In this modern era, everyone is busy doing their work all the time & no one has the specific time to reach the extra-curricular activities. This lack of stretching & practicing can cost you much when you will be in your old age. To prevent this, you must start your daily pool table routine. Pool tables served you in various ways by a very simple game to play i.e. billiards. Playing billiards on a premium quality pool table not provide you fun & cost the extra time but can definitely do wonders with your health. We have compiled some of the best pool tables under 500$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

First of all, playing or practicing on a large pool table provides your body muscles enough stretch & elongation that you can get rid of all the worries & stress of the whole day in no time. Furthermore, lack of physical activities in your life can be problematic for our body especially at an older age. Hence, pool tables are saving yours from that pain in joints & immovable muscles. Because by owning the pool tables you don’t need to go to the gym for an everyday workout. You can have an expanse amount of stretch all over the body by knocking the balls with certain skills & maneuver techniques.

You must completely control your movement, force & muscle strength while taking a shot. Hence, the pool tables aid you to control your actions & also help to keep them coordinated. You cannot hit the cue-ball too hard or too slow in order to have a perfect pot. Your wrist movement along with the rear shoulder force must be synchronized. In this way, you can build intuitions in your body which will provide you an easy flow for the future.  All these activities not only help you physically but mentally also. This can release a chemical named Dopamine which relieves stress & let you focus on the game leaving behind the extra thoughts.

Playing on the pool tables require a lot of strategies. So, whenever you go wrong you must revise your technique & maneuver to reach the perfect level shot. If you lose your patience you are far away from the game. Owing to a pool table hence can definitely benefit you morally & can increase your self-esteem too.

Pool tables are so much to do with the dynamic control. You have to consider the aim, employ a strategy & pot the ball with full concentration. The dynamic control part of your brain must be active enough to coordinate all these actions simultaneously. Hence, playing on the pool tables can surely serve you with the sharpening of mind. Moreover, your brain also needs to act to pay attention to even the minor details & imperfections served by the opponent, so that you might get benefit from that. This requires a lot of liveliness & vigor which are served by the upper part of the brain i.e. cerebrum. Hence, in a nutshell, having a pool table can surely bring such positive aspects to your health. So, after reading all this if you now have decided to buy a reasonable pool table for yourself, why not ask us to help you to get the best one, as the market is full of high prices pool tables. Let’s have a look at our selected pool tables.

Best Pool tables under 500$ (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
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The Atomic Bumper Pool Table

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table
Atomic Classic Bumper Pool Table Check price

Classic Game of Bumper Pool in a Freestanding Table
5” Square Legs Create a Solid Base
Internal Ball Return System
MDF Playfield Resists Warping
Table Dimensions: 57.5” L x 41.5” W x 32” H (Play Fi...

This trendy, modern & sophisticated pool table brings you the best of pool play game. Enjoy the whole classic game on a large surface of the pool table featuring a length of 49.5 inches. All your teammates & opponents will have much fun arranging & potting the balls with such a wide-area pool table. The Atomic Bumper pool table is made up of robust & hard material which is reliable enough to stand all the seasons with a longer life span. Whether two of you are playing a friendly match or there is a complex tournament going on, this Atomic Bumper Pool Table will take the heat of every moment due to its durable construction technology.

The table is finished through MDF & wood-grain laminate material which ensures you a better & reliable play as it can bear a classic game of pool with much ease. Such hard-wearing materials not only add to the aesthetics of this table but helps to withstand rough shots & ensure a long-lasting life.

Considering the construction further, the legs of this pool tables are 5.13 inches in length which provides extra support to the table. Apart from support, stability & dynamic equilibrium is being provided which is importable for the balls to slide. These pool tables have an additional benefit that it is smaller & equipped with compact design features. Hence, you can easily use this Atomic pool table in your living room without having a much larger space for this. The overall package includes the complete set of shinny pool balls, 48 inches of cues, chalk & brushes also.

  • 5-inches square legs
  • MDF wood
  • Wood lamination
  • Short warranty period


Pot-in your favorite pool balls with this amazingly featured Atomic Bumper Pool Table which is an excellent product to have on a smaller scale.

IFOYO Billiard Table

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Billiard Table, IFOYO 55 Inch Folding Pool Table Steady Pool Game Table Modern Space Saving Billiard Table Game for Kids and Adults with Cues, Ball, Chalk, Rack, Brush Included, Green, Christams Gift
Billiard Table, IFOYO 55 Inch Folding Pool Table Steady Pool Game Table Modern Space Saving Billiard Table Game for Kids and Adults with Cues, Ball, Chalk, Rack, Brush Included, Green, Christams Gift Check price

Pool Table Dimension: 55"x 29"x 31.5"(L*W*H), Weight 42.8 pounds, Portable, steady and folding billiard table(Please note: You need to unscrew the screws of the legs for folding it up)
Upgraded Pac...

No matter whether you are a kid or an adult, you will definitely enjoy playing on this IFOYO billiard table. With all the trendy features, classic style & excellent sliding of a pool ball, this billiard table is full of advantageous structures. The first & foremost advantage of this pool table is its ease of usage along with the convenience. This pool table is offering you a smaller size as compared to others so you can easily store the table in your storeroom. Apart from easy storing, you don’t need a certain place to keep this as you can place it even in your bedroom. However, you can fold the table whenever not in use & put it under your bed to save more space.

This table has the simplest look & can be assembled via some easy steps. The legs of this table are finished through a sturdy but lightweight material that can be fixed with nails. This nail setup is this much easy that your children can easily fix this up. This further enables a mind growth aptitude in them. The packaging of this pool table is completely upgraded & according to the standards so that it won’t reach you in a devastating condition.

One important thing to mention that there is an additional protective layer placed on the table to protect it which has holes for the nails. After removing the layer the holes will remain there & the manufacturer is not responsible for this & will not provide a refund for this, so be careful. Additional features include a free brush to clean the surface & all the necessary equipment to start the setup.

  • Easy movement
  • Fordable design
  • Brush included
  • You can count this in average tables


Designed for a smaller gaming area, this IFOYO folding Billiard Table is perfect for kids & will save you much space.

Funmall Folding Pool table

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Funmall 55'' Folding Pool Table Space Save Billiard Table for Kids and Adults with Cues, Ball, Chalk, Rack, Brush Included (Blue)
Funmall 55'' Folding Pool Table Space Save Billiard Table for Kids and Adults with Cues, Ball, Chalk, Rack, Brush Included (Blue) Check price

Foldable Design : An ideal pool table for your children! You don't have to have a game room or basement to own this cool pool table. With its foldable design, perfect for storing under a bed or sta...

A light version of a professional pool table that will definitely benefit you in the same way as any of the proficient pool tables does. This Funmall Folding Pool table will occupy only 55 inches of your room in length & even lesser when foldable. So you can easily place the pool table in your kid’s room without affecting the overall space of your house. Also when not in use you can easily store the pool table in your closet.

The whole table is finished through the sturdy & durable material. Apart from being robust, the whole table is completely light in weight which offers easy transportation & handling. The upper surface is covered with a premium quality fabric to avoid the resistance & longer life span. Furthermore, the corners of the table are covered with the cushion fabric to provide you a perfectly stable shot. Hence, with all such features, you can have your aim improved & precision enhanced. So, this pool table can be a bliss for any beginner or pool lover because they can perform an easy setup just like a professional pool table. Providing you the dimensions of 55 inches into 29 inches, this pool table can be a perfect gift for your children on their birthdays.

The package furthermore includes one rack to set up the pool balls, 2 pieces of billiard cues & premium quality pool balls set. Apart from all this, one brush is included to clean the table before playing for easy sliding of pool balls. Hence, a perfect source of home entertainment will all the professional features of billiard is here.

  • Sturdy design
  • Easy assemblage
  • Cushion edges
  • Folding can be problematic for some people


With entirely simple assemblage & unique style, this Funmall Folding Pool table is what you need for your leisure time.

Harvil Table-top Pool table

Our Score 7.9 out of 10
Harvil Tabletop Pool Table with L-Style Legs. Includes 2-Pieces 36-Inch Pool Cues, 1 Set of Billiard Balls, Chalk and Triangle
Harvil Tabletop Pool Table with L-Style Legs. Includes 2-Pieces 36-Inch Pool Cues, 1 Set of Billiard Balls, Chalk and Triangle Check price

DURABLE, PORTABLE and COMPACT - Harvil tabletop pool table is a fun game table to own. The entire game room table is made of sturdy wood with L-Style legs. It hardly takes any space in your house a...

Harvil’s pool table can be one of the most convenient sources of entertainment for both the adults & kids of your family. This pool table offers a compacted design that can provide you such professional features even by occupying no extra ground space. This pool table has L-shaped legs of its own along with the small pockets & you can place it easily over any of your already placed tables in the living room & can even on the bed if you’re comfortable in playing. Hence, people having small rooms & cannot change any arrangements for a pool table can easily get benefit from this.

Moreover, this pool table is finished through the compact, easily handled & transportable design which makes it more popular among all. The highly proficient & creative team of Harvil has manufactured this amazing piece of a pool table with their utmost usage of modern technology. The material employed in the construction is of top-notch quality to ensure a longer life span. Apart from this, the design of this pool table is completely sporty in look with a dark bluish color. This pool table comes with all the necessary accessories & equipment so you can have an easy assemblage. You just need to unbox the pool table & start enjoying your play.

The whole package includes the 2 pieces of cues, 16 good quality premium pool balls, 1 triangle & 2 cue chalks along with the table. Harvil makes sure that you get this resourceful pool table in its good condition & loaded with all the necessary equipment otherwise will offer you a complete replacement upon receiving any damage.

  • Easy placement
  • Mini table
  • L-style legs
  • 8 inches height


Fully featured with trendy attributes, this Harvil Table-top Pool table provides you real professional gameplay.

Lancaster 3-in-1 Arcade Game Table

Our Score 7.7 out of 10
Lancaster 3 in 1 Pool Billiard, Slide Hockey, Foosball Combo Arcade Game Table
Lancaster 3 in 1 Pool Billiard, Slide Hockey, Foosball Combo Arcade Game Table Check price

3-in-1 billiards, slide hockey, and foosball game table
Easy to switch from 1 game to the next in seconds
Side locks keep game table in place and stable
Compact, multi-purpose 48-inch design takes ...

The best way to add in more fun and excitement to any family or friends gathering is with the help of arcade games. And for that, this 3-in-1 arcade game fits all the requirements of perfect entertainment options for anyone and everyone. The 3-in-1 combination contains billiards, slide hockey, and a football game table. Switching from one game to the other can be easily done in seconds, without the struggle of moving around heavy tables. It contains side locks to ensure that the table is in place and standing stably in the desired spot. The multi-purpose 48-inch compact design of the table takes lesser space in comparison to other arcade games; making it perfect for keeping both indoors and outdoors.

It has manual scorekeepers on all the sides of the table, helping you keep track of the scores while you and your crew focus on the game. It has a decent and suitable outlook; making it fit in any interior while giving a subtle look easily. The built-in storage helps store the game essentials and accessories safe inside it; without worrying about losing them elsewhere. It comes along with user-friendly directions. Overall, it’s a great playing gadget.

  • Perfect and durable
  • Tabletops are easy to convert
  • Available at a reasonable rate
  • Takes around 2-3 hours for the setting


Whatever arcade game fan you are, you can surely enjoy more than one game with the help of this 3-in-1 combination game; and have a never-ending joy of entertainment for family and friend gatherings.

Overall Conclusion

Pool tables are the perfect source of entertainment for both the adults as well as the kids of a family. You can buy these as gifts for your kids or can have these pool tables in your house for a perfect get together time. Because gathering at pool tables for a friendly match can easily enhance the bonding & positive vibes between your family members. An easy setup pool table is no less than a bliss as you just need to unbox & play. Above mentioned products have all the trendy & modern features that will provide you utmost game experience. You can choose by observing the features of each product.

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