Having a boat can be quite an exciting and luxurious investment for anyone. Since these are less likely to be highly essential for anyone in any way. However, when you have a passion for the sea-life and have a desire to spend occasional or most of your time in the water, crossing the waves and facing new adventures; then having a boat can be quite a necessity. This can be said because nothing is more important than fulfilling your little or biggest desires (of course after you’ve served your needs). We have compiled some of the best outriggers for center console in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Hence, fulfilling your boating and sea passion by investing in a suitable boat can be just the right use of your savings. However, when you head onto finding a boat that finely fits your on-water lifestyle; it might get a little confusing (with the different types and models available). But in terms of discovering a boat that meets half the percent of the expectations that you have; trusting in a center console can be just the right decision.

These boats can be quite the perfect small boat option; while being excellent in the performance, ability to handle rough water, and having amazing looks. And whether you go for a larger (large enough to fit everything you can think of) or smaller options (small enough to have all the necessities); either way these can serve you as a suitable and durable boat investment option. But whatever you go for, having a center console will surely fulfill all your onshore living needs. Yet, once you’ve invested in a center console to serve you sea-life passion, it’s time you look into other necessary tools that you’ll need to fit in your center console.

Now one such highly important tool is an outrigger, which adds more ease in sea-life. These outriggers can be used for three different needs. This either includes spreading bait in a great swath of water without facing any crowding and tangles, or to enhance the action of both the baits and lures by pulling through angles, or otherwise, to facilitate the drop-back on the strike for different large fishes like billfish, shark, dolphin, etc.

Since living the sea life on a boat mainly depends on fishing and getting more and more food or stocking fish for your daily meals; it’s important to have an outrigger with you. But with the numerous varieties of outriggers present in the market, one can get confused in the right option. Since a durable and efficiently working outrigger is important to ensure that your sport fishing exercise or adventure isn’t a flop. And other than that, investing in a high-quality outrigger also ensures prolonged usage of the outrigger; without having to compromise in the quality anytime soon. Therefore, you must look for the best options and invest in one that serves your needs while efficiently meeting the making and working quality for you. That is why to help you find just the best outriggers for the center console; we’ve aligned some of the best options below. So let’s not waste any more time and go ahead to discover the best outrigger options in detail. Shall we?

Best Outriggers for Center Console (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
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Taco Grand Slam GS-280 Package

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
''Taco" Grand Slam 280 Package W/15' Silver/Gold Poles,(2) 280 Outrigger Mounts, Premium Rigging Kit And Line Caddy

This top mount outrigger GS-280 is perfect for usage on fishing boats is 20”-30” sized. Also, it’s quality rugged design ensures that you avail a prolonged service by them, even if you make use of them in challenging saltwater surroundings. To increase the reliability of the outriggers, it consists of a redesigned locking head that secures the height positioning of the outrigger. Also, the presence of TACO’s spline lock technology allows you to avail of positive lock accessibility with the use of minimal parts.

To ensure the durability of these outriggers, it is contracted with a combination of rugged stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Furthermore, its enhanced rotate lever also consists of a sleek and ergonomic shape that is topped with a stainless steel polishing and a UV-resistant non-slip Santoprene.

With the 12 different locking fishing positions allowed by this outrigger, you can easily and efficiently perform your fishing task without any restrictions. This outrigger easily fits with both industry-standard TACO outrigger-ready mounting plate, as well as the metal clamps on mounting plates – giving you a firm and durable fitting outcome.

Whether you want to fit these outriggers on hardtop applications or soft top ones, these durable outriggers give you complete ease of fitting while being firm and durable even after a prolonged usage time. The top-mounted feature of these outriggers, and the 4” x 6” mounting base present in them; both features add an extra touch of usage quality and ease to these outriggers. Overall it’s a top and high-quality kit you will ever have.

Moreover, Outrigger poles comes with 12-months limited warranty, outrigger mounts 36-months warranty, line caddies 12-months and also rigging kit 12-months warranty respectively.

  • Stainless steel making
  • Has an ergonomic shape rotator lever
  • Sturdy making
  • Allows 12 different locking fishing positions
  • Only suitable for boats measured 20’ – 36’


This TACO Grand Slam outriggers kit is just the perfect combination of durable and high-quality making with efficient and firm fitting and usage ease. Hence, it makes a perfect investment option for prolonged in even tough saltwater environments.

Taco Metals Grand Slam GS-170 Kit

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
GS170 Outrigger KIT 15' BLK/GLD
GS170 Outrigger KIT 15' BLK/GLD amazon.com Check price

Pair of stainless steal outrigger mounts that accept 1 1/8" standard duty outrigger poles and Taco's spline lock technology
Pair of standard duty 1 1/8" Black with Gold ringed outrigger poles

This Taco Metals Outrigger GS-170 Kit consists of a pair of stainless steel outrigger mounts. These mounts easily accept standard duty outrigger poles being 1 1/8”. Other than that, they also consist of Taco’s spline technology for a firm and durable working.

The standard-duty pair of 1 1/8” black outrigger poles come with a gold ringed outlook; making them perfect looking and efficiently-working.

To provide you with a safe-trailering experience with these rugged sure-grip knobs, they ensure a firm adjustment and lock-in feature on either, any desired height or a laydown position.

For advanced and smart usage ease, this outrigger set comes with a premium rigging kit. This kit includes an SS roller, a bungee, and a storage bag. Also, the addition of a quality storage bag ensures the safety of the outrigger mounts while you travel anywhere with them.

The presence of line caddy clamps to the outriggers eliminates the tangling when the outriggers are retracted, while also maintaining the rigging throughout. The stainless steel making of these outriggers ensures a durable and long-term usage ease for you.

Furthermore, the outrigger kit ensures that you have everything needed, in just a single carryout box. Hence, with this complete kit having a pair of grand slam 170 outrigger mounts, a pair of outrigger poles, diameter silver poles with gold rings, a standard rigging kit, and a line caddy – you can be sure to easily manage all your tasks without needing any other additional tool. The best thing about this grand slam kit is, it easily rotates to 360 degrees without any hassle. Its ideal for 25’ to 28’ boats.

  • Comes with a complete outrigger kit
  • Stainless steel outriggers
  • Kit includes a storage bag
  • Perfect for any boat
  • Only suitable for standard outrigger poles


If you’re looking for an outrigger kit that comes with all the necessary and useful tools to manage your center console, then this is certainly the best option for you to invest in. Also, its durable and efficient making ensures a long-term and benefiting usage ease for you.

TACO Metals GS-170VEL15-1

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
TACO Metals GS-170VEL15-1 / Taco Grand Slam 170 Outrigger Kit w/Silver/Gold 15039; Outriggers, Rigging Kit & Line Caddy

These TACO’s GS-170VEL15-1 exclusive outriggers consist of a twist-n-lock rotator collar technology that locks in almost 12 different fishing positions. And with the numerous fishing positions locking technology, it also allows you to have a simple ¼ turn ease.

With the presence of Delrin bearings along with the internal locking mechanism in these outriggers, you can easily avail the benefit of preventing movements while using it. These also provide you with the ease of smooth adjustments as well as secure positioning benefits.

To provide you with safe trailering along with the ease of navigation under bridges, these outriggers consist of a rugged, sure-grip making with knob adjustments. Other than that, this feature also allows you to lock-in the desired height and even in a laydown position. To ensure that the TACO GS-170 outriggers remain firmly in place while you make use of them; these outriggers consist of a stainless steel arm. This stainless steel arm includes a locking feature that also adds in great durability and firmness to the position of the outriggers. The stainless steel and lock-in design of these outriggers are specifically aligned for usage with standard 1-1/8” butt OD outriggers; making it an altogether quality user experience for you.

The specially detailed engineering of these outriggers ensure that you don’t just avail a durable usage experience out of these outriggers, but rather also avail an efficient and longer-lasting performance out of them. For an assured guarantee of these outrigger’s quality, you also get limited time warranty of line caddies, 3-years outrigger mounts, pole has 1-year and rigging kit with 1-year assurance.

  • Comes with necessary tools
  • Has a durable making
  • Comes with maximum parts warranty
  • Long lasting performance
  • Pole holdings are not as secure as they should be


This highly durable and efficiently performing TACO outriggers that come along with a rigging kit ad line caddy, all add durability and high-quality experience for your usage on the center console. This makes it a perfect investment option for outriggers for anyone.

TACO Marine Silver Standard F16-0311VEL8SB

Our Score 8.6 out of 10
TACO Marine Silver Standard F16-0311VEL8SB Center Rigger Kit-1-1/8, Gold
TACO Marine Silver Standard F16-0311VEL8SB Center Rigger Kit-1-1/8, Gold amazon.com Check price

Polished stainless steel Type-316L

This TACO Marine Silver F16-0311VEL8SB Standard Rigger Kit is a perfect investment option for anyone wanting to avail of sport fishing experience.

This kit has all the necessary tools, making it a complete pack of needed tools for efficient sport fishing. Hence, with this kit around, you don’t need to invest in any additional tool. This kit consists of Center Rigger Mount, one Aluminum Tele-outrigger 1-1/8” diameter silver pole that consists of gold rings, and a center rigging kit. All the tools and especially the outrigger that comes along with this rigger kit consist of a stainless steel polish. This durable polish adds a touch of longer-lasting efficiency to your sport fishing adventures.

The clamp-on installation feature of these outriggers allows you to easily install them on the poles, without going through any technical and prolonged process. This also ensures a more firm grip of the outriggers to the pole, making it a perfect long-term option. Since these outriggers easily fit a normal ion pipe size, you can make use of them easily; without worrying about the size of the pole.

The anti-rotation set-screw allows you to easily rotate in any positioning without worrying about the loosing or light grip of the outriggers. The presence of the anti-rotation set screws in them, give you complete moving and rotating ease.

To back up the quality making and efficient working of all the tools in this rigger kit; they all come with a suitable warranty period. This includes the outrigger mount having a 3-year warranty, while the outrigger poles, rigging kit, and line caddy each having a 1-year warranty.

  • Rigger kit includes all the necessary tools
  • Perfect for sport fishing
  • All parts come with a warranty
  • High quality making and most suitable kit
  • Only consist of a stainless steel polishing


This rigging kit of complete rigging tools and essentials ensures high quality and efficiently sport shipping experience for you – while allowing you to make the most out of all of it for a prolonged time.

Overall Conclusion

Having an efficiently working and durable quality outrigger can be quite valuable for someone who has more interest in spending their lives in the sea. Since the sea-life is not fun without facing adventurous journeys of baiting fishes of a different kind. And when you’re spending your sea adventures in a center console; there’s nothing better than a highly durable and firm outrigger that makes your experience more memorable. We have highlighted some of the best kits above. So don’t think otherwise, and just get the best outrigger for your center console – and make the most out of it.

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