Kids love toys and play with any kind of toy parents give them at home, but as they grow old and understand the things they pick their toys themselves. Their preference changes and they specifically demand from their parents. At the age of 5, the majority of kids are able to differentiate between different types of toys and they even ask for their favorite ones.

Electric cars are on a list of favorite toys for 5-year-olds. These cars make a perfect ride for toddlers and kids alike. Kids love electric cars for many reasons and one of them is that it satisfies their inner curiosity about cars. Riding electric cars is every kid’s dream that promotes a safe exploration of their surroundings.

It is the best gift that parents can get to their children. Though electric cars are somehow expensive, it won't matter when you see their happy faces. Electric cars don’t only make kids happy and amazed, but these toys enhance their motor skills and boost their confidence as well. It gives them the freedom to drive around and quench their thirst for driving in a real scenario.

However, choosing power wheels for kids is somewhat of a challenge. Even on a limited budget, you can get the best electric car and make the best efforts to find a perfect one for your loved ones. Electric wheels are different, ranging in size, speed, power, seating capacity, storage, design, gear, and shape as well. These cars are meant to entertain your kids and make them feel like real-life driving. So, getting a perfect car just before the holidays will give them a perfect surprise. In this article, we have gathered some of the best power wheels for 5-year-olds with the hopes that you find the ideal one.

There are hundreds of electric cars available today that claim to be the sturdiest car on the market. Just by looking at them, they're like clones of real cars with real doors, lights, and mirrors specifically designed for all-terrains. They are like real driving simulators and help kids have an idea of how to drive cars at a young age. These cars are durable enough to support heavyweight as well. Plus, these motorized cars come in different models, offering several choices to pick from.

There are many big names in the auto industry, making cool rides for the children and offering amazing electric cars to play on roads. This article consists of electric cars that are top-rated by consumers and their performance over time is satisfying. And as we said before, we have researched and found an amazing group of electric cars for you to choose from. Let's ride on!

Best Power Wheels For 5-Year-Old (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.2 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.9 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.1 Out of 10
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Power Wheels Dune Racer

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green
Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green Check price

Monster Traction system drives on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain
Drives 2.5 and 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse
Metal sidebars for hand support
Power Lock Brake System
Includes 12...

This power wheel battery-powered vehicle is designed for advanced riders who are always looking for more excitement and thrills than ever before. Fisher-Price provides a safe but fun toy to explore around the universe that is in backyards. Dune Race is designed for outdoor use because it features a Monster Traction drive system that allows your kids to play on tough surfaces, high, wet grass, and uneven areas. Its sturdy steel frame has included flashy chrome accents with enough room for a driver and passenger. In addition, it has two forward drive speeds, a 12-volt rechargeable battery, and reverse speed.

The aforementioned speeds enable kids to control like steering to move forward and reverse, teaching them better motor skills while they have fun. The Dune Racer comes in green color and lets the users spin it at 360 degrees around conveniently. The power wheel can be driven at 2.5 and 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse.

It is fun to ride and gives an amazing experience to the kids. This power wheel provides metal sidebars as hand support to ensure safety for your kids. Talking about safety, these power wheels also have a power lock brake system. This feature forces the brake pads against the wheel's rim that causes the ride-on car to gradually stop.

This car looks super cool with its design and sturdy metal structure offering two cushioned seats which are quite entertaining for two children to ride together. This is a suitable car for kids up to 5 years old and gets them an exciting and thrilling ride. It includes a 12-volt battery and charger and we recommended charging the 12V battery at least for 18 hours before setting it up.

It has a one-year limited warranty and a six-month limited warranty on the12 volt battery. So, if you have an issue you can rely on Fisher-Price to help you out. This is the best toy car you can get for your children because of its amazing maneuverability and sturdiness.

  • Good battery life
  • Sturdy & large build
  • 2 seats
  • Doesn't get stuck
  • Tedious assembly

Kid Trax 4x4 Dino Tracker

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
Kid Trax 4x4 Tracker Electric Ride On Toy, 3-5 Years Old, 6 Volt, Max Weight 60 lbs, Dino Tracker Green (KT1594AZ)
Kid Trax 4x4 Tracker Electric Ride On Toy, 3-5 Years Old, 6 Volt, Max Weight 60 lbs, Dino Tracker Green (KT1594AZ) Check price

Kid Trax Dino Tracker 4x4 ride-on toy for kids 3 – 5 years old, with a maximum weight limit of 60 lbs. It’s the perfect ride for the budding paleontologist to take on sidewalk and driveway adventur...

Playtime will become the land before time with this Dino Tracker 4x4 power wheels by Kid Trax. This is the perfect ride for your little one because this toy is 4x4 which is great for any hard surface. This ride-on car features headlights and engine sound effects for great playtime fun. Without a doubt, these power-wheels offer a lifelike driving experience with a speed of 2.5 MPH. In addition, Dino Tracker has Power Trax rubber traction strip tires that enable a steady and safe ride. It includes a 6-volt battery and a charging system for an easy charge.

The pedal is easy for kids to push and the steering would enhance their motor skills with its smoothness. There's a switch on the wheel that by turning it on and off makes the fun car make start-up noises. The same type of button moves enables forward and reverse speeds.

In addition, the tires have a rubber strip that provides a firm grip on surfaces. These wheels are sturdy and won't spin out nor get stuck. Plus, this toy is light and it's no hassle to put it away in your household. The assembly is easy and quick because its instructions are easy to follow.

If you want to give your children some amazing experience with confidence, transform their playtime into an adventure with the Dino Tracker 4x4 by Kid Trax. It's definitely worth buying for your kids.

  • Long power life
  • Easy assembly
  • Powerful performance
  • Light-weight
  • Not Cheap

Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, LED Light - Red
Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck w/ Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, LED Light - Red Check price

REALISTIC DESIGN: Made with an adjustable seatbelt for safety, bright LED lights, and a 12V motor with 3 speed options: low/medium/high (3.7mph max)
MANUAL AND REMOTE CONTROL: Let your child drive ...

This truck is easy to drive for little ones on the grass and hard surfaces as well because of its controls and added features. This jeep style car is designed to offer adventures, satisfying their thirst for excitement. This is a great car for kids to learn to drive forward, make it reverse, stop, and control the bumpy surfaces. Ultimately, it helps to boost kids’ confidence & live up to their imagination with this car.

With this ride-on truck, your kids will have a blast with ensured safety. This truck is built largely with in-car and remote-control steering. So your kid has your back if you need to use the remote control in order to guide them into safety.

It also features a seatbelt that's adjustable for safety, great LED lights, and a 12V moto. This awesome truck has 3 speed options: low, medium, and high at a maximum speed of 3.7mph.
This is a durable and sturdy design that was crafted with non-toxic plastic––that's also stylish It has 14-inch traction wheels and they include a spring suspension system for adventures on multi-terrains.
Want to know what's the best feature yet? Its built-in AUX outlet allows the little driver to plug media devices in. Your kids will drive with style and music of their own.

This great truck comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. So, there's no reason to stop the fun for your loved one. Now your kid can get the fun and excitement with this Best Choice ride-on truck that offers all-terrain vehicles and is pretty suitable for kids aging 5 years. It features power wheels, a sturdy plastic body, and adjustable seat belts for wonderful driving. Nothing’s better than riding in this cool truck into the sunset.

  • Great remote control
  • Long-lasting power battery
  • Smooth on hard surfaces & grass
  • Reported poor customer service

Power Wheels Ford Mustang

Our Score 8.3 out of 10
Power Wheels Ford Mustang, Disney Frozen
Power Wheels Ford Mustang, Disney Frozen Check price

Sporty Mustang styling with “chrome” wheels & accents
Pretend seat belts and a real cup holder
Disney Frozen colors & graphics
Pretend radio with songs from the movie
Drives 2.5 and 5 mph (4 and 8 ...

Power Wheels has introduced a diverse range of electric cars for kids and the Ford Mustang is one of the greatest creations of the company. This mini Power Wheels Disney Frozen Ford Mustang is a stylish vehicle that will cause joy and excitement.

Your children will have fun with this ride-on car's flashy chrome wheels and Disney's Frozen color palette. It also features a "radio" with pre-loaded songs from the movie. It also has 12-volts of battery power that's right under the hood. This battery power lets your kids drive around at two speeds: forward up to a maximum of 2.5 and 5 mph and reverse up to a maximum of 2.5 mph. This Power Wheels Ford Mustang is not only stylish, but it’s safe to ride on hard surfaces and grass.

It has a high-speed lock-out option for little ones who are starting to learn how to drive ride-on cars. Its Power-Lock brakes stop the car as soon as the foot is off the pedal, which ensures your children's safety. Power Wheels give them the confidence behind the wheel to take over the road. This Fisher-Price Ford Mustang has a sturdy steel body that holds up to 130 pounds. For further safety, the interior features soft contours and rounded edges to avoid any injuries.

Put kids in the driver’s seat with the sporty Power Wheels Disney Frozen Ford Mustang and unlock the driving fun and experience for them. Your kids will love this stylish car and bring a friend along to own the road!

  • High-quality product
  • Comfortable seating & safety brakes
  • Real cup holder
  • Limited music in "radio"

Yamaha Raptor Black/Green Safe to Ride

Our Score 7.7 out of 10
Extra Durable and Safe to Ride 12 Volt Yamaha Raptor Black/Green,Features a Scaled-Down Design of an Adult-Size ATV,Includes Extra Traction Wheels for a Firm Grip,Great Gift for Kids
Extra Durable and Safe to Ride 12 Volt Yamaha Raptor Black/Green,Features a Scaled-Down Design of an Adult-Size ATV,Includes Extra Traction Wheels for a Firm Grip,Great Gift for Kids Check price

Drives on multiple surfaces
Speeds: Two speeds plus reverse
Yamaha Raptor 700R boys' ATV ride-on boasts authentic Raptor design

This power wheels ride-on car is a combination of perfection and sturdiness. This Yamaha Raptor ATV comes in colors Black and Green. It's extremely long-lasting and reliable to drive around your little one. It features a 12 Volt battery life with a sturdy frame and that holds a maximum of 65 lbs. easily.

In addition, the power brake system ensures safety by stopping the ATV in seconds. Great high speed can be achieved due to its large tires. These tires are firm tires that support off-road adventures. Your little one can race on grass, rocks, and many more types of terrains.

The battery life has been reported to be poor, so this is something to keep in mind if you decide to buy this ATV for your loved one. According to some buyers, it can take up to 14 hrs to charge only to last just more than one hour. And since, it doesn't have an on/off button, you have to the battery out by unscrewing the seat which can be bothersome for most.

However, this Yamaha toy ATV is by far the favorite car of kids on the market because of its cool features and looks. Its adventurous looks make this ATV more appealing and its sturdy construction makes it perfect and ideal for unlimited fun.

  • Affordable
  • Off-road action
  • Is great to ride on tough surfaces
  • Poor battery life


It feels great for parents to watch their kid’s confidence bloom behind the wheel. You can seize this beautiful opportunity to teach children positive talk, instill motivation, and encouragement while teaching them how to "drive".

Now, Power Wheels help them to gain confidence with the steering wheel. But it also gives you peace of mind with its secure frames. For this reason, we hope that by reviewing the best Power Wheels on the market, finding the ideal one for your loved one won't be such a hassle.

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