Hair grows on the entire body, but this hair looks visible on the face & neck as compared to other parts of the body. Hair removal has become a norm in many cultures all over the world. Men & women both remove facial hair to enhance their beauty & change their looks. For women, hair removal is a crucial part of their makeup & regularly removes facial hair to look beautiful & gorgeous. There is a huge tendency for hair removal among girls & women because it makes them look different as well. We have compiled some of the best laser hair removal machines for face in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

There is a difference in perception among people relating to body hair, men & women use different methods for hair removal. Like in western culture, women feel no shy to expose their body parts in public. They remove hair to look elegant & sexy, whereas, in other cultures like Middle Eastern countries, the removal of body hair among women is considered as holy & as a symbol of hygiene. Hair removal is practiced around the world, especially by women & the majority of the women remove hair on the face, arms, legs, & pubic area.

There are various reasons for hair removal like due to religion, culture, sexual relationships & medical reasons as well. However, the method of hair removal in different cultures & regions varies. Traditionally, hairs were removed by shaving with the help of blades & scissors. In western countries, hair removal has become very common & people remove hair as a fashion statement. Later waxing was introduced to remove hair & it got huge popularity among women because of ease of removing hair effortlessly. However, with the passage of time & development of new technology, hair removal machines were introduced to remove hair.

Considering the needs of men & women, manufacturers have been designing & introducing modern hair removal machines which are quite helpful & easy to use for hair removal. These electric machines work by removing hair in less time & effectively remove hair from various parts of the body. There are different types of hair removal machines, but laser hair removal machines are the latest ones. These machines are quite different from traditional machines & give lasting hair removal to men & women. Most of the salons & spa have been using these machines for hair removal.

Laser hair removal uses laser light to remove hairs on the skin without affecting other tissues of the body. It works by selectively heating the basal stem cells in the skin, which are responsible for hair growth. The laser works perfectly on the hairs & removes them without any hassle or problem. The best thing laser hair removal machine is its capability to remove permanent hair on the skin & slows down hair re-growth naturally providing long-lasting results to the users. Hair removal machines are easy to use & can work on all parts of the body.

Laser hair removal machines have been in use for years & manufacturers developed a number of latest machines to facilitate hair removal for both men & women equally. These machines carry a variety of features, differ in functions with each other & deliver different results. If this is the first time you want to buy a laser hair removal machine, then we are going to help you to find the best machine for hair removal, as there are plenty of good options available on the market ranging in price & use.

This review is going to help users to find out basic differences between leading brands of hair removal machines & factors they need to see before buying a one for their use. Check out some of the best hair removal machines for the face as below:-

Best Laser Hair Removal Machines For Face (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.2 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
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VEME Permanent IPL Hair Removal

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Laser Hair Removal for Women Veme 500,000 Flashes Painless IPL Hair Remover Device Home Use for Face, Arm, Armpit, Bikini Line, Leg, Chest and Back
Laser Hair Removal for Women Veme 500,000 Flashes Painless IPL Hair Remover Device Home Use for Face, Arm, Armpit, Bikini Line, Leg, Chest and Back Check price

❤Effective Hair Removal: After 8 weeks, hair follicles began to shrink, hair growth slowed, noticeably less and thinner, hair was more than 90% reduced. After 12 weeks, permanent hair removal and s...

VEME brings an elegantly designed, efficient & state-of-the-art hair removal machine for women. Veme uses an IPL hair removal system that uses advanced technology to remove hair from the skin. The machine works by emitting intense pulses which are absorbed by the hair follicle on various stages of hair growth & ultimately reduces hair growth in different parts of the body. The device works best on both dark & fair skin by removing all hair effectively. Veme is a handy machine that gets you smooth & hair-free skin, leading to a 100% reduction in hair effectively. Women can enjoy hair-free skin with continuous use of just 8 weeks & get hassle-free use with this machine. It gives better use than waxing, plucking & shaving by permanently remove hair & safe to use on any type of skin. It is painless to use, reach on any part of the skin & remove hair without any hassles. Its ergonomic design allows users to apply on the face, chin, legs, pubic area, underarms & legs as well. The machine works perfectly on darker color hair & on a wide range of skin tones. Continuously using for 2-4 weeks every 2-3 times a week will get you obvious results leading to permanent removal of hair. The device comes with rich features including two flash modes i.e. single flash & continuous flash for smooth operation on different parts of the body. The device carries a smart LCD displays flashes, energy level & show function of the machine for information of users. The machine offers switch & level adjustments to allow users to use different levels according to their needs.

  • Handy & lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective in hair removal
  • It takes a long time to charge


This is a highly usable machine, ensures the safety of the skin & provides easy operation. It gives permanent effectiveness for hair removal & equally works for men & women.

IMENE Laser Hair Removal

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men, IMENE 500,000 Flashes Permanent Hair Removal & Upgrade Ice Compress - Home Use Hair Remover on Bikini line, Legs, Arms, Armpits - More Effective and Comfortable
Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men, IMENE 500,000 Flashes Permanent Hair Removal & Upgrade Ice Compress - Home Use Hair Remover on Bikini line, Legs, Arms, Armpits - More Effective and Comfortable Check price

【Effective Permanent IPL Hair Removal】The laser hair removal device uses the newest technology applied in hair removal system called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break the cycle of hair regrowth. ...

IMENE is easily available on the market. It has the ability to easily remove hair on different parts of the body.  It gives a safe & comfortable use to men & women within no time. This laser machine uses the latest technology known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & decreases the growth of hair cells without damaging other cells of the body. Its results are amazing & continuous use of machines does not lead to any side effects. Women can expect 90% of reduced hair re-growth after use of just 2 months. It carries a unique ice compress function that removes the hair using a built-in ice compress plate which is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the machine between 32-41F, doesn’t cause any damage to the skin, prevents redness & relieve users from itchiness of the skin. It is a really simple machine to use, just turn on the machine & remove hairs effortlessly. The machine uses 500,000 flashes for hair removal which is enough for the entire family & can easily remove hair on the entire body. The machine comes with a fixed flash head, which doesn’t let the light leakage & keep the skin safe. The device also carries an extra lamp cap to place on small & narrow areas of skin, allowing removal of unwanted hair all over the body. This is a safe laser hair removal machine, but it is advised to use goggles whenever to use a hair removal machine as a precaution.

  • Effectively removes hair
  • Comfortable & stylish
  • Reduces hair re-growth
  • No instruction manual is available


IMENE is an ideal laser hair removal machine that works on a variety of hair & skin tones, effectively works in removing hair & gives lasting results.

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device

Our Score 8.6 out of 10
DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System,Upgraded Unlimited Flashes,Fastest ICE COOL IPL Hair Removal Device for Women and Men.3-IN-1, 2 Years Warranty.
DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System,Upgraded Unlimited Flashes,Fastest ICE COOL IPL Hair Removal Device for Women and Men.3-IN-1, 2 Years Warranty. Check price

[Most comfortable Ice Compress and IPL Technology] :3~8℃,built-in ice cool technology greatly increase the comfort of the hair removal experience, relieve your skin during all the treatment.

DEESS is another innovative laser hair removing machine with 350,000 flashes to give better results to the users. This is a useful hair removal system for men & women, offering a permanent solution for removing hair. The machine comes with built-in batteries so users don’t need to worry about the replacement of batteries & it can be changed easily with the help of electronic chargers. The machine gives easy operation because it doesn’t require replacement of the flash lamp, which helps in avoiding the risks of damage. It gives permanent hair removal solutions to women & sufficient to remove hair for 4 persons at the time. It incorporates 4 adjustable light energy settings to give gentle & effective treatment to work on a number of skin tones & colors. The hair remover uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology & only affects those cells responsible for hair re-growth. This laser hair remover carries two flash modes i.e. manual/auto flash modes, which help to remove hair on the small & large area of the skin. The manual flash mode can be used in a small area of skin, whereas the auto mode is helpful in removing hair on large areas. The machine carries four different levels of energy to allow users to remove hair on different skins ranging from lowest to highest. It allows users to adjust different energy levels as per their needs so that it removes hair on the skin. DEES also offers 12 months warranty to allow users to use this machine without any tension.

  • Effectively removes hair on the skin
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • Dual-mode machine
  • No instructions to use came with the product


DEES is an ergonomically designed hair remover that effectively removes hair with the help of IPS technology. It ensures the safety of the skin & only functions when attached to the skin.

BoSidin D1130

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal for Women & Men Painless - Face, Upper Lip, Chin, Bikini, Leg & Body Use
BoSidin Permanent Hair Removal for Women & Men Painless - Face, Upper Lip, Chin, Bikini, Leg & Body Use Check price

BoSidin is the first to introduce medical-grade technologies used in cosmetic centers into at-home hair removal devices. OPT strengthens each effective pulse, giving you the same intensity normally...

BoSidin D-1178W is a laser hair removal machine that is clinically proven as the best hair removal & helps in 96% hair reduction just after a few days of use. The machine is equipped with professional light technology, which is clinically tested as safe & effective for home use. It allows you to use confidently & remove hair on various parts of the body including face, lips, chin, underarms & especially the bikini area.   It offers 350,000 flashes & long-lasting cartridges give lasting use for removing hair. This is the best solution for facial hair removal because it uses a shorter wavelength for greater energy absorption & ideal for removing light & thin hair. BoSidin laser machine gives super smooth skin with modern technology enabling laser light to penetrate three layers of the light source & working on each layer one by one. Its triple high-level UV filter system prevents the impact of harmful lights from the source leaving other parts of the body unprotected. The best thing about this machine is that it is built using medical-grade material to offer effective use & made it a top choice of dermatologist & medical experts alike. The machine enables salon-quality & privacy at home while leaving healthy hairless skin for a long duration.

  • Ergonomic built with an extra-long handle facilitates users
  • 350,000 flashes for lasting use
  • Works well on all types of skin tone
  • No customer support


This is a highly recommended hair remover & trusted by the users due to its smooth hair removing capacity & gives effective treatment for the skin.


MiSMON Laser Hair Removal

Our Score 8.0 out of 10
Permanent Hair Removal for Women/Men, MiSMON At-Home Painless Hair Remover for Bikini/Legs/Underarm/Arm/Body with Skin Color Sensor - Safe And Effective Device
Permanent Hair Removal for Women/Men, MiSMON At-Home Painless Hair Remover for Bikini/Legs/Underarm/Arm/Body with Skin Color Sensor - Safe And Effective Device Check price

【Safe Approved】 MiSMON hair removal has been safe certified in the world, this certification is the highest testing standard for medical beauty equipment in the world, It is known as the "American ...

This hair removal machine from MiSMON is FDA safe and have certified number K180016 in the world. Just keep in mind that FDA certification means that the product has the highest testing standard in terms of medical beauty equipment. The machine is capable of removing your hair without damaging your skin tone. The machine has an automatic skin sensor from which you can achieve painless, permanent hair removal. This IPL laser hair removal from MiSMON is clinically tested and approved as the best hair removal device. You can get rid of your unwanted hair in just 2 to 4 treatments. This treatment slows down the growth of your hair, and after 10th treatment, you will feel that your unwanted hair is gone permanently. The higher energy of the device works pretty well but if your skin is sensitive it is recommended to start with the low energy and then gradually increase it. Normally the device has an energy level from 1 to 5 levels, where 1 is lowest and 5 is highest.

The hand-held design of the device is easy to use. The LCD of the device shows the total number of flashes. The machine is capable of removing hair from multiple parts of the body including, legs, underarms, arms, chin, back and bikini line part, etc. Overall, it’s very effective.

  • Produces 300000 flashes
  • Painless procedure
  • Suitable for all types of skin tones
  • Not ideal for head and lip area


This MiSMON hair removal comes with a 1-year warranty and the best part is you can return the machine after three months without any reason. This is the only ultimate hair removal machine at the market that has no side effects and gives a painless process. The machine is 100% effective and affordable.

Overall Conclusion

Laser hair removal machines are the best way to get rid of unwanted hair from different parts of the body, however, it takes some time & requires few sessions to kill the cells which helps hair to re-grow.  These machines give you long-lasting results as compare to the razors & waxing method. The above-mentioned machines are the best machines & suitable for all skin & hair types.

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