Gaming is one of the most highly rated hobbies of all teens nowadays. And other than the teens, even the young-adults are growing more passionate about spending their time in their gaming passion. Now that’s not very unfamiliar, as almost everyone has experience gaming with Xbox or other similar gaming devices in their childhood days. However, one can’t compare the newly familiar and less advanced gaming experience we had back then. Since almost all of the gaming technologies have advanced over time. And now if we look at the Xbox upgrades and the advanced games present in the market today; one can only imagine how boring or dull the past gaming era would have been. Also, additionally on the gaming passion nowadays, there are more and more ways one can consider gaming a full-time passion for them. We have compiled some of the best size TVs for gaming Xbox one in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

With the introduction to gaming contests and tournaments being a constant opportunity for gamers to continue their passion as a full-time future-oriented goal – one can surely consider the gaming future to have a high scope too. But before we do go on and consider our passion for gaming enough to get us going; we must have other necessary stuff managed too. This necessary stuff simply means gaming technology and options; that is according to our gaming level, our capacity, and our interests. And when you’ve got an Xbox one to serve your gaming passions and just the perfect games that are trending; its time you arrange a suitable TV too.

Now the numerous varieties and brands of TVs present in the market today can certainly leave you confused and stuck on what you should invest in. But since this era is mainly about being smart and advanced, why not make the most out of our gaming passion with the best Smart TV options? Now one can certainly also get confused in terms of buying a Smart TV since the variety in that is even wider and completely fascinating – making you go for different options without having a clear view of them. But that’s not something you should be worried about; as we’re already here to help you get through this. With the help of the below reviewed best size TV for gaming with Xbox one, you can certainly make quality and longer serving decision for yourself. And since these are smart TV’s there’s no way you would regret the option you decide to invest in.

So now that we have all that discussed, are you ready to make the most out of your gaming passion and Xbox one with just the perfectly sized and efficiently serving TV? Well, if you are, then let’s just go ahead and start discovering the best options below.

Best Size TVs For Gaming Xbox One (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.3 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
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Samsung UN65RU7300FXZA Smart TV

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Samsung UN65RU7300FXZA Curved 65-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model)
Samsung UN65RU7300FXZA Curved 65-Inch 4K UHD 7 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model) Check price

4K UHD PROCESSOR: Powerful 4K UHD processor optimizes your TV’s performance by upscaling every show, season, and scene with 4K picture quality
ENHANCED DETAIL WITH HDR: 4K depth of detail with high...

What makes this smart TV good option for gaming purpose? This Samsung  UN65RU7300FXZA Smart TV comes with a powerful 4K UHD processor that optimizes the performance of the TV and lets you enjoy every single scene in a high 4K quality of the picture. With the presence of a high dynamic range in this smart TV, you can enjoy 4K depth of details with the clear shaded of color. This lets you enjoy a more detailed picture quality in comparison to what an HDTV provides you with.

This Smart TV consists of PURCOLOR, i.e. millions of shades of colors; which allows you to enjoy a more vibrant, and anticipating picture quality – making it superior to what an HDTV delivers.

With this Smart TV, you get a virtue of smart and easy-to-access features that allows you to enjoy quality entertainment time through it. These advanced features includes an on-screen universal guide (so that you can easily find live TV shows and streaming content), an OneRemote that helps you control all the compatible devices with the TV, Alexa that lets you expand your smart speaker, Google Assistant to achieve better usage quality, and a lot more.

With the presence of the audio depth enhances on this TV’s curved screen design; you can fully enjoy immersive viewing with a touch of exceptional luxury added to it. The extremely slim and high-quality decent outlook of this Samsung Smart TV makes it a perfect and highly adjustable entertainment feature, in any and every type of interior holding room. The outclass picture quality and the curve design of this Smart TV bring every picture or media live; giving you the satisfaction of having a quality time viewing on it.

  • Curved design
  • Slim making
  • Vibrant colors and shades
  • High definition display
  • Doesn’t comes with a mount option
  • Contains many Samsung additional apps


If you’re looking for a perfect smart TV that isn’t just all about the looks and designing (which is quite classy in this too), and simply wants to bring your gaming experience to the next level; then this Samsung Smart TV is certainly what you should invest in.

Sony XBR-65A9G Smart OLED TV

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
Sony XBR-65A9G 65 Inch TV: MASTER Series BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility
Sony XBR-65A9G 65 Inch TV: MASTER Series BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility Check price

OLED + PIXEL CONTRAST BOOSTER: Millions of individual pixels are supercharged for more vibrant colors to complement absolute OLED black.
MASTER OF QUALITY: Faithfully conveys creator’s intent on sc...

Now what makes this smart OLED TV perfect for gaming? Let’s find out.

This Sony XBR-65A9G Smart TV gives you a picture quality having vibrant colors on an absolute OLED black screen; with the help of the millions of supercharged individual pixels. This gives an extremely classy viewing experience to anyone and everyone.

With the creators intended to portray the best picture quality on the screen, you will surely witness an experience that is highly memorable and worth the investment. This Smart TV includes one of Sony’s best processors that analyzes the content efficiently, and as a result, you get the best of OLED’s intense contrasts of natural colors and peak brightness on pure black. For smarter and advanced user experience, you can control your TV and smart home device’s functions through your voice. This and the addition of Google Assistant, both allow you to avail easy and fast search access of movies shows – while also providing you answers and managing your tasks; just that way.

Since this smart TV works smoothly with Alexa, you can simply ask it to play music, launch video apps, turn up the volume, and perform other tasks easier for you on the smart TV, means your can perform multiple tasks like this. Furthermore, the presence of a TRILUMINOS Display, you can certainly view just what the creator intends to present on your screen with advanced colors and gradation added. For effortless smart home management and content streaming, you can easily integrate your iPhone and Siri devices on this Smart TV and make the most out of its smart working.

With this smart Sony TV, you can be sure to perform the least out-of-the-box adjustments, while having it instantly ready to serve you with its smart working and enriching picture quality. Its one of the top class smart TV available out there.

  • Easy to setup
  • Outclass picture quality
  • Made with Grade A OLED Panels
  • Alexa control option
  • Doesn’t have an intuitive home page layout


This Sony Smart TV is certainly one of the most anticipating and high-quality images providing OLED Smart TV that makes you forget everything with its amazing color view on a completely black display.


Our Score 8.8 out of 10
Samsung QN55Q60RAFXZA Flat 55'' QLED 4K Q60 Series (2019) Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility
Samsung QN55Q60RAFXZA Flat 55'' QLED 4K Q60 Series (2019) Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility Check price

SMART TV WITH UNIVERSAL GUIDE: Simple on-screen Guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows
100% COLOR VOLUME WITH QUANTUM DOTS: Powered by Quantum dots, Samsung’s 4K QLED TV o...

This Samsung QN55Q60RAFXZA Flat 55” Smart TV comes with a simple on-screen universal guide feature that lets you easily find the streaming as well as live content.

With its 100% color volume powered by quantum dots, you can certainly enjoy billions of shades of brilliant color with 100% volume with this Samsung’s 4K QLED TV. This advanced and quality feature ensures that you can enjoy the depth of detail in the picture while availing an exceptional experience with this Smart TV. The presence of an intelligently powered Quantum processor in this Smart TV provides you with an up-scaled content of up to 4K with its sharp details and refined colors overall.

For outstanding picture realism on every viewing experience, this smart TV’s 4K depth of detail along with the high dynamic range is powered by HDR10+. This provides you with colors ranging from lightest to darkest, in every scene.

To complement the overall interior of the living space you place this Smart TV in, you can use its black screen to portray eye-catching visuals of décor, info, photos, and artwork. With this; even when you aren’t viewing a show or content on your Smart TV, it can still serve you indefinitely.

With this Smart TV, you can enjoy a variety of differently serving and ease-adding features. This includes the presence of OneRemote for controlling all the compatible devices with the TV, the smart Bixby voice command, the decent on-screen universal guide, the SmartThings that helps you control compatible appliances and devices at your home, the expandability feature of a smart speaker with Alexa, the compatibility with Google Assistant, etc. The extremely fast and smooth working of all apps and features on this Smart TV allows you to experience a quality viewing experience on it.

  • Apps and features function fast
  • Contains numerous smart features
  • Outstanding picture quality
  • Multiple user friendly options
  • Doesn’t comes with a mounting option


If you’re looking for a smart TV that doesn’t just look smart but rather also serves you with its extremely smart features, it’s fast and smooth working, and its high quality (quite remarkable) picture quality; then this one is certainly what you should invest in.


Our Score 8.5 out of 10
LG OLED55GXPUA Alexa Built-In GX Series 55" Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV (2020)
LG OLED55GXPUA Alexa Built-In GX Series 55" Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV (2020) Check price

GALLERY OLED DESIGN: Bezel-less design. Impossibly thin. No gap from screen to wall. LG OLED TVs are designed, crafted, and engineered to put the spotlight on your content, yet complement your home...

This smart TV is gem. The eye-catching and art-inspired OLED design of this LG OLED55GXPUA OLED Smart TV provides you with a perfectly lined and bezel-less design. The impossibly thin making ensures that you find no gaps from the screen of the TV to the wall; as it is specially designed, crafted, and engineered in a way that you don’t just get quality content on-screen but overall as part of your home’s interior too. With the presence of millions of pixels that emit their light, you can enjoy the ease of turning pixels completely and independently off. And so, you can enjoy stunning pictures with billions of rich colors on the screen.

For easy and smart entertainment access, this Smart TV lets you hover on apps for personalized entertainment recommendations, easily finding anything you need, accessing different apps.

The A9 GEN 3 AI Processor 4K present in this Smart TV provides you with excellent viewing and hearing experience that is better, clearer, smoother, and highly dynamic. Also, with the presence of the AI Picture Pro, the AI Sound Pro, the AI 4K up-scaling, and the time-evolving ability of the TV – you can be sure to avail automatic function controlling of this Smart TV.

This LG OLED TV is specifically built for gaming purposes; giving you a high-quality picture viewing as it is AI-powered. Also, the presence of gaming features and latest techs like NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync; all provide you with less lagging, highly refreshing, and incredibly smooth, and responsive gaming experience. Since this Smart TV comes with a power cable, remote control, and a stand to fit according to your needs, you can be sure to instantly install it and set it in any desired location with ease.

  • Exceptionally stunning pictures
  • Self-lighting OLED pixels
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Installing takes time


This LG OLED Smart TV is certainly one of the best and highly suitable gaming TV options you can invest in. Also its high-quality design and eye-catching picture quality make it a perfect long-term investment option.

Overall Conclusion

Buying a perfectly sized TV for serving your gaming needs is very important, as the better and suitable the size and quality of the TV would be, the better you’d be able to achieve a quality experience. And because of this, it’s always better and highly important that we don’t just look for cheap or just fine options of TV, but rather the ones that would serve us effectively in the long-run. Now for that, what can be a better option other than a Smart TV, right? So go ahead, and pick the one that suits your criteria from the above-mentioned best-sized TV for gaming.

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