Although solar panels are designed to absorb the heat from the sun and turn them into electric power to be used as an alternative source of energy but sometimes their performance or efficiency decreases and due to extra hot weather conditions and panels may not work in the desired manners as they should do. Excessive heat from the sunlight can be troubling for the solar panel and their mechanism disrupt and they may not be able to work routinely.  It is true that solar panels runs with sun light but extreme or very high sunlight can also slow down the working of your solar panel particularly when you are using cheap and an ordinary brand panels. We have compiled some of the best solar panels for high temperatures in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Rising temperatures pose a threat to the solar panel circuit and create resistance in the internal circuit of the solar panel. The sustainability of the solar panels depends on several things as each panel carries different features and their efficiencies vary from brand to brand. It is believed by some experts that the solar panels work better in mild temperatures rather than hot climate. When the severe heat along with the light from the sun hits the solar panel, it moves electrons from the resting state to the exciting state that is not good for the solar panels as it does create that much power that conveniently transforms sunlight into DC energy and ultimately negatively impacts the performance of the solar panels. In this regard less reliable (cheap) and ordinary panels suffer the most.

If you are living in extremely hot weather conditions then you need to find better solar systems that can work in your area. There are different types of solar panels that you need to go for when dealing with extremely hot weather conditions. There are mainly two types of solar panels that come to the market, one is using thin-film solar cells and other uses crystalline silicon solar cells. Thin-film solar cells perform relatively low in hot weather conditions, whereas crystalline silicon solar cells perform better in high temperatures and they don’t easily bend when mounted on the solar panel.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right type of solar panels because of a lack of knowledge about the products, confusion with the marketing campaigns by the companies, and availability of a wide range of products available on the market. It is better to take help from the reviews of the products to find out the best solar panels from plenty of options available.

To make it easy for you to pick the best solar panels for high temperatures, we have worked out some of the high performing solar panels that you can use in extreme temperatures. You can check their features, design, construction, pros and cons, reliability, and prices to buy the right type of solar panel that works in the hottest weather and is durable to sustain the tough weather conditions for a long time. Check out some of the best solar panels for high temperature as below:-

Best Solar Panels For High Temperatures (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
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Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt Briefcase Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watt Briefcase Monocrystalline Solar Panel Check price

Lightweight, 200-watt monocrystalline solar panel with briefcase folding enclosure
Features rigid, anodized aluminum and tempered glass construction
Ideal for camping, emergency, or off-grid situat...

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Watts briefcase type provides a high-powered 200 Watt solar panel that is small, compact, and reliable to power up several devices. The lightweight solar panel offers is foldable and can be packed up like a briefcase to transport from one place to another and give the best use in outdoor settings. It carries sturdy construction made up of anodized aluminum which does make it look impressive, durable and long-lasting.

The solar panel is suitable for high power devices and portability, this 200Watt solar panel can become a source of power for many high-consuming energy devices. It is ideal for camping, hiking, event management, and off-grid uses.

This panel also equips kickstands and provides mounting brackets to use the panel in multiple ways. Whether it is to be used over the top of the rood or RV installation permanently, it can easily be used either way.

The solar panel adds two 100W panels hinged together and pack like a briefcase. It comes with a protective canvas bag that makes it easy to carry anywhere around.  It doesn’t need charge controllers or extra cables and simply connects with the portable power station to store and transmit power to be used anywhere.

The panel equips monocrystalline cells which deliver high efficiency and gives optimal usage even in the extreme temperatures. Moreover, its weather-resistant construction can make it a favorite solar panel to use anywhere around the world as it can sustain in adverse conditions.

Its less weight and ideal dimensions are great when folded. This waterproof solar panel can withstand water, dust, and snow. It is a highly rated solar panel that can power up all of your appliances at once.

  • Convenient folding feature
  • Easy to Use
  • Good customer support
  • Highly efficient and useful
  • It is an expensive solar panel


Goal Zero is a portable, handy, and highly efficient solar panel that gives an easy connection to power up devices while camping without the support of grid-backup. No extra cables needed for the operation. It comes with 12-months limited time warranty as well. It is one of the most recommended solar panel.

Zamp Solar Legacy Series 90-Watt Portable Kit

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
Zamp solar Legacy Series 90-Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit with Integrated Charge Controller and Carrying Case. Off-Grid Solar Power for RV Battery Charging - USP1001
Zamp solar Legacy Series 90-Watt Portable Solar Panel Kit with Integrated Charge Controller and Carrying Case. Off-Grid Solar Power for RV Battery Charging - USP1001 Check price

Handcrafted in the USA; 25-year output warranty; Best-in-class solar cells; Easiest start to solar
No installation required; Includes everything you need; Charges most 12-volt batteries, even lithi...

Zamp solar panel delivers a 90-watt portable solar panel kit with an integrated Charge controller and carrying case along with the purchase. The company advertises the solar panel as handcrafted in the USA with 25 years of huge output warranty and best quality A grade solar cells that give you quick charging.

This solar panel is easy to start, hassle-free, and includes everything that is required for setup.             The installation process is really simple and take few minutes to get it functional. It can charge 12-volt lithium batteries quite conveniently and in less time.

The solar panel is compatible with Zamp solar ready RV ports, carries SAE plug and alligator clips for easy connection which most of the solar panels lack, and that’s why we recommend the solar panel to the customers. Unlike traditional solar panels, it integrates a 10-amp digital charge controller that helps to monitor charging and help to protect the battery.

The solar panel includes all essentials like a 90-watt foldable panel, 10-amp charge controller, a 15-foot cable, and a nylon carrying case to make it portable and useable anywhere. This slim and smart solar panel gives you an efficient solar option that is compatible with Zamp solar kits.

Furthermore, the manufacturer claims to use the finest quality material, receives maximum sunlight due to its tilt placement with the help of pull out legs equipped with the panel. The pull out legs make it sit at an angle allowing it to face maximum sunlight and delivers maximum efficiency.

The solar panel offers a detailed procedure of setting up the solar panel with step to step guide that comes with user manual at the time of purchase so that customers face no issue in setting up and using the panel.

  • Plug and Play ready
  • Durable and foldable panel
  • Integrated charge controller
  • More than 14-foot long cable
  • It’s a newly launched solar panel


This is an innovative, high-quality, and versatile solar panel that includes everything that you need to get off the grid electricity. The easy to set up guide helps you a lot even if you are a newbie, means non-technical users can also install this panel easily without any expert advice. Overall, it’s a very slim, powerful, portable, and great reliable product to have it.

Go Power GP-PSK 130 Portable Solar Kit

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Go Power! GP-PSK-130 130W Portable Folding Solar Kit with 10 Amp Solar Controller
Go Power! GP-PSK-130 130W Portable Folding Solar Kit with 10 Amp Solar Controller Check price

Includes carrying case
130 Watts of power 6.9 ampere DC per hour
Built in 10 ampere solar controller.Rated current:6.7 A.Rated DC voltage:19.7 V
25 year - SAE & XLR-style solar plug adapter

If you have been looking for a solar panel that is highly sustainable in high temperatures, then we recommend Go Power solar panel to you. This is a 130W portable solar kit with folding  feature and includes 10 Amp solar controllers that do most of the job.

This is a highly rated solar panel, carries simple design, high quality construction, and delivers efficient electricity for consumption. It offers a convenient method of battery charge and suitable for temporary use. If you plan to use them on your rooftop make sure you take very good care of them to keep the performance high.

Furthermore, it incorporates an Anderson style battery charging which allows switching the different charging accessories as per your needs and helps to maintain the charging while maintaining RV or trailer battery.

It also incorporates adjustable folding legs to sit anywhere during camping and give it maximum exposure to connect through the sunlight. Thus, the solar panel offers multiple connectivity options and provides a heavy-duty nylon case for the protection of the solar system.

The solar panel incorporates monocrystalline cells that deliver higher efficiency than most of the solar panels available on the market. This is well made solar panel that suits the travelers for camping, fishing, hiking, and various outdoor activities.

  • Sturdy and reliable
  • All-in-one solar panel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent choice for travelers
  • Extension cords are bit small
  • Customer support need some improvements


Go Power offers a reliable, most usable, and highly efficient solar panel for outdoor events. It offers easy setup and has won users’ trust with its quality. If you are a traveler and always looking for a high-quality reliable solar panel then look no further because this product will fulfill all your desired requirements like a pro.

Renogy 200Watt Portable Foldable Solar Panel

Our Score 8.6 out of 10
Renogy 200 Watt Off Grid Portable Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase Built-in Kickstand with Waterproof 20A Charger Controller, 200W-Waterproof
Renogy 200 Watt Off Grid Portable Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase Built-in Kickstand with Waterproof 20A Charger Controller, 200W-Waterproof Check price

Two 100 watt Eclipse Solar panels.
Excellent performance in low-light environments.
20A built-in 5-stage Solar charge controller provides overcharge protection, reducing Fire risk.
Adjustable, Corr...

Renogy offers 200 Watt eclipse-monocrystalline solar suitcase off-Grid portable, foldable panel for personal and commercial use. This Renogy’s 200Watt solar panel receives a lot of praise because of its compact size, portability, and highly efficiency.

It includes two 100Watt solar plates that even work in low lights and high temperatures.  The panel incorporates black mono-Si cells onto the panel with an average efficiency of 22% making it the most efficient and appealing solar panel for the customers.

The solar panel carries all essential features like aluminum frame, water-proof junction box, MC4 connectors, and toughened glass to make the solar panel durable for long use. This is a 20A built-in 5-stage solar panel that incorporates charge controller by default to save the equipment from overcharging and fire risk.

The solar system also carries an adjustable, corrosion-free aluminum stand along with the handle to support the solar panel which offers longevity for use. The solar panel comes with a protective casing and provides alligator clips and connectors for easy connection.

Furthermore, it offers maximum efficiency and improved usability for generating clean energy. It is protected with hazards like electric shocks. The solar panel adds a user manual with the equipment to help customers use the panel anywhere without hassles. The design of the solar panel is highly attractive, besides it offers a connection to more solar panels. Though the solar panel doesn’t equip kickstand and corner protection seal but overall it makes a better choice for the users.

  • High efficiency and durability
  • Reliable and durable
  • Safe from all hazards
  • Portable, lightweight and improved design
  • Stand quality is not up to the mark
  • Performs well but price is bit high


Expect compatibility, durability, and ease of use with the Renogy solar panel. It performs well in the poor weather conditions as well as extreme outdoor conditions and suits the needs of campers. The easy folding and briefcase type features make it great as it takes less space to store it.

Overall Conclusion

Solar panels are great way to get non-stop electricity. All the solar panels we have introduced for our readers are resistant to high temperatures and give maximum output with their efficient design and construction. These solar panels gives our readers a range of options to buy in their budget and save their precious time in searching for reliable and trusted solar panels. You can read detailed features about each solar panel that we have shared here and make up your mind to use the one. These solar panel gives the most rational choices to use while camping, hiking, and fishing.

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