Nobody wants to have their stuff stolen by any means. Padlocks are a simple yet efficient way to protect your goods. These devices are not only for indoor use but also have their usage outdoor. Any item which might be not in your sight for some period is vulnerable to some extent. Also, it is essential to employ the right type of lock to ensure maximum safety as well as to discourage a casual thief in the surroundings. We have compiled some of the best padlocks for outdoor sheds in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Outdoor sheds are usually defenseless when you are not around. You may have some important and expensive items in these sheds which must need to be protected. So, a simple and best approach is to employ a padlock for this purpose. There are generally many types of these devices available in the market now. The most suitable for the outdoor shed is weatherproof padlocks which don’t catch rust easily.

Weather-resistant padlocks use the hard stainless less steel material in finishing and are non-corrosive. These are also known as marine padlocks. This attribute is significantly vital for these locks as the outside weather can be harsh sometimes, especially in winters, to rust the bolts. Weatherproof devices even have all their internal components rust-free, so you can easily open up the shed whenever you want to.

These types of padlocks are most considerate towards secure operations. Standard padlocks are usually not enough stronger and can be cut easily with any saw or cutting device. So, the weather-resistant padlocks not only provide you durable equipment but can be more secure as compared to other ones.

These types of padlocks have more resistance towards the dirt and girt. Both of these are the challenges of any lock. Outside sheds will face harsh conditions from the environment, including sand storms, rain, and snow. The internal components may get rust and completely jam due to dirt. If this is a daily routine for your padlock to get gritty or sandy, then a weather-resistant lock might do the job well. To better face the hardships of extreme weather, some padlocks also feature the guarded key and a plastic coating lock.

Most of the standard padlocks, on the other hand, are usually less stable and secure. These locks may get rust and experience blockage. The operations follow the key or sometimes the combination instead of the key. Combination pattern locks have their use in the less vulnerable condition as this method is a little secure. Standard padlocks are also efficient enough to withstand heavy pressure or shock. You can use this simple yet proficient lock device to connect the chains around any object,i.e., bicycle.

There is also another type of padlock which is receiving some popularity these days is the biometric padlocks. This is a keyless device and hence provide more security. This type of technological advancement has many benefits over the standard locks. You don’t need to carry a bunch of keys with you. Also, losing the core of the lock is no more problematic. You can have easy access with only your fingerprint. Let’s discuss some of the best and secure padlocks in this piece.

Best Padlocks For Outdoor Sheds (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
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ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock Keyed Different Padlock -Rekeyable
ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock Keyed Different Padlock -Rekeyable Check price

High Security Steel Padlock: Made from hardened alloy steel, this rekeyable padlock features the ABUS Plus disc cylinder for the highest protection against picking; Ideal for securing halls, doors,...

This ABUS 37/80 Granit steel padlock has all the features according to the latest standards and fulfills your essential security needs. This made-in-Germany padlock has the toughest shackle which utilizes special alloy steel. This material is hard enough to bear some extra amount of pressure. This lock meets the requirements to provide you with the application of usage in halls, school gates, containers, truck backs, and many more. Not only for indoors, but this lock has a unique advantage of using it outdoor.

The premium Black Granit coating will let you have no problem while using this lock for the outdoor sheds, gates, boats, and many more. This 37/80 lock has the certification of CEN Class 5, which ensures you of its quality and worth. Another exciting feature of this locking device is that it has an LED light on one key. This attribute makes sure that you have no problem while using this lock in dark places.

Bearing some extra compression and pressure, this ABUS lock device equips the hard cylinder to provide more security to your valuables. Not only on the inside, but this device can bear the physical attack from the outside by utilizing the hard steel plate at the bottom. The shackle has the diameter of 9/16’’ which even resists the drill operation effectively. It features the core hardened material, which enables this lock to bear up to 25000 pounds of tensile strength.

The key retained option (RK) is also available to avoid unauthorized duplicate key users to access the lock. This locking device also meets the unique requirements by any of the insurance policies.

  • Re-key (RK) attribute
  • LED light key
  • High tensile strength
  • Power tool need to break it


Having such high-tensile strength and bearing pressure, you can protect your outdoor garages or sheds securely with this fine-made ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock.

ABUS 37/55 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
ABUS 37/55 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock Keyed Alike - Long Shackle (2")
ABUS 37/55 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock Keyed Alike - Long Shackle (2") Check price

High-Security Steel Padlock: Made from hardened alloy steel with a tensile resistance of 6 tons, this padlock features the ABUS Plus disc cylinder for the highest protection against picking; Keyed ...

This ABUS 37/55 has designed under the highest standard insurance specification, i.e., Swedish insurance. This locking device is known for its robustness as it finishes with a more massive strap, which is firm and hard. Furthermore, the CEN standards by Europe has also approved this device.

This ABUS lock has a high tensile strength of up to 6 tonnes and is not easily breakable. Also, the shackle is non-fragile and finishes through a much rigid and sturdy material which bears the extreme conditions. To offer more durability to the lock device, the ABUS has provided with a Black Granit coating, which prevents the device from rust and dirt. This prevention from dust and corrosion enables the device to get block from the inside.

The shackle utilizes the material of core hardened steel alloy, which ensures you the protection against the physical aberrations and pressure. The hard bottom steel portion makes sure that the lock doesn’t open with the physical harm from the outside. This ABUS device has a major advantageous feature which is SZP. This version of the lock device allows you only to access the lock. Also, you’ll get an additional security card in which the crucial duplicate procedure has well-described. So, using the duplicate key or making an attempt to open the lock multiple times will not have the lock opened. A locksmith can form the various copies only if he has the security card. The device comes with two keys by default. Featuring the extreme resistance towards theft, this locking device has protection against manipulation.

  • Key alike set
  • 11 mm hard shackle
  • Anti-drill protection
  • A broad strap may be problematic


The KS and SZP features enable you to securely use this ABUS 37/55 Granit Alloy Steel Padlock in the outdoor places. One of the toughest lock available out there.

ABUS 83/80-300 S2 Steel lock

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
ABUS 83832 Schlage All Weather Rekeyable Padlock, Zero-Bitted
ABUS 83832 Schlage All Weather Rekeyable Padlock, Zero-Bitted Check price

Highly corrosion resistant due to surface protection
Shackle made from hardened steel
Double bolted: both sides of the shackle are secured by bolts or balls- increased protection against attacks an...

This ABUS Schlage re-key smart padlock will not compromise on the security needs of yours by employing the best features. This device can provide you with a solid steel body which ensures additional protection from the outside. The additional nano-protect plating offers a more safe and secure guard to prevent the physical pressures from the outside. This plating also ensures that your lock device is safe from dust and moisture of the environment. Both of these attributes provide a longer life span as well as avoid the rusting.

This 83/80 also features the re-keying process, which enables you to have the duplicate key within some single steps. A locksmith needs to follow the specific steps to make the duplicate keys, which are only possible with the key card under your custody.

This lock equips a heavy-duty design with climate endurance. Hence, this lock can easily bear the hardships of extreme weather, including extreme rain and snow. This feature will help you to employ the lock for the outside places, including sheds, trucks and main-gates, and many more.

Whether there is any manipulation either from the outside or inside (by the unauthorized duplicate key), this locking device is resistant to all of these. To provide additional safety, the shackle of this lock has the balls and bolts to secure it efficiently. This shackle is then suitable enough to bear powered attacks and is entirely resistant towards drilling. The self-locking feature of this device allows automatic locking, which does not include any key. With the ultimate Z bar, this device is convertible between the key-retaining and non-key retaining.

  • Re-key attribute
  • Z-bar
  • Nano protect coating
  • Lock barrel may be too small for some


With the ultimate features, this reliable steel series lock device can protect your values with the dual ball bearing mechanism like a pro.

Mater Lock- 6230NKA padlock

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Master Lock - (3) High Security Pro Series Keyed Alike Padlocks 6230NKA-3 w/ BumpStop Technology

This master lock device is featuring all the necessary functions to provide you with the ultimate experience of security. This 6230NKA lies under the Pro-Series of the Master Lock and equips a robust design. The body is full in construction, having 64m of diameter and finishes with a durable stainless steel material that guarantees a safe experience as well as a longer life span.

Moreover, this device equips a hard boron alloy shackle that provides inner robustness. To add further to the protection, the premium chrome coating can do the rest of the job. This chrome coating ensures that this locking device remains free from any rust or corrosion even in the moisturized environment. Such features extend the application of this locking device to also outdoor usage.

The mechanism to provide much stronger protection, this device is offering the ball and bearing tools. This mechanism makes sure the shackle is well in place and gives more resistance towards drilling or any physical harm. Another exciting technology this device is featuring is Bump-stop technology. These days this lock bumping is the easiest way to enter into someone’s personal property. This device has a solution to this problem.

This device is featuring the reverse rake tapered driver pin, which is highly efficient and robust springs, and fully customized cylinders. All these attributes contribute to an innovative bump lock technology, which prevents the opening of lock in a professional way. The cylinder is completely blocked as the force is not being transferred from the key to the shackle. Additional features include the re-key able 5-pin cylinder and keyed-alike sets.

  • 5-pin cylinder
  • Chrome coating
  • Dual ball bearing
  • No Cons reported yet


This Master Lock keyed alike padlocks sets are under the Pro series and functions in a better way to protect the outdoor and indoor places.

Master Lock Commercial

Our Score 7.6 out of 10
Master Lock Magnum Padlocks - 2" W x 1-1/2"L Shackle, Four (4) Keyed Alike Locks #M5NKALFSTS-4 w/BumpStop Technology
Master Lock Magnum Padlocks - 2" W x 1-1/2"L Shackle, Four (4) Keyed Alike Locks #M5NKALFSTS-4 w/BumpStop Technology Check price

Four (4) Locks Keyed Alike w/ 8 Keys. A longer 2-1/2" (64mm) shackle version available - search: M5NKALJSTS
These locks feature the BumpStop Advanced Cylinder Technology. (for explanation see more ...

You can sleep with peace when your shed is secured with Master lock Commercial type with a 64mm longer shackle. The Master lock commercial locks are manufactured with robust material which is non-breakable. The solid steel body of the lock makes it superior to other brands. The shackle is made up of Boron Carbide which is harder than hardened steel. The high-quality coating on the lock makes it suitable to use it in all kinds of weather. So, it won’t be wrong to say that, this is the perfect outdoor lock so far which is particularly made for outdoor use. This Keyed alike lock is great.

The coating on the lock also keeps it safe from corrosion and harsh environments. The lock also has bottom stainless steel plates which increase its life span. This model of Master lock has Bumpstop technology which secures your property and valuables. The Bumpstop tech is the most advanced cylinder technology which is particularly used in this lock system which makes the lock 100% unbreakable. Furthermore, reverse rake tapered pin, superior quality springs, and well-manufactured cylinder chambers increase the security level of your shed.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High-quality coating protection
  • Highly suitable for outdoors
  • Zero CON reported yet


The Master Lock is another name of maximum security. The locks are great and made up of heavy-duty material. These locks are rust free and the advanced cylindrical method is used in its construction that protects your valuables like a pro. These are the best and rock-solid locks ever.

Overall Conclusion

Hence, in a nutshell, the padlocks are an efficient way to not only provide a safer environment to your indoor but outdoor places also. These padlock devices are usually weather-resistant due to the chrome coatings and durable stainless steel material. Moreover, the shackles feature a durable and sturdy material to overcome the remaining vulnerability toward thieves. The padlocks mentioned above are best for this purpose and will benefit you with all the popular features.

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