Punching bags are the bags filled with sand or any other kind of material to practice some hitting skills. Apart from improving the hitting skills & defense technique; theses serve great for cardiovascular exercise too. Punching bags offer a full-body workout as when you’re approaching a punching bag at 11 to 12 meters per second of speed, you use every muscle of your body to knock it hard. So, whether you’re trying to lose weight or increase your endurance & stamina, start from hitting a punching bag.

There are a number of types of punching bags employed for diverse purposes. Heavy-duty punching bags as the name suggests are heavy & can increase the muscle strength efficiently than any other type of bag. Uppercut punch bags are employed to practice some skills of hooking along with uppercut. These combination punches are the key to knockout your rival. Next in the list is the speedball punching bags. These are best to improve the coordination between your eyes & hand muscles. Apart from that as quickly revert back at you, so it can improve your footwork too. Freestanding punching bags are last but the least; employed to practice all-round exercises. Free-standing punch bags are considered ideal & epitome for the beginners. We have compiled some of the best punching bags for beginners in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Before buying a punching bag look for the material, which really matters. Top in the list is the leather punching bags, as they provide you a real-life feel for punching. Also leather material is robust & durable. The canvas & Polyurethane bags are also available for free standing & other punching bags. They are less in quality as compared to a leather bag but more affordable.

Punching bags also come in a variety of shapes; each employed for a certain drive. They may be cylindrical, torso, human-shaped & ball-shaped. General pieces of training can be performed with each bag but for the specific techniques, everyone has a specific function. Like, Uppercuts can only be performed with a ball-shaped bag. Human shaped bags can provide you a real feel & let you practice some angled shots.

Punching bags serve a lot of purposes regarding your strength, self-esteem, hitting techniques & many more. Self-defense can only be earned by devouring a punching bag. You’ll learn how to hit your opponent, in what angle & at what speed. Hitting a punching bag can greatly enhance your self-confidence. You’ll clearly feel the difference in front of a mirror. Putting all the effort into what you have to hit a punching bag hard can relieve your stress too. The concentration you’re having to appropriately hit the bag at some specific angle can let you forget everything.

In a nutshell, hitting a punching bag is a combination of a lot of benefits. It can serve you with a full-body workout. The way you’re carrying your body to hit a punching bag hard will help you to coordinate your eyes, hands & legs. The impact produced by a punching bag in return will further activate your body muscles. Now, we have reviewed some of the best punching bags down below which you can use for your hitting & self-defense practice especially if you are a beginner. Have a look:-

Best Punching bags for beginners (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.9 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.6 Out of 10
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Everlast Single-Station Heavy stand & kit

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand with a 70-lb. Heavy Bag Kit
Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand with a 70-lb. Heavy Bag Kit amazon.com Check price

This bundle comes with the Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand and a 70 lbs. Heavy Bag Kit which is the complete set up for your gym!
Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand will meet all your ...

This fully operational heavy bag kit comes with 70 lbs. of a heavy bag kit & a heavy bag stand too. This heavy bag kit can utterly complete the needs of your gym. The Everlast single station heavy bag stand is made up of premium quality material that makes it robust & long-lasting. Also, the three weight plate pegs make it stable on the ground & make it suitable for heavy hits. Apart from that, an easy assemblage is a plus point for this heavy bag stand.

Premium quality steel tubing is engaged in making of this heavy bag stand that makes it endure enough to carry a weight of 100 lbs. So, you don’t need to worry about its toughness, durability & strength of holding a heavy bag. Discussing this Everlast heavy bag kit, this is the basic strategic key to your fitness goals. As a beginner, start your boxing in style with this-70 lbs. heavy bag kit.

Hitting this heavy bag daily can let you enjoy the training & can improve your skills within no time. Apart from a 70 lbs. of a heavy punching bag, the kit comprises of boxing gloves & hand wraps to practice you hitting efficiently. To practice angle shots, a bracket mount along with a chain assemblage is provided to stalemate the punching bag firmly with the roof. Workout on your muscles & get in shape with this 36’’ into 12’’ Everlast heavy punching bag.

  • Robust stand bearing up to 100 lbs
  • of weight
  • Gloves & hand wraps included
  • Chain assembly
  • Gloves are not for professional training


Improve your hitting skills & strength with this Everlast heavy punching bag along with a firm heavy bag stand that lets you have no worries about its position.

GOPLUS punching bag with stand

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Goplus Punching Bag w/Stand 2 in 1 Hanger Wall Bracket Hanging Boxing Frame with Heavy Bag & Speed Bag
Goplus Punching Bag w/Stand 2 in 1 Hanger Wall Bracket Hanging Boxing Frame with Heavy Bag & Speed Bag amazon.com Check price

【Dual-Station Heavy Stand Set】 This 2 in 1 heavy stand with heavy bag and speed bag station is the perfect fitness equipment to train your strength and speed in one unit at home. Comes complete wit...

GOPLUS has been servings its customers with amazing products for many years. This incredibly designed GOPLUS punching bag assists you in gaining a number of skills & techniques you need for different kinds of boxing. One interesting feature of this GOPLUS is the adjustable height. The height of the stand can be altered up to 4 levels of adjustments ranging from 66’’ to 72’’ from the ground. This feature makes it a suitable punching bag for people of different ages & height.

This GOPLUS punching bag stand has no doubt in its worthiness & quality as it is finished through the steel & can withstand a weight up to 220 lbs. This sturdiness will make this punching bag stand lasts with you forever. This amazing bag stand is featured with a bottom triangle that helps it to be strong & firm.

A speed bag is also included in this GOPLUS kit which adds some complementary features too. Speed bag, obviously as stands from the name is used to practice some speed skills. Hence, it is ideal for boxing, MMA & Muay Thai type of boxing in which you need speed along with power & skill. This can improve your hand-eye coordination & fitness both at the same time. On the other hand, a heavy bag in this GOPLUS kit is made up of EPE & iron sand to provide you a perfect experience. It is covered with PVC to make it last longer. So, you can say that this GOPLUS heavy bag stand along with the kit serves multifunctional purposes.

  • Adjustable height
  • Durability
  • Speed bag included
  • Lag screws & washers are not included in the kit


Perfect for beginners & professionals both; this GOPLUS punching bag kit along with a speed bag is a prerequisite for your skills & techniques of a drill.

Ringside headshot Powerhide punching bag

Our Score 8.3 out of 10
Ringside Head Shot Powerhide Punching Heavy Bag
Ringside Head Shot Powerhide Punching Heavy Bag amazon.com Check price

The perfect size and weight to develop clean, crisp and accurate head punches - Size: 15" x 18" Weight: Approximately 50-55 pounds
Rounded shape naturally accommodates uppercuts, hooks and straight...

There can be a number of bags in the market to practice punching techniques, body-shots, kicking & uppercuts but no one can match this headshot power hide punching bag for uppercuts. Weighing 55 lbs. & 15’’ into 18’’ in dimensions, this amazing bag gives you a rock-hard feel for your punch. The reverting back speed of this bag is very nice & smooth so you can practice bobbing & ducking under too.

Designed remarkably this Ringside headshot punching bag is adequate to practice your head punches in a fairly efficient manner. The shape of this punching bag is perfectly round hence as beginner hooks & straight punches can be practiced too. The round shape punching bags are worthy in practicing the uppercut punches from different angles as they present the best feel, density & weight. So you can deliver hard punches & then duck under or slide to another side to practice some professional boxing skills. Hence half of the punching bag techniques can be delivered by this amazing ringside headshot punching bag. Powerhide uses tough material in the manufacturing of this hence it can with-stand heavy punches & offer you to have an amazing cardio exercise. Delivering you a platform to practice for Muay Thai, MMA & boxing; this bag is an all-rounder which is serving many purposes for such low-budget. Also, space can be a no problem for this round small bag. The whole kit also includes a chain & swivel along with a heavy bag.

  • Tough powerhide material
  • Rock-hard feel for punches
  • Perfect round shape
  • Low punches & kicks cannot be practiced


Practice your clean, crunchy & rock-hard punching techniques in this Ringside headshot power hide punching bag that serves you best with its uppercut feature & sturdy material.

Ringside Powerhide large boxing punching bag

Our Score 8.0 out of 10
Ringside Large Leather Boxing Punching Heavy Bag, 130 lb
Ringside Large Leather Boxing Punching Heavy Bag, 130 lb amazon.com Check price

Soft Shredded textile filling provides a comfortable hitting surface.
No more sore knuckles or hands and helps reduce muscle strain on wrist, elbows, and shoulders.
Bag weighs 125-130 lbs.

The amazing feel & quality of this punching bag make this a suitable choice for many of the beginners & professionals both. This Ringside Powerhide punching bag is finished through a supreme quality powerhide material that makes it last long & adds to its strength & sturdiness. This synthetic leather material gives you a feel of real leather in a low budget. Hence this outer shell of this bag is a label of its worthiness on its own. Powerhide has filled this bag with a 2’’ foamy material but gives you a sturdy hard feel on the punch. Hence, you must want it to hit it but with strong boxing gloves. As a beginner or professional both, you must take good care of your punching angles & techniques to avoid any injury. Next is the mounting material that comes along the kit which makes this product worth buying. The kit includes a heavy punching bag, chain assembly, swivel & a D-ring. All this equipment is finished through a top-notch quality material that assures its toughness & ability to hold a heavy bag firmly.

Another noticeable feature of this Powerhide heavy bag is its size. The 14’’ into 42’’ dimensions makes it possible for a beginner to practice some low-kicks as well. This will save your costs to buy two punching bags for different purposes. Hence, this Ringside power hide large punching bag is the best worth of its money with all its amazing features.

  • High-quality finishing material
  • Mounting equipment is durable
  • Low-kicks are also practicable
  • A bit harsh surface


The best you can buy in a moderate budget is this Ringside Powerhide punching bag that assures you of its quality & toughness with the amazing power hide material.

MaxxMMA 13” punching bag

Our Score 7.5 out of 10
MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Water/Air Heavy Bag, Uppercut Workout Grappling MMA Punching Bag (Black/Neon Yellow)
MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Water/Air Heavy Bag, Uppercut Workout Grappling MMA Punching Bag (Black/Neon Yellow) amazon.com Check price

Ideal for 4 different workouts mode: Heavy bag mode, Fitness mode, Uppercut bag mode, MMA dummy ground training mode
This bag is perfect for grappling, throwing, training, fitness and MMA ground an...

This 13” punching bag from MaxxMMA is an excellent example of strength and durability. This is not just a punching bag it’s more than that, means you can use this bag for 4 different modes, i.e., fitness mode and heavy bag, you can use it as an uppercut mode and finally for MMA dummy ground training. The air and water combination of the bag gives you an excellent punching experience. The heavy bag mode allows you to punch the bag vertically.

The bag is made up of a high-quality synthetic leather shell which indicates the quality of the bag. The bag also has a water-resistant film to increase the life span. The out shell of the bag is also made up of synthetic leather along with reinforced cross webbing at the bottom. The bag has different water and air chambers to offer quality adjustability in weight. This is one of the best punching bags you can ever have.

  • Water and air combination
  • Durable bag
  • Multiple training modes
  • The bag is shipped unfilled
  • Some may not like air/water combination


The MaxxMMA awesome punching bag in the market with unique characteristics,i.e. water and air combination. This combination gives you an amazing punching experience which you cannot feel from any other bag. The different modes of the bag allow you to practice yourself in multiple ways. The heavy and quality material of the bag makes it worth buying.

Overall Conclusion

Punching bags are of different types, shapes & quality. All are employed to develop some punching & kicking skills & techniques. Apart from evolving skills, punching bags provide you the best cardio exercise even at your home. Hitting a punching bag hard can relieve your anxiety, fear & nervousness. It can help you to develop the focus & ability of self-defense. The above mentioned are some of the best products so far to advance towards all such skills. So, as a beginner choose the right choice for you by completely looking at all the pros & cons.

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