Table tennis or ping pong is a simple yet efficient sport that brings joy and fun. But, along with the fun, this game is also full of positive influences. You’ll not regret this decision of having the ping pong table at your home, because, these tables are the perfect source of social activity and gathering. After a full day-long routine, all your family members need a relaxing time. Whether you are married or not, a cup of tea or coffee along with your well-wishers is necessary at the end of the day. A table for ping pong or table tennis game in your living room area will fulfill the necessities. That is why We have compiled some of the best ping pong tables under 300$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Having a ping pong table will provide you with a more socialistic environment in your home. First of all, all the family members can gather around the table to have a friendly match. Your kids will experience a sort of comfort when you play with them. Likewise, you also provide them with a more intimate atmosphere, and they will not hesitate to share their personal feelings with you during the gameplay. Not only inside the family but having a ping pong table will let you give the chance to comfort the guests. Guests arriving at your place will have a fun time while playing and you can indulge in a joyful conversation with them while playing.

Ping pong is a supersport and a brain game. This supersport is having all the physical as well as the health aspects. Ping pong allows you to open up your muscles at first and then make use of your reflexes to speed up the game. It looks simple to hit a ball, but it is technical to hit it with perfect force and more importantly in range. It also demands a complete focus on the opponent’s strategy, so you know where and how to hit the ball. In other words, it will make your mind sharp enough to make the right choice and improve your absolute thinking power even in real life.

A Perfect Investment

It is an investment you won’t regret it. Ping pong lovers need to travel some distance around in the town to play their favorite sport. Also, it is not sure that you’re getting a suitable environment at the sports club. To prevent this, you need to get a ping pong table of your own. These days many of the modern designs are in trend which will make your living room even classier than before. So, having a ping pong table of your own will let you save the traveling cost and provides you with a personal space to enjoy your gameplay in your house.

Another trendy advantageous attribute that this gameplay providing is weight loss. You need to jump, move and hit the ball at a faster pace which consumes a lot of calories. You need to do this movement continues until one player gets the point. Hence, the continued motion will let you have a critical-cardio exercise. All of these factors positively influence your health. So, if you are now convinced to buy a ping pong table for your home and thinking about which one to get it? Here is what you can do. We are going to discuss one by one the best ping pong tables available at the market, and the most suitable tables for domestic level and small commercial level.

Best Ping Pong Tables Under 300$ (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.9 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
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JOOLA Midsize table

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table Great for Small Spaces and Apartments – Multi-Use Free Standing Table - Compact Storage Fits in Most Closets - Net Set Included - No Assembly Required!
JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table Great for Small Spaces and Apartments – Multi-Use Free Standing Table - Compact Storage Fits in Most Closets - Net Set Included - No Assembly Required! Check price

DIMENSIONS: 72” L x 36” W x 30” H | Storage dimensions: 36 x 36 inches
NET INCLUDED: Net and post set included.

JOOLA has regarded as an Olympic Table Tennis brand that is now surpassing all the paths in manufacturing the top-notch products. You can use this JOOLA midsize table for various purposes. First of all, you can employ this table like a ping pong table. When not in use, you can employ the table halves to play poker, making crafts, board games and many more. The one convenient feature of this table is that it comes in a fully completed form. You don’t need to spend much of the time in assembling. Hence, in short, this ping pong table is all about a hassle-free quick setup.

Most of the houses are small or have a smaller living room. Well, this ping pong table has dimensions of 72’’ into 36’’ which can even fit into small places. Apart from homes, this attribute allows you to have this product in your apartments, small game rooms, and kid’s room. This table also features a medium-sized height. This enables you to employ this table for both the adults as well as the kids. The legs of the table are another noticeable feature which you can fold and unfold for your comfort. Also, as already described, you don’t need to assemble the legs separately. Just connect the net in the mid of the table, and you are ready to go.  One exciting feature of this ping pong table is the separate halves. Each side of the table is foldable and can even stand itself. This comforting feature helps you to store easily as well as you can transport the table in the back of your car.

  • Quick setup
  • Separate halves
  • Light weight
  • More suitable for beginners


It just feels like you’re playing on the professional ping pong table with this amazingly designed JOOLA product. One of the ideal tables which are perfect for small spaces.

GoSports Mid-size table

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
GoSports 6’ x 3’ Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set | Indoor / Outdoor Portable Table Tennis Game with Net, 2 Table Tennis Paddles and 4 Balls, Red
GoSports 6’ x 3’ Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set | Indoor / Outdoor Portable Table Tennis Game with Net, 2 Table Tennis Paddles and 4 Balls, Red Check price

COMPLETE SET: Includes a mid-size 6’ x 3’ table tennis table with 2 paddles, game net and 4 balls
MIDSIZE TABLE: Table surface measures 6’ x 3’ – large enough for competitive games, but small enoug...

This GoSports Midsize table is for those who are looking for a professional look-alike table for an ultimate game experience. Having dimensions of 6’ into 3’ this table is perfect for both the kids and adults.

Furthermore, storage and transportation are also no more problematic for this mid-sized and foldable ping pong table. This attribute not only allows you to place the table in your living room but provides a chance to play outside in an open place too. Hence, in short, you can have unlimited fun in just a small space.

This ping pong table has not compromised over the constructional features. This table is finishing with the sturdy and robust aluminum material along with the elegant heavy-duty legs. This finishing material makes the table sturdy and durable but also ensures that it is completely light in weight. Moreover, the above surface of the table is of premium quality which provides a perfect bounce for the gameplay. The fantastic folding feature of this product allows you to place the table in the living room or guest room easily. Also, when not in use, you can comfortably store it wherever you want. For an added convenience, carrying handles are there for easy transportation, so even a single person can hold the table.

This table is perfect for fitting into your living room, kid’s rooms, and even in the office place too. Many office owners have tired from the full-sized ping pong table, which occupies more space and need a separate room. While this table will have its position anywhere in the cafeteria and you can fold it after a fun game. The package includes the full setup equipment including two ping pong paddles, net, and four balls.

  • Easy storage
  • Premium quality
  • Pre-assembled
  • Few shipping packages complain


This fully-featured GoSports Mid-size ping pong table is all set for fun gameplay both the indoor as well as outdoor. Perfect for those who have less space in their home office or apartment.

EastPoint Sports Table

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Table Tennis Table - 15mm - Features Durable Material, Easy Carry Handles and Wheels
EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Table Tennis Table - 15mm - Features Durable Material, Easy Carry Handles and Wheels Check price

GAME ROOM FUN: This table tennis table makes for a great addition to any family living area - easily set-up this Table Tennis Table in your basement, rec room, man cave, or living room for long las...

Save both of your energy and cost by employing this pre-assembled and quick setup of the EastPoint Sports Table. Unlike a large-sized professional table, this table can be set within minutes for a joyful game. Having the surface fully laminated, this provides you with a perfect bounce of the ball. You can practice your skills easily on this top-notch table and also employ it for your friendly matches. This fold-n-store-table-tennis-table by EastPoint is simply amazing.

Having dimensions of 9ft into 5ft., this table serves its use for both the adults as well as kids. This table has the perfect feature to be called as the tournament sized table. Having separate halves will fulfill the remaining needs of play by providing enough recoil, which requires less force to hit the ball. The above surface also has a thickness of 15 mm, which provides a full competitive game for a more extended life period without damaging the outer surface.

This durable table has a finishing of sturdy stainless steel material with powder coating which prevents rusting and corrosion. Featuring the 1.5 inches strong legs, you’ll have a perfect product which even endures massive competitive force. Another convenient feature is the pre-assembling of this product. You’ll receive the complete setup box, and you don’t need any professional tools to pull together the product. To add further convenience, there are carrying handles for smooth conveyance. Another plus feature that this ping pong table has the wheels. These wheels help for a smooth movement and also provide a scratch-less flow on the floor. To reduce the bending or breaking of the corners of the table, it is featuring the aprons and corner caps. During storage and transportation, the edges remain save.

  • Corner wraps
  • Aprons
  • Wheels for transportation
  • Large products need care about assembly


Smaller recreational places have no more problems now with this compact and portable EastPoint Sports Table. EastPoint is one of the best producers of sports goods, so quality is guaranteed.

STIGA Space Saver table

Our Score 8.5 out of 10
STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table for Authentic Play at Regulation Height with a Scaled Down Size for Easy Storage
STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table for Authentic Play at Regulation Height with a Scaled Down Size for Easy Storage Check price

Your purchase includes One STIGA Compact Table Tennis Table, net with post system and leg levelers. Rackets and balls are not included
Table tennis table dimensions: Assembled – 70" L x 40.5" W x 3...

Enjoy an authentic as well as a fun play with this compact and portable STIGA ping pong table. However, as clearly mentioned in the name that this table is a space saver for those having smaller rooms, apartments and less space for gaming. The area is no more a problem if you’re a real ping pong or table tennis lover with this 71’’ into 30’’ table. A 30’’ height is enough to provide you and your kids an optimum gameplay experience.

Apart from multi-purpose, this ping pong table is all set with the durable and sturdy construction to provide you with a longer and a non-stop fun. The material of construction is MDF wood; coated with the silkscreen striping. A thick table top adds to the toughness of this product. Silkscreen striping is providing an ecstatic glance and is non-removable.

Another unique feature is the independent or separate halves of this table. Both the halves are separately foldable and provide you with secure storage of this table by reducing the area. Also, both halves, when separated, can be employed for several purposes including craft making, as a study table or many more. Each part is having the dimensions of 36’’ which is enough to hide it in a closet or under the bed.

Tubular steel apron at the top further enables to the robustness and stiffness of this table. Also, this covering ensures the perfect bounce of the ball for flawless gameplay. A STIGA logo and silkscreen enhance the quality and worth of this table. To reduce the unusual movement of the table, leg levels do their job and provide an even surface. The package contains the full necessary equipment to start the game.

  • Durable net
  • Leg levelers
  • Tubular silk-screening
  • Screw loose with time if not taken care


Fully featured and equipped with trendy attributes, this STIGA space Saver table with a heavy-duty net is all set for a perfect ping pong game.

MD Sports table tennis

Our Score 8.0 out of 10
MD Sports Official Size Table Tennis Table, Black/Blue

This official sized table tennis from MD sports is the only table in the market which can be used for indoors and outdoors without any problem. The table is heavy and decently made and gives stunning looks overall. Although it is heavy, it’s super easy to put together and if you are a single player, you can easily fold it by yourself alone.

In its specs, the table has 15mm tabletop for a quality bounce, and to add extra support it has 1.40” aprons. Transportation is also not a problem because the table has 2” lockable sturdy wheels. Moreover, the table comes with two paddles, two balls, and one net set. The textured of the table is made in such a way that players can easily see the ball. The supporting frames/legs under each table are made up of robust high-quality stainless steel material and keeps the table stable in one place. The ideal width and height of the table make it perfect to play.

Furthermore, the BILT guide also comes along with the package so that you can assemble it easily. Remember, it is strongly recommended to use a drill or screw tightening machine instead of a screwdriver otherwise you may end with losing edges. The table also has a 3-months manufactured warranty as well.

  • Wheels for transportation
  • The high-quality playing surface
  • 3-months warranty
  • It might be heavy for some


This table tennis from MD sports is the master class and most favorite of most of the players. It’s suitable for keeping not only indoors but also outdoors as well. The company also offers replacement parts warranty means if you are not happy with any part you can simply replace it, which is a user-friendly offer. Overall, nice durable and decent looking table.

Overall Conclusion

In a nutshell, the ping pong table game provides you with many health and physical advantages. From burning the extra calories to perfect cardio, ping pong game is all about achieving ideal fitness. Hence, you must own a ping pong table in your living room to relieve some stress after a long hectic routine. Also, you and your family members can have a friendly tournament. By ultimately looking at the pros and cons of all the above-mentioned tables, choose wisely, the product of your choice.

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