It is important for you to swim in a pool that is full of crystal clear pure water instead of dirty water. To get such healthy water to swim, a device must be employed to purify it. The sand filters are such devices that are used to provide you germ-free water by filtering all the waste material out of it.

A sand filter works by the mechanism of sieving the water through the smaller holes of sand. To get the water through this device, the swimming pool pumps are the additional item you need to have. The swimming pool pump can propel the water through the sand filter to clean out the debris. Moreover, in a type of skimmer pool, the skimmer system will help you to filter out larger particles. And when the water reaches the sand filter, it gets seeped down through the sand. This oozing down through the smaller hovels can get you pure water in the end. We have compiled some of the best sand filters for above ground pools in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Explaining the working of the sand filter, there are six settings or options that must be discussed. The first & foremost is the filtration process that cleans out most of the parts of water. The next setting is named as the waste cleaning. This setting is employed for the purpose of cleaning the water from hard waste. Another one is the back-wash process. This unique feature lets you clean the device when necessary. Water is flushed through the device in the opposite direction to let the debris & dirt out of the device to increase its life. This must be done once a week to save your device from the jamming its drainage holes.

After back-washing, the next process is the rinsing. This setting helps you to settle down the sand in its original position & ensure its proper working ability again. This water flushing out of the device in this step is drained out into the sewer system. Another set is the circulation that is under consideration. This is the simplest process that just circulates the water from the pool pumps into the pool again without running through the sand filters.

The last setting that can be employed when complete servicing the pool. In this setting, the pool pumps create the pressure as you close all the ports of the sand filter for a few seconds. After creating pressure, the sand filter works more efficiently.

Sand filters are great at reducing the cost of the maintenance of the pool. As these devices are cleaning & purifying the water, the pool walls can be saved from getting worn out. Moreover, the waste material will not affect your quality products including walls, water pipes & drainage systems. Furthermore, after cleansing the water through the sand filters, you don’t need to spend much on other disinfection processes. This can also reduce the usage of chemicals to clean the water & in return this pool water will be beneficial for your health. However, the only care you need to employ is the cleaning of your sand filter equipment on a regular basis. If you are thinking to get the sand filtration system for your pool, you are on the right spot. For our readers we have brought four best kinds of sand filters, just have a look:-

Best Sand Filters For Above Ground Pools (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.9 Out of 10
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Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter

Our Score 9.7 out of 10
Intex 26651EG 16-Inch 3000 GPH Above Ground Pool Sand Filter Pump with Automatic Timer and 6-Function Control
Intex 26651EG 16-Inch 3000 GPH Above Ground Pool Sand Filter Pump with Automatic Timer and 6-Function Control Check price

SAND FILTER PUMP: The 16-inch Intex Krystal Clear sand filter pump with Hydro Aeration Technology improves circulation and filtration, improves water clarity, and increased negative ions in the wat...

A complete & cost-efficient way to clean the pool water by the introduction of back-washing principles; this Intex Krystal Clear sand filter is at your service by providing a high flow rate of 3000 GPH. This sand filter is equipped with all the basic 6 settings or functions including filtration, backwashing, rinsing, circulating & the drain closing system also. This 6 functioning system can provide you with an all-in-one device that can serve you every task regarding water cleaning. Moreover, featuring a unique attribute in this device is the automatic timer that provides you a worry-free experience. As you don’t need to timely turn on & off the device. Further, this feature lets you turn the sand filter pump on for a continuous of 12 hours.

Some additional features include are the strainer basket. This basket can be employed for the pre-filtration process. To reduce the inconvenience, the suitable size hoses (38mm) are also being provided along with the package of the device. Moreover, the pressure gauge is there to provide you with readings of water pressure. Apart from all these functions, one major advantage is that it falls on the standard of Hydro Aeration Technology. This technology provides you with a better-quality circulation & overall process. In return, a better & efficient cleansing process is being provided by this Intex Sand filter. Furthermore, it enhances the water quality & increases the anions at the surface of the water to repel the dust & debris. For more comfort, a 25 feet long cable is added so you don’t need to join too many connections. So, this sand filtration system is no doubt worth buying.

  • Hydro Aeration Technology
  • Timer system
  • 6 functioning control
  • Flow rate is lower than others


Equipped with the advanced Hydro Aeration Technology, this Intex Krystal Sand filter pump is featuring all the certain features for pool cleaning.

Intex Krystal Clear 2150 GPH Sand Filter

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Intex Krystal Clear 2150 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation) for Above Ground Pools, 110-120V with GFCI
Intex Krystal Clear 2150 GPH Sand Filter Pump & Saltwater System with E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation) for Above Ground Pools, 110-120V with GFCI Check price

Designed for use with above ground pools from 4,800 to 15,000 gallon capacity
110-120V with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
16 and No.34; Tank diameter; 0.75 hp motor; Pump flow rate 2650 g...

This Intex Krystal clear 2150 GPH sand filter provides you with a functioning system of one or more filter pump to form a hybrid sand filter pump for efficient functioning. This innovative & effectual sand filter pump can be employed for every size above ground pools ranging from 4500 to 15000 gallons. So, this device will be by your side even if you plan to upgrade your pool size. A simple low-weight sand filter pump (52 lbs.) that will provide no worries if you’re shifting to another corner of your backyard.

This device comes with the most advanced Ground Fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) which can automatically shut down the device whenever it is overloaded. Hence, a heavy-duty device that helps you in reducing the cost of your pool maintenance by cleaning the debris &dust including bacteria & other germs also. Moreover, apart from having a robust body, this device is also featuring a powerful & energetic electric motor which even don’t need a transformer to alter the voltage. This motor serves a capacity of 0.95 Hp. which is more than enough to create pressure for water filtration. Apart from being a powerful motor, this device is completely noise-free. The pressure gauge that is employed within this apparatus is completely convenient to read & hence it is a better deal as it informs you to clean the equipment at the proper time. Moreover, a major & a unique feature of this device is the electro-catalytic oxidation which diminishes the bad chlorine effects.

  • GFCI technology
  • Chlorine reducing ability
  • Powerful motor
  • Sand not included in the package


Equipped with all the distinct features & attributes, this Intex Krystal Clear sand filter is all that you need for an efficient pool water cleaning.

Rx Clear Radiant Sand Filter

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Rx Clear Radiant Sand Filter | for Above Ground Swimming Pools | 19 Inch Tank | 6-Position Valve | Comes with 1.5 Inch Threaded Connections | 175 Pound Sand Capacity | Up to 21,000 Gallons
Rx Clear Radiant Sand Filter | for Above Ground Swimming Pools | 19 Inch Tank | 6-Position Valve | Comes with 1.5 Inch Threaded Connections | 175 Pound Sand Capacity | Up to 21,000 Gallons Check price

CLEAN AND SAFE POOL WATER – This pool filter is designed to handle the filtration needs of many of today's swimming pools. It provides an efficient, easy-to-use operating system that will assist in...

This advanced & fully-featured Rx Clear Radiant Sand Filter is providing you an effectual yet simple method to cleanse the water of your pool. The major feature of this apparatus is its one-piece tank that accepts every brand’s water pump to perform its cleaning function. This sand filter is designed in such a way as to deal with the modern era pools as it featured with the blow-molded tank that supports the cleaning of every type of pool. Furthermore, the internal design is so well-furnished & a 3-years warranty is proving its worth.

The overall setup of this Rx Clear Radiant Sand filter is very easy to install & a 6 functioning technology is here to provide you with all the aspects regarding pool water cleaning. The equipment can hold 170 lbs. to 180 lbs. of sand (filter medium) to disinfect every milliliter of pool water. The complete package of this apparatus has everything in its box including 4 boxes of Clear luster media, zero clear filters (88 lbs.) & also a 20 silica sand that will provide with utmost sanitizing experience.

Moreover, the luster media that is used in this Clear Radiant Sand Filter is a much more convenient & expedient way to capture dust & debris without clogging & back-washing. Also, this material is less toxic & way lighter than the sand. It comes with an amazing feature of filtering out the particles having a size of 3 microns. Hence, this complete setup is providing you a much easier way to clean the above-ground pools even up to 21000 gallons.

  • Easy to install
  • Diverse Filter media options
  • Blow-molded tank
  • Valves aren’t reliable enough


Fulfill your sanitizing needs with the complete care of this Rx Clear Radiant Sand Filter that proves its worth with all the unique attributes.

Sand Master Soft Sided Sand Filter

Our Score 8.4 out of 10

Made with the top-notch quality material this Sand Master Soft Sided Sand Filter is considered the most effective & reliable way for cleaning above ground pools. This sand filter, with all the modern-day functioning attributes, is performing well in the market. It is designed to clean a pool of about 9600 gallons. Moreover, this apparatus is equipped with a powerful motor working on the 115 V & providing efficiency of 20 GPM to decontaminate your pool’s water. The powerful pump can increase efficiency by creating a pressure flow of water through the device.

The most advanced feature for this Sand Master Soft Sided Sand Filter is the 4 position functioning valve that works fine to clean the dust & debris of all types from the pool water. This multiport valve system is also an effectual way to support the long life of your equipment & saves much of your effort as you don’t need to clean it after a few days. Additional features include a proof-filter tank which is covered with a corrosion-free coating to increase the life span & this proof tank is also rust-free.

Furthermore, the sand holder can hold up to 42 pounds of the sand medium that can filter a large amount of water per minute. Apart from all these technical functionalities, this Sand Master sand filter is easy to employ & you do not need complicated instruction to follow. With a 1 year warranty period, this device is the ultimate & a budget-friendly solution to your pool cleaning problem. It also comes with the necessary fitting equipment.

  • 12-inch corrosion-free tank
  • 20 GPM pump
  • Multiport valves
  • No On/Off switch


An example of exceptional craftsmanship, this Sand Master Soft Sided Sand Filter is leading in its functionalities.

XtremepowerUS 2640 GPH Sand Filter

Our Score 8.0 out of 10
XtremepowerUS 2640GPH 13" Sand Filter w/ 3/4HP Digital Programmer Timer Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Set
XtremepowerUS 2640GPH 13" Sand Filter w/ 3/4HP Digital Programmer Timer Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump Set Check price

💦Sizable Capacity - This sand filter pump is housed in a one-piece 13-inch tank with a capacity of 42 pounds of sand that can filter above ground pools up to 10,000 gallons
💦Low Noise Design - This...

This XtremepowerUS 2640 GPH Sand Filter is all ready to assist you in a comfortable and perfect swimming experience by offering you a higher size capacity. The 13-inches tank deals with a total of 42 pounds of sand capacity, which ensures you a flawless cleaning experience and provides crystal clear water, free from any kind of impurities. Furthermore, this above ground pool sand filter has the power to deal with the larger swimming pools as well. It can filter 10000 gallons of water quickly. The low noise is another unique attribute of the device that lets you employ the device for the whole day without any disturbance around you.

The intelligent internal mechanism keeps the sand level higher enough to expose it with water to provide the maximum efficiency as no drop flow out without passing through the sand filter. These factors contribute towards the optimum filtration along with the consistent performance and backwashing as well. Backwashing ensures you the longer life span of the filter as you don’t need to change the sand more often. The device is completely easy to use and has the 4-way valve to deal with the in and outflow. Moreover, the kit comes with the 3-prong plugs, electric cable, and manual guide as well. You’ll need 5 minutes to start the first time operation.

  • Efficient water flow
  • Backwashing feature
  • All accessories included
  • May require maintenance often


This sand filter from XtrempowerUS is no doubt very powerful which is capable of filtering 10,000 gallons of water quickly and easily.  The simple operation of the filter and quick start features makes this sand filter better than other similar brands.

Overall Conclusion

Sand Filters are the best & efficacious way to keep your pool water decontaminated & suitable for everyone’s skin type & health. As the unclean & tainted water can cause allergy & serious illnesses to the swimmers. Moreover, the usage of chemicals & other disinfectants can further complicate the situation as it can be dangerous for some skin-sensitive persons to swim in that type of pool. So, to reduce the toxicity of chemicals in pool water the sand filters are here to cleanse the dust & debris of pools. There are certain products having all the attributes to sanitize the pool water. Choose accordingly by looking at the pros & cons.

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