or check-up of your ladder once you are going to start your work. All the safety cords must be in place & there should not be any broken part or screw. Even a minor negligence can cost you a life. Moreover, you must stand steady & in lace between the two rails to avoid unbalancing. Use the three points contact formula for extra safety.

While using the extension ladders for a more elevated height you must need to do a little extra care & effort. This type of ladder consists of 2 or sometimes 3 sections. Place the base of the ladder with a strong solid surface to avoid slipping as you put weight on it. Using the one in four formula for elevation, the correct angle must be 75 degrees incline to the wall surface. These extension ladders are more convenient & easy to handle among all the types.

Another type is the multi-position ladder. This type of ladder, as clear from the name can be very useful for a lot of diverse purposes. You can employ it as a step ladder, leaning wall ladder or a twin step ladder. Moreover, there are also some other kinds of ladder depending on the purpose of usage.

Hence, in a nutshell, ladders can be employed for renovation, repairing, painting or any type of height elevated tasks for homes, offices & workplaces. Ladders can serve an efficient & convenient way to reduce the heftiness of your work but the provided precautions must be practiced. Today, the market is full of different types & qualities of ladders. We have made research & brought top & best models available on the market. You can trust these without any hesitation. Let’s see what these ladder models are:-

Best Ladders For Painting 2 Story Houses (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.6 Out of 10
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Louisville Ladder AE2224

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
Louisville Ladder 24-Feet Extension Ladder, 300-Pound Duty Rating, AE2224
Louisville Ladder 24-Feet Extension Ladder, 300-Pound Duty Rating, AE2224 Check price

QuickLatch equipped runglock provides easier method of securing fly and base sections when extended
300-Pounds, load capacity, includes weight of user and tools. For any further queries please cont...

Most suitable for all types of industrials & contractors who need to do renovations & repairing with expediency. This extended ladder is finished through the aluminum material which makes it super durable that it can endure a weight of up to 300 pounds. With that much fortitude, it can not only bear the persons’ load but also the tools. Moreover, this ladder is equipped with D shaped rungs. These rugs have a toothed appearance which is needed to avoid slipperiness & make this ladder more stable.

This Louisville Ladder AE2224 is also featuring a unique feature of mar-resistant rail caps at the end or base of the ladder to avoid ruining of ground touching surface & improve the overall life of the equipment. The main advantage of this product is two major & heavy duty slide guides which are well-placed at the top of the ladder. This makes the height elevation easy & comfy. Also, a stop button is added besides that guide to avoid overextending. Furthermore, the outside slide guides are added to improve the extending experience.

Additional features might include the swivel safety shoes that enhance the care & safety of workers. Moreover, the MAXLOCK rung long employed in this model is considered the toughest & durable rung lock in the market. This device is also featuring the Quick Latch rung lock which serves the benefit of fortifying your elevation & making the work easier. Hence, this 24 feet aluminum Louisville ladder has all the attributes according to the standard laid by ANSI, CSA & OSHA.

  • MAXLOCK rung lock system
  • Mar-Resistant rails
  • Swivel safety shoes
  • Rubber end cap must be bought separately


Finished through the patented technology & advanced rung lock system, this Louisville ladder is altering the way of work & making it comfier in the end. It is worth buying.

Louisville Ladder FE3228

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder, 28 feet, 300-pound duty rating, Type IA, FE3228,Orange
Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder, 28 feet, 300-pound duty rating, Type IA, FE3228,Orange Check price

Dimensions - Extension Ladder Maximum Maximum Height (ft.): 25 | Storage Depth (in.): 7.25 | Storage Height (ft.): 14 |Product Weight: 60 lb
STURDY AND STRONG: With its 300-Pound capacity, elegant ...

Louisville is famous for producing high-quality & reliable ladders. Featured with all the suitable attributes, this Louisville extension ladder FE3228 is great for diverse types of purposes including electrical, utility, renovation, painting & many more. Moreover, this device is featuring D-shaped rungs. These rungs will help the ladder to stabilize & remain intact at the point of attachment with the ground. Hence, this extension ladder provides you with the safety you need to have for every type of work. This ladder is also finished with the top-notch fiberglass material to make it non-conductive. This feature greatly reduces the worries of the workers to work in any of the outside areas.

A Quick Latch system is also employed in this ladder for an extended lock attribute which will assure you of extra safety when you are up on the ladder. A heavy-duty ladder needs a heavy steel covered swivel safety shoes. This shoe is further covered with the hard rubber which makes this more steady & harmless. This fiberglass ladder comes in a variety of sizes to let you cover the height elevated area efficiently.

Extension ladders also come with effectual slide guides that offer a clear sliding surface for a more smooth & suave experience. Additional features might include the step stools, scaffolds for an improved balance for the consumer as well as professional industrialists. Mar-resistant rails & caps at the base of the ladder make this device more consistent in its results while touching the ground. A direct smooth connection is employed in between the rungs & rails. This connection has been made stronger via hydraulic crimped technology. Hence, the rung & rung both permanently support each other & distribute the weight.

  • Heavy-duty steel shoe
  • Rubber treads
  • Serrated rungs
  • A bit heavy in weight


Meeting the standards of ANSI & CSA, this Louisville extension ladder is all about unique attributes best quality which is needed for work.

Little Giant 14016-001 Alta one

Our Score 8.8 out of 10
Little Giant 14016-001 Alta One Type 1 Model 22-foot Ladder
Little Giant 14016-001 Alta One Type 1 Model 22-foot Ladder Check price

Heavy-wall aircraft-grade aluminum construction
Offers multiple configurations, as an A-frame,staircase,extension, 90-degree ladder or as a scaffolding system
Complies with all applicable OSHA & AN...

This Little Giant Alta One ladder is having a unique hinge functionality along with the telescoping sides that increase its efficiency as well as safety. The material employed within its manufacturing is the heavy-wall aircraft graded aluminum which can make this more sturdy & durable. Moreover, this top-notch material is extending the life-span of this ladder.

This Little Giant also comes with multiple conformations by making usage of the A-frame which makes the ladder long & short effortlessly & within no time.  Also, it can get the shape of the staircase ladder which is higher & lower respectively on both sides to reduce the jaggedness & roughness. Last but not least is the two small ladders that are served for the purpose of a scaffold. You can form a scaffold by placing a plank between the two A-Frame slides.

Hence, this Little Giant as mentioned in the name has a little size but can be extended into multiple configurations to do any type of work with ease. Moreover, this little or smaller size makes use of less space when storing the ladder in your warehouse. This ladder is also able to stabilize the weight even on a rough or patchy surface. Hence, this all-in-one ladder is offering you a number of advantages for a whole-house renovation & work. You don’t need to own different types of ladders.

Designed also according to the standards of OSHA & ANSI A-14.2 standards equipped with a triple locking hinge system which makes it lightweight yet heavy in functioning that it can bear a load up to 250 lbs.

  • Heavy-wall material
  • A-Frame
  • Scaffolding system
  • Extension function might be uncomfortable for some


Offering different heights & types of conformations, this Little Giant is definitely not little in its functionality.

Ideal choice product  Heavy-Duty Ladder

Our Score 8.3 out of 10
Idealchoiceproduct 19.5ft Heavy Duty Gaint Aluminum Multi Purpose Folding Ladder Scaffold Ladders with 2 Platform Plates- 330Lbs
Idealchoiceproduct 19.5ft Heavy Duty Gaint Aluminum Multi Purpose Folding Ladder Scaffold Ladders with 2 Platform Plates- 330Lbs Check price

19.5FT , 4 Rungs x 5 Step come with 2 FREE Platform Plates,Flexibility ladder for working on stairs or uneven surfaces.
Heavy duty rubber pads provide resistance to wear and ensure a solid grip on ...

This heavy-duty giant ladder is made with the most hard-wearing & tough to serve you different purposes. Hence it can be employed via various employers for different types of revamps, makeovers, painting tasks, cleaning windows & many more. Along with this, 2 strong platforms come to serve a steadiness & immovability on rough surfaces. You don’t need to buy these platforms separately. Next is the heavy-duty rubber pads that make this ladder more convenient & safe. These pads also ensure that the ladder might not get slipped & get a firm grip when putting a heavyweight on it. These pads make the ground attachment part of the ladder more firm & unwavering on any type of surface.

Among all the products, this ladder has a large load-bearing capacity of 330 lbs. which makes this suitable for every weight worker to hope on it & this also enables the ladder to bear the weight of repairing tools. Hinges are installed in this Ex-large Giant Ladder for a number of configurations to experience. Apart from hinges, a well-maintained lock system is also featured in this ladder to lock after the extension & ensure the safety of users. This ladder is offering 5 different settings in common as it can be used as straight, double-sided, trestle, workstation & a stair ladder too. You don’t need to spend much of your expenses on different types of ladders.

This Giant Ladder is finished through the supreme quality material which makes it rust-proof, durable & light-weight too. The unique folding design is here to provide you expediency & ease.

  • Aluminium construction
  • 5 conformations
  • Rustproof design
  • Panels are flimsy


Designed for various tasks, this Ex-Large Heavy Duty Giant Ladder is serving each & every renovation task with much ease.

Ohuhu 12.5 FT Telescopic Ladder

Our Score 7.8 out of 10
Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, One-Button Retraction Extension Ladder, Collapsible Ladder with Spring Loaded Locking Mechanism for Roof, 330 Pound Capacity
Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, One-Button Retraction Extension Ladder, Collapsible Ladder with Spring Loaded Locking Mechanism for Roof, 330 Pound Capacity Check price

✅ One Button Retraction: Convenience is key! That’s why we’ve designed this ladder with easy one button retraction. Simply press down on the thumb buttons and the ladder will slide down effortlessl...

An effective, solid, and reliable ladder is the most powerful tool for any worker, particularly for those people who are working outdoors with heights. An ordinary ladder might be a threat to your life, so choose always trustworthy and quality equipment. Talking about the quality, Ohuhu 12, feet telescopic ladder is one of them which is pretty solid manufactured and can be used for various tasks. This telescopic ladder is so convenient to use as it comes with one button retraction. The whole ladder slides down just with the click of one button. Each section of the ladder goes up and flips back down slowly, smoothly and safely, it is totally safe from finger pinching. The ladder is made up of a scientifically tested high-quality aluminum alloy which is also very light-weight. The frame of the ladder is very sturdy and has a weight capacity of more than 225 pounds. It also has non-slippery caps that hold the base of the ladder firmly. During extension, the smart locks keep each section in one place. Furthermore, the ladder is also compliant with EN 131. A highly recommended product.

  • High-quality aluminum material ladder
  • Perfect to perform various tasks
  • Very light-weight
  • Not good for extreme slippery ground


This 12.5F long ladder is perfect to finish multiples jobs quickly and safely. The ladder is ideal to paint roofs and walls, replacing or installing bulbs on heights, also good for cleaning high windows, tree trimming and anything in between. Safety is guaranteed as the ladder made up of quality material. It is the best ladder at this price.

Overall Conclusion

Ladders can be made from any type of durable & sturdy material which can be employed for various tasks. Ladders are most commonly used for painting renovation tasks for multiple story houses & workplaces as it is difficult to reach such height elevated space. These days, ladders are equipped with diverse unique attributes that can make your work easier & safer as it was not before. We have provided you some of the best running products on the market after doing extensive research on the characteristics such as stable base, extending slide guides & many more. Choose accordingly the best product for your task & stay safe always, because your life matters.

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