Painting a fence in the backyard is really time & energy consuming task if you use the traditional way of painting by using a brush. Today, there are different kinds of paint sprayers available which are capable of doing a smooth coat of paint without spending a lot of energy & also take less effort. Paint sprayers don’t only save cost & time, but also give your fences a professional look. It saves huge costs of painting fences, which you would have otherwise paid to a professional painter for doing this job.

Earlier, conventional paint sprayers were using compressed air to shoot the small particles of paint in a specific direction by using a high pressure compressed air which is sprayed using a hose attached to a container. They used to make a huge noise but were easy to use & considered as a reliable source for painting furniture, doors, fences & a number of wooden items. However, there were some drawbacks for such high-pressure paint sprayers that spreads a lot of paint in the air & waste a huge quantity of paint while painting. We have compiled some of the best paint sprayers for fences in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Today, high volume, low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers are the latest innovation on the market. These paint sprayers work differently than conventional paint sprayers. They use a special nozzle to spray which makes the spray narrower & easy to control. It makes spraying easier to small objects & on complex surfaces. The HVLP spray offers maximum accuracy & control for intricate spray works. Such paint sprayers use low pressure to provide more volume of paint covering more paint on the surface. They make it convenient to paint by yourself & applicable to almost all kinds of woodwork, furniture at home. High volume low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers get you more precise and professional-looking results even with the basic skill of painting.

Paint sprayers are tools which don’t only offer you the ease of painting, but it lets you do the job in the right way. There are a few important things you need to consider when choosing the sprayer. First of all, you need to identify your need & decide for what purpose you need to buy paint sprayers. Once you decide the purpose of your purchase, you will find it easy to decide which kind of tool is best for you. The second most important feature you need to look at is horsepower & pressure, which is the main feature of any paint sprayer.

There are plenty of paint sprayers available ranging from high-powered to high volume to help quickly paint anything you want. With the right equipment & the right technique of painting, you can get the desired results. We are going to share some of the high valued sprayers on the market with an in-depth analysis of each to let the users know before they buy any of them.

Best Paint Sprayers for Fences (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.2 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.7 Out of 10
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HomeRight C800971

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer, Super Finish Max, Multi
HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer, Super Finish Max, Multi Check price

PAINT SPRAYER FOR COUNTLESS DIY PROJECTS: The HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer offers the ultimate DIYing experience. It’s an easy-to-use electric paint sprayer that’s the perfect step up f...

HomeRight offers C800972 spray machine. It is one of the best & a high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray with a super finish extra power painter available on the market. It an easy tool for keen painters, which is easy to set up & use for quick spraying. Its multiple spray settings let the users use this equipment for multiple purposes & enable quick cleaning after use. It makes a top choice for newbie’s to use the paint spray conveniently. It is lightweight & easy to handle while painting. It gives smooth finishing of furniture, desk, fences, cabinet, crafts, & dressers. It doesn’t thin paint too much & let consumers accomplish all their tasks comfortably. It is economical, user-friendly & a smart choice to paint all your household painting needs. It equips three different kinds of spray tips which come with the machine by default to meet the diverse need of users. These three different types of spray tips offer customization of paint flow to suit all types of painting.

This is a powerful machine that can paint with the right angle. This sprayer machine allows you painting from a distance of 10-12 inches. This super finish max is ideal for use a variety of materials such as latex paint, milk paint, enamels & chalk type paint. Furthermore, you can also use oil-based paint. But you have to make sure to use the proper spray tip. This sprayer often comes with the 1.5mm, 2mm & 4mm tips. You can use the 1.5mm for oil-based paints, stains, polyurethane, etc. You also have the option to purchase separately 1mm tip for such things as sealer & varnish to obtain an even finer spray. Keep in mind that there is also a 2.5mm & 3.5mm tips available as well.

  • It requires less thinning
  • Equips 06 available spray tips
  • Spray a variety of materials
  • Little pricey


It’s a powerful 450 watts powerful spray capable of spraying thicker paint & deliver outstanding results without wasting the paint. One of the most recommended paint sprayer device.

Wagner Spraytech 0525027

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun
Wagner Spraytech Wagner 0525027 Power Painter Plus Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun Check price

Ez tilt flexible suction tube - spray at any angle
Optimus dual tip technology provides even coverage, less over spray and more control
1 quart cup twist lock cup
Assembled Product Weight: 6.75 lb

The Wagner Power Painter Plus 0525027 is just perfect for medium-sized outdoor painting & staining projects, providing quick coverage & a smooth finish. It can be used with stains, sealers, oil as well as latex-based paints on your fence, overhang, playset & shed, furniture & more.

Wagner Spraytech introduces an airless paint sprayer gun, which helps to complete your painting project quickly & easily. Wagner sparytech gives smooth finishing to your all products. It is a multipurpose paint gun, which gives consistent finishing & gives full coverage to your fences, & furniture items. It uses a flexible suction tube technology, which offers angle wise coverage for better results. It incorporates select lever which lets the users adjust their spray quickly, according to the type of material they are using. It offers two options for painting, i.e. paints for thicker coating & stain for thinner coating. The best part is, tilt suction tube stays in the paint even when the spray gun is turned fully up, down or sideways allowing for maximum mobility & versatility. This power painter plus also features Wagner’s Optimus dual tip, which uses a dual orifice to make a wider core spray pattern & superior coverage. With a twist lock 1 quart cup, filling & refilling is much easier. This 1-quart twist & lock cup for filling & refilling of paint also can be easily attached & removed to be used for spraying when needed. It is lightweight, handy & compact equipment which makes spraying easy to any item. It can be used to apply paint to a variety of products.

  • Powerful & Multipurpose Spray Gun
  • Flexible suction tube technology
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • The spray cup has less capacity


Wagner Spraytech brings a power painter with airless spray technology to give smooth & finished coatings to a variety of products effortlessly. It features an adjustable spray pattern direction that delivers professional spray pattern & can paint in horizontal & vertical directions. It is one of the best & highly recommended paint sprayer too.

Tacklife SGP16AC

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer, Powerful 800W HVLP Spray Gun With 2 Pcs 1200ml Container, 3 Copper Nozzles Spray Paint Gun Allowing 110 Din-s Viscosity, Easy Spraying And Cleaning, SGP16AC
TACKLIFE Paint Sprayer, Powerful 800W HVLP Spray Gun With 2 Pcs 1200ml Container, 3 Copper Nozzles Spray Paint Gun Allowing 110 Din-s Viscosity, Easy Spraying And Cleaning, SGP16AC Check price

【STRONG POWER】 800W powerful motor is suitable for 110 DIN/min spraying,and the spraying flow up to 1100ml/min. With the best spray gun distance (35~45CM),this is paint sprayers for home exterior c...

Tacklife SGP16AC is a great portable spray, comes with a powerful motor & an ideal gun that can through the paint from a distance of 35-45cm. The Tacklife spray gun has 6.7 Amps powerful motor that can provide up to 110 DIN-s sprayings, plus the spraying flow up to 37oz/min. With its super three spraying patterns, the painter sprayer can meet your different needs like a pro. It is a handheld electric spray gun, which is perfect for homeowners to spray a variety of items like car parts, wooden parts as well as steel. These three spray patterns, i.e. horizontal, vertical & circular using the three copper nozzle sizes, providing finer particles to offer amazing coatings. Its motor separation design is truly great. This motor separation design reduces the hand-held weight, making your paint job a lot easier.

Its ingenious design facilitates users with comfortable use by incorporating adjustable valve knobs to provide coating at fast speed & let the users control the speed according to their needs. Its ergonomic design & rubber handles give users a strong grip with a 1.8M air hose to enable this machine to work at a large distance. The machine equips all removable parts which make it easy to clean & maintain the sprayer. Its double detachable high capacity canisters provide enough storage of paint while doing the job & save time in painting a large number of items. It’s easy to operate & smoothly paints, you can expect all the positive things from this convenient machine. With its 5.9 ft power line, you can easily change the working distance according to the actual situation, which is really a convenience. The best part is, each part of the spray gun can be detached, & cleaning tools allow you to clean easily.

  • Unique spray patterns
  • Easily cleanable & detachable
  • Large canisters for paint storage
  • Not suitable for all paints


Tacklife offers an all-in-one solution for painting a variety of items in multiple directions with its innovative spray gun. It comes in a complete package including a cleaning brush, shoulder strap & spray hose for convenient spraying. It is a rated top-selling paint sprayer.

Wagner 0518050

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking
Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer, Complete Adjustability for Decks, Cabinets, Furniture and Woodworking Check price

SUPERIOR PERFORMING HVLP SPRAY GUN: This HVLP sprayer utilizes a two-stage, indoor/outdoor rated air turbine to provide a fine finish on your surface.
SUPERIOR NOZZLE: The sprayer comes with a vers...

Wagner 0518050 is just a perfect spray for home domestic use, which delivers effective results & constant paint. This sprayer uses a two-stage air turbine system to give amazing finishing on any surface. It incorporates three spray patterns for spraying in multiple directions to meet the diverse spraying needs. This unique 3-position air cap adjusts the spray pattern for either vertical fan or horizontal fan or round pattern shapes to most effectively get the job done quickly & with the best even coverage, which makes this sprayer ideal to use both for domestic & commercial purpose. It offers great control to adjust the volume of material by using the trigger of the spray gun to get smooth & constant material flow. The Wagner control spray double-duty uses HVLP (High volume low pressure) air power technology to spray easily on thin materials. It can be used with a variety of materials like sealers, stain, varnishes & latex paints. It gives an ideal machine to be used for any project & comes in a complete package to deliver high-quality coating. It can be used for painting wooden decks, patios, cabinets, furniture, fences & even more. It gives the best finishing & does the job quickly without wasting any paint because of its precise nozzles.

The material flow is easily controlled with the variable trigger & allows the user to spray ½-inch to 9-inch wide patterns & up to 4.9 fl. oz. per minute. The Wagner control spray sets up easily in less than 5-minutes & cleans up in less than 10.

  • Multipurpose with superior performance
  • Constant flow every time
  • Three spray patterns
  • Ordinary motor


Wagner Control spray uses high volume low-pressure spray with a powerful motor to give high-finish spray for stains, varnishes, urethanes & lacquers. It features a special two-stage indoor/outdoor rated air turbine for an endless flow of material & air, producing a perfect & professional fine finish whether staining your deck or refinishing your kitchen cabinets, the Wagner control spray double-duty is just perfect. Recommended for all DIY lovers out there.

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Paint Sprayer

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer
Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer Check price

CONTROL PAINT FLOW: Fully adjustable pressure to give you ultimate control of paint flow for any project size; RAC IV SwitchTip allows you to reverse the tip when clogged to keep you spraying

This Graco Magnum 262805 X7 is all about adjustability and convenience. The device provides you the full controls over its functionalities to deal with any project. Dealing with the wide range of project sizes, the RAC IV SwitchTip is here that enables you to reopen the clogged tip. Graco Magnum has taken care of quality and excellence in its operations as it provides you the un-thinned spray at a higher rate of pressure.

Another convenient feature is the stainless steel piston pump, which ensures the active painting pattern through the bucket directly. This means that you don’t need to own any extra painting equipment to employ the nozzle. The flexible hose pipe also ensures you a natural suction from the paint basket irrespective of the size. It can be either 1 gallon or 5 gallons as well. The devices use hard and sturdy material in its construction, which not only provides a longer life span but supports more heavy usage. The manufacturer recommends usage of 125 gallons per year, which can complete an enormous number of projects. The device further offers easy clean up after you complete a project. The PowerFlush adapter comes along to feature an easy to clean functionality. The higher pressure support up to 100 ft. of painting, which can cover double stories easily.

  • Support continuous spraying
  • 125 gallons per usage capacity
  • Fully adjustable
  • Sprayer loses suction sometimes


This spray machine from Graco is full of features and finishes the job quickly because of its superpower. The machine is ideal for all hard tasks.

Overall Conclusion

The paint gun allows productivity that is a lot greater than that of the roller & brush. It is a fact that the roller is not the ideal tool to paint a corrugated aluminum sheet or paint a fence or your other home furniture. On the other hand, spray guns are advanced & an ideal tool for most of your DIY jobs. It can paint all types of furniture, fences, outdoor & indoor items in less time. Above listed spray guns are the most suitable spray guns for you. You can choose any one of these. Because these are rated best spray guns with the highest consumer satisfaction ratio. Also, these spraying machines are suitable for all sorts of jobs.

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