A lantern is a device or a source of light used to illuminate surrounding space. The lantern can be portable or fixed to a place. It can be used as any kind of a light source, for example, for signaling, decoration, or in religious rituals or in other celebrations. They are a light source (candle, or wick in fuel or mantle) enclosed in a tight container that protects the flame from the wind. It can be made from a variety of materials like from non-flammable to flammable.

Lanterns were first mentioned in the written documents by Empedocles of ”Agrigentum” & by ”Theopompus”, a famous poet from ancient Greece. Not only that there is also evidence that other civilizations used them as well, like Egypt & China. In old China, they were made form special paper, silk or animal hide while construction is made from wood & bamboo. Candles were used as a light source during that time. These candles were placed in a tin box or cylinder with glass panels & an opening or holes on the top so the candle can get oxygen. We have compiled some of the best lanterns for power outages in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Decorative lanterns are made in various shapes & sizes. They are used for decorations & atmosphere during celebrations. Chinese festivals are incomplete without candles or lanterns this is why many Chinese festivals use special paper made lanterns during the duration of the celebrations. For example, the ‘Ghost Festival’ in China, in this festival many lanterns are made in the shape of the lotus & are placed in rivers as symbolic guides for the souls of their ancestors. During this lantern festival, there is a common & old custom of lightning many paper lanterns to mark the final day of the lunar new year celebration. In this festival, sky lanterns are also used on the wide-scale along with floating lanterns. If we further study the history we will find out that the ancient Chinese used to catch fireflies, put them in the cages or holed containers & used them as lanterns.

Lanterns for everyday use

Lanterns for everyday use were made from metal & glass & were quite popular since the 1700s until batteries/electric light superseded them. In the beginning, lanterns were iron baskets full of wood knots, which were hung from poles & kept lit during the night time to illuminate the crossroads. Later on, they were replaced by oil lanterns that used ”whale oil” as fuel & after that, gas lanterns. Along with the time portable lanterns came. These portable lanterns used kerosene as fuel & can still be found in use. They had wick or mantle as a light source.

Today, mostly electrical lanterns are in use, either for illuminating streets or houses in fixed variation or for portable use. These lanterns have rechargeable batteries which can be charged any time anywhere from any electrical source. They are quite useful in an emergency situation like, for outdoor camping & during electrical failures or for other emergency situations. These electrical lanterns use incandescent electric lamps or fluorescent & in some cases LED lamps. We have discussed a few best models down below.

Best Lantern For Power Outages  (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.1 Out of 10
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Coleman Quad LED Lantern 190 lumens

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
Coleman Quad LED Lantern Special Edition Ultra Bright 190 Lumens, Red
Coleman Quad LED Lantern Special Edition Ultra Bright 190 Lumens, Red amazon.com Check price

Four individual light panels snap onto a single lantern
Lights recharge on the base; Lantern powered by 8 D-cell batteries; Works well and long with Polaroid D Batteries; Lantern runtime: 75 hrs.; ...

 Coleman Quad led lantern is combining an area light with 4 portable lanterns in a single clever unit. The lantern puts out a lot of light & has 4 panels which can be removed easily, so you could take one off & walk around with it anywhere. This removable panel is practically a great idea by Coleman. This thing makes this lantern very handy, especially during power outages.

This Coleman LED Quad  190 Lumens Lantern is a masterpiece & versatile choice for indoor as well as outdoor use. In this special edition, ‘Quad’ is equipped with 4 removable LED panels that hold a maximum of 24 LED lights total.  You can remove any of the 4 panels & use them independently, for example when needing a portable light for the bathroom or tent. You can also keep all 4 panels attached to the lantern which produces 190 total lumens of light. So, this ‘Quad’ is the perfect light not only for group camping trips but also for any other occasion where folks might splinter off into smaller groups during the night time. The amazing thing about this is that each of the panels is a fully functioning light, with six ‘5mm’ white LEDs, & a rechargeable (NiMH) battery, & an independent On/Off switch, & on the top handle for carrying or hanging. The (NiMH) battery provides up to 1.5 hours of light on its own. But, the lantern base, meanwhile, requires 8 D-cell batteries, which gives an approximate run time of 75 hours for the entire lantern. This special edition has a light range of 26 feet. It comes with a limited five-year warranty.

  • Removable panels
  • 24 LED lights
  • Gives 75 hours backup
  • Bottom assembly not up to the mark
  • Individual quads often don't charge


Coleman LED Quad works great & bigger than your thoughts. It’s full of cool functions. A user can take one or all the panel lights off the base to use separate & carry them anywhere. Second, once that panel loses battery life hook it back on to its main body & it recharges itself. Its bright light makes it ideal for bad weather & other family camping trips.

Coleman Twin LED Lantern 390L

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
Coleman LED Lantern | 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern
Coleman LED Lantern | 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern amazon.com Check price

Customizable brightness settings ranging from high to ultra-low
390 extra-bright lumens on high. 100 bright lumens on low
32-ft. (9.75 m) beam distance on high and 19-ft. (5.79 m) beam distance on ...

Coleman’s classic Twin LED 390L Lantern fabulous for power outages.  It features two super-bright, Cree Xlamp XR-E LED bulbs which provide thousands of hours of continuous light. These super LED bulbs shed an impressive 390 lumens of light on the high setting & can be adjusted down to any setting with the rotary dimmer switch quite easily. This twin lantern runs for up to 150 hours on low settings & 15 hours on high setting. This is durable housing weather-resistant, thus making it a solid choice for outdoor use also. The brightness of this lantern can be adjusted over a considerable range by an easy access dial on the front. Normally it costs a lot of light when turned all the way up, you can expect more light. The lantern feels quite sturdy & well made & is fairly heavy. This lantern also has a sturdy hook that allows a user to hung overhead if desired. No major downsize is reported against this model yet by any user. Furthermore, these LED’s require very little energy to produce light, not only that you will be surprised at how long your batteries will last. The photometer (brightness knob) works great & you can tune it too low brightness for a very long & still somewhat useful burn. This is a masterpiece especially for the price, this is outstanding stuff.

  • Twin LED's
  • Fairly heavy
  • Gives 150 hours on low setting
  • Took more D- batteries
  • Normal plastic


This is a really bright lantern. It’s worth a purchase. It feels great. Its light output is wonderful from low to high. This feels pretty solid & does not feel like the cheap lanterns out there. The 8-D size batteries make this lantern feel solid, it won’t fall because of a wind gust. It is just perfect for camping, not hauling on a trail but for your campsite. So, If you are looking for a light for your campsite. This is it, this will be your right companion.

Blazin’ Sun 1500 Lumens

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Blazin' Sun 1500 Lumen | Led Lanterns Battery Operated | Hurricane, Emergency, Storm, Power Outage Light | 200 Hour Runtime (Teal)
Blazin' Sun 1500 Lumen | Led Lanterns Battery Operated | Hurricane, Emergency, Storm, Power Outage Light | 200 Hour Runtime (Teal) amazon.com Check price

Brightness For Storms and Blackouts! 1500 lumen. Patented COB bulbs provide 360 degrees of soft white light, eliminating the dark patches created by old model bulbs. Perfect for blackouts, it light...

Blazin ‘Sun perfect for power outages. It has 750 lumens. Blazin ‘Sun patented COB bulbs provide 360 degrees of soft white light, eliminating the dark patches created by old fashioned bulbs. Blazin is known as a perfect partner for blackouts. Its 750-lumen power has the ability to light up the entire room so that everyone can enjoy the family time even in power outages. Its frosted anti-glare cap provides softer lighting which is easier on the eyes over long periods & wipes out lingering visions whites spots when accidentally staring directly into a lamp. At 10″ x 5″ & weighing just 18 ounces the Blazin’ Sun 1500 is great for all your camping as well as emergency needs. It’s run time unbelievable, operates up to 200 hours easily. Stores neatly in a closet. It also has an ‘S’ shaped hook for hanging from elevated supports. You can hang as an area cooking light over your camp-stove, clip it under your car’s hood for focused beam repairs. It is so durable & rugged with excellent water-resistant quality made up of professional-grade materials. It has four power settings, i.e. 1500, 900, 500 or 200 lumens. Blazin Sun is specially made for those summer evenings sitting outside chatting with friends & face power down. It is even perfect for kids playing in the backyard, or child’s summer camp or tabletop picnic on the patio. You can light up evening dinners on the deck & dog walks in the dark. The amazing thing about Blazin lantern is they offer a 100% lifetime guarantee while its competitors only offer a limited time period guarantee. Remember on lower settings you should get 200 hrs of light for eight days.

  • It has 750 lumens
  • Provide 360 degrees of light
  • Several light settings
  • The hook is not durable
  • Bottom hard to open


Blazin Sun lantern is perfect for storms & emergencies especially if you are living in an area where storms & hurricanes are common. Why Blazin ‘Sun? Basically, internally there are 3 LED COB modules giving 360-degree illumination. Each is rated at 5 watts, translating into a brightness around that of an old-fashioned 50-watt incandescent bulb at the maximum setting, where the run time is rated at five hours. On the minimum setting, that increases to a whopping 200 hours.

Tough Light LED Lantern

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern - 200 Hours of Light Plus a Phone Charger for Hurricane, Emergency or Camping, Long Lasting Battery- Free 2 Year Warranty
Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern - 200 Hours of Light Plus a Phone Charger for Hurricane, Emergency or Camping, Long Lasting Battery- Free 2 Year Warranty amazon.com Check price

SAVE MONEY: Up to 50,000 hours of use, equivalent to buying 6,250 "D" batteries. 2 CABLES INCLUDED, CHARGER BLOCK NOT INCLUDED: Unit can be charged from any USB charger block. The same USB charger ...

Tough Light is an excellent quality addition to your camping gear equipment & accessories. It can be used for several purposes like for hiking, like a flashlight, work light, as well as an emergency light for home, auto, & marine. The 400-LR is waterproof with an IPX-6 construction with 5 feet drop test. It only takes 4 to 7 hours to charge & offers 200 hours of light at 40 lumens & 75 hours at 162 lumens, 24 hours at 400 super-bright lumens all from a single charge. Tough light also has a quality power bank that charges most mobile devices including cell phones, go pro cameras & tablets for convenience when you are enjoying your time outdoors. It is known as the best emergency survival light for power outages with 6 optional lighting modes. It also has SOS & RED flashing hazard mode. In real emergency situations, Tough light not only provides light but also a mobile device charger. It is the longest-lasting rechargeable lantern available in the market. It can be charged from any car’s battery through the 12-volt DC charger. So even if the power is out for weeks, you can still enjoy long camping trips, you can still have light & able to charge your cell phone too. Another amazing feature is its night find locator means with the help if that locator you can find it in the dark. There is also a battery life indicator so that you know when it’s almost dead in case you need to ration out your light use. Tough light offers a 30-day money-back guarantee plus a 2-year warranty.

  • Water resistant
  • Drop resistant
  • Long lasting charging
  • The USB port may not work


Never ever buy expensive batteries again. Tough light lasts for 50,000 hours & then the entire light is recyclable. Its rechargeable battery has an almost range of 24, 75 & 200 hours (which are high, medium, & low) There is a built-in cell phone charger in it too & SOS indicator. which makes this thing perfect for emergency purposes. It is also water & drops resistant. The charging cable perfectly fits in the battery compartment so you will never lose it.

Lumin AID

Our Score 8.1 out of 10
LuminAID PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger | Portable Solar Phone Charger & Lantern
LuminAID PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger | Portable Solar Phone Charger & Lantern amazon.com Check price

4000 mAH LITHIUM-ION BATTERY (Built-in). Extra light solar lantern and phone charger. Lightweight, inflatable, and portable. Shines over 300 lumens of LED light on Turbo mode and can recharge your ...

This product from Lumin AID is just a perfect solution for your outdoor camping, power outages and emergency situations. This lantern has a powerful ion battery which is 4000 mAH. Its extremely light in weight portable and even inflatable. The LuminAID has the ability to produce almost 300 lumens of LED light on its turbo mode. It also can recharge your electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. The best thing about this LuminAid light is its battery life which gives more then 100 hours of light if you are using it in a low mode. It gives you 5 options to choose from including flashing mode for SOS. You also get two options for recharging this lantern, i.e. either by USB port which normally takes 3 hours to charge or keep it in the sunlight for more then 16 hours if you don’t have USB source. This is the perfect three in one solution in one pack means it works as a phone charger, also works as a camping light and battery backup.

  • Multiple settings
  • Multiple uses
  • Decently designed
  • Longer charging time in sunlight


This solar and USB charging lantern is an excellent choice for power outages. This LuminAID lantern is not only waterproof but also a 100% dustproof as well. Made with heavy-duty material, the LuminAID is a perfect choice for all.

Overall Conclusion

Camping enthusiasts know that the one thing you do not want to be without when setting up for a night in the open wilderness is a trustworthy & reliable, bright camping lantern. No matter what you need to do, make the fire & cook food, seek out the bathroom in the middle of the dark night. A  dependable camping lantern makes all the difference to the success of your trip. In this piece, we have discussed a few best models of emergency lanterns. Choose wisely & get the best one.

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