Remember how you felt when you were walking beside a water fountain? That feeling of peace and satisfaction, as well as the exotic vibes that a water fountain provides us, is simply undeniable. Most of the time; we tend to choose the restaurants, locations, parks or similar outdoor places; that have one or two quality interiors included inside. And if that quality interior addition is a water fountain, there are hardly any second thoughts that come in our mind instead, such outdoor locations become our top favorite and most visited ones – by all means. And because everyone loves water fountains, the demand for having water fountains in different places has also increased a lot. This also includes the demand for more and more indoor water fountains as well. Now, this demand isn’t just based on the peaceful vibe that a water fountain gives us, but also on how soothing and catchy interior look they give to our homes and/or offices. And even when you don’t have enough space (or probably too much of it), you’ve got different varieties of wall-mounted, tabletop and floor standing water fountains to choose from. We have compiled some of the best sounding indoor water fountains in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Now, one thing is true for sure, these varieties of water fountains surely add a more vast and advanced perspective of being able to improve the interior and look of our homes and offices; with something as peaceful and catchy as a water fountain. From achieving a natural and peaceful water falling sound that can relax you in minutes and take away all your stresses, adding more beauty to the look of your office and home while ensuring that it’s just complete in every way; indoor water fountains do all that and much more. The sense of calmness that water creates making people come together to feel it; has made it a great option of interior addition that is being used by interior designers for years now.

Now when you’ll include an indoor water fountain, you barely feel like moving away from it and might be spending a great amount of time in the room where the fountain would be present. Besides, the best and most comforting part of having an indoor water fountain is to be able to easily assemble it in your home and get it running with the minimal usage of electricity. So it’s hardly any struggle to keep it running around you 24/7, giving you an all-time feeling of ease and peace in your home or office.

Now since there’s a great number of indoor water fountains available in the market with different prices and designs and believe it or not it really becomes hard to ensure that which one would work out for you, right?

Well, don’t worry about investing in the wrong one here! Because we’re here to enlighten you with the most suitable and pleasing indoor water fountains; that would serve you better and for a prolonged time. So without further ado, let’s just dive in the exploring of these water fountains – so that you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs and make it a source of joy in your home or office’s interior. Let’s have a look below:-

Best Sounding Indoor Water Fountains (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
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BBabe Faux Stone Water Fountain

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
BBabe Faux Stone Patio Water Fountain 33 1/2", Bell 4-Tier Cascading Floor Fountain Indoor Outdoor Waterfall Feature with LED Lights for Home Garden Decor
BBabe Faux Stone Patio Water Fountain 33 1/2", Bell 4-Tier Cascading Floor Fountain Indoor Outdoor Waterfall Feature with LED Lights for Home Garden Decor Check price

Fiber and resin construction ensures the durability of the freestanding fountain, versatile and convenient, this cascading water Fountain is an easy way to bring tranquility and relaxation to any h...

The first fountain that we have on our list is from a source called BBabe. BBabe company is making extra-ordinary water fountains for indoor and outdoor use. In this regard, this faux stone patio water fountain is a perfect addition to enhance the indoor peace and calming atmosphere in your home and/or office. Its fiber and resin construction ensures the durability of this freestanding fountain, making sure it serves you for a long time. The versatile and convenient design of this water fountain makes it easier to develop a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your home. This water fountain contains four tiers to allow gentle cascading of water creating a smooth sound altogether enriching the whole surrounding with a calming ambiance. To mix well in any home as well as garden décor, this floor fountain is created in a contemporary design that is mixed along with some natural elements. Its measurement is just ideal making it a perfect fit in any place around your home or garden; adding charm to the overall outlook of the environment.

Since it is easy to set up as well as maintain, there’s hardly any need to struggle while setting or maintaining it any room or place you would place it at. The feature of built-in led light allows the fountain to light up any dark and quiet place while spreading its peaceful sound everywhere. The re-circulating UL-Listed pump that comes along with the fountain is easily adjustable, giving you the options of easily managing the flow of the water according to your suitability.

  • Comes with a pack of necessary supplies
  • Easy to setup
  • Built-in led lights
  • The pump keeps running without water too


The curves of the fountain are great looking. The fountain also gives you an option to adjust the water level for a better and smoother sound. Overall, great in all aspects. So, if you’re looking for a suitable as well as decent looking indoor water fountain that can add a comforting and peaceful water sound in your atmosphere; then this one’s a perfect investment option that fits with any and every interior easily.

Stone Wave Waterfall Fountain

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
Stone Wave Waterfall 14" Fountain w/LED Light: Small Indoor/Outdoor Water Feature for Tabletops, Gardens & Patios. Hand-Crafted Design. HF-R27-14LT
Stone Wave Waterfall 14" Fountain w/LED Light: Small Indoor/Outdoor Water Feature for Tabletops, Gardens & Patios. Hand-Crafted Design. HF-R27-14LT Check price

✔ DIMENSIONS: 14" Tall x 9" Wide x 7" Deep - WEIGHT: 6.5lbs - COLOR: Slate Grey with Moss-Green and Beige accents
✔ QUICK AND EASY out of the box set up - Perfect water feature for outdoor, gardens...

The second fountain that we have on our list is from Harmony Fountains. Most of their fountains are also great looking in design and their durability is amazing.

This small water fountain fits perfectly on tabletops, gardens, and patios; giving a classy and peaceful outlook. Its dimensions are also suitable for indoors making its size perfect to fit in any small corner or visible spot in your home.

It has slate-grey with moss-green color combination with some beige accents, making it a perfect fit to enhance any room’s overall outlook. It’s out of the box setup is quick and easy, ensuring that anyone can set it up easily. This water fountain is a perfect interior addition for your garden, backyard, deck, patio, porch or any other outdoor location. For durability, this water fountain is made with resin and fiberglass. What adds more uniqueness and creative look in the outlook of this water fountain, is its hand finishing done by skilled artisans. Its light-weight feature makes it easier to carry around and move its location, without facing any struggle. To add a night-time glow, this water fountain contains some shimmering and soft built-in led lights. Its water capacity is about .5 Gal, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about refilling it again and again. Furthermore, it can be easily plugged into a regular electrical outlet, without taking too much of the electricity consumption for working. It also requires low maintenance, due to the variable speed of its recirculating pump. It’s one of the best and highly recommended piece.

  • Classy color combination
  • Easy to setup and carry
  • Stores up to
  • 5 Gal water easily
  • It cannot stand without support


This lightweight and creative looking water fountain can make a peaceful atmosphere while adding a perfect touch of classiness to the overall outlook – despite the location, you place it in. And with all this, it makes a perfect investment option to include in any limited location.

There is one thing to keep in mind. Water may evaporate quickly from the fountains so it is recommended to maintain the water level in the fountain so that a pump remains submerse the whole time. This will prolong the pump’s life.

Kenroy Home Fountain

Our Score 8.5 out of 10
Kenroy Home Rustic Indoor Table Fountain ,19 Inch Height, 10 Inch Width, 6 Inch Ext. with Slate and Copper
Kenroy Home Rustic Indoor Table Fountain ,19 Inch Height, 10 Inch Width, 6 Inch Ext. with Slate and Copper Check price

NATURAL SLATE: Constructed of think and durable slate with a copper finish that gives a unique look to each piece; this fountain is built to withstand inclement weather
DIMENSIONS: This home founta...

The third product is from Kenroy Home. This Single fountain is the perfect water fountain option that can easily withstand in inclement weather while giving a soothing outlook to the overall interior. It is constructed with thin and durable slate along with a finishing of copper; giving a unique and beautiful outlook to enhance the charm of any interior. Its dimensions include a height of 19 inches, a width of 10 inches and a 6-inch extension, making it a perfect size to fit anywhere. For a more appealing look, this tabletop water fountain includes some natural polishes river stones; giving a more subtle look altogether. This water fountain works with optimal pump performance as it is made with industry-leading motors and other components. It comes with an easy to read step-by-step instruction, which makes it a lot easier to assemble the water fountain – for anyone and everyone. The easy access of the pump allows routine maintenance of the water pump and adjusting the water flow; without having to drain all the fountain water present in it. The fancy design and smooth finishing of this tabletop water fountain make it a perfect interior addition to go with any and every interior perfectly. It creates a perfectly peaceful sound while the water inside runs in a zigzag pattern and reaches down to the river-stone filled basin. The suitable size of this water fountain makes it a perfect one to place on any table or shelf you like – creating a peaceful and soothing atmosphere around.

  • Easy to carry and move around
  • Modern construction and durable
  • Simple to install
  • The pump can be noisy


If you’re looking for a classic and quality looking water fountain to be used as either a modern, transitional or casual addition in any interior; then this one is surely perfect. The special polish on the stones keeps it safe from algae. The limited 1-year warranty is also included.

John Timberland Water Fountain

Our Score 8.1 out of 10
Zigzag Natural Slate Lighted Table Fountain
Zigzag Natural Slate Lighted Table Fountain Check price

Natural slate finish.
Pump and light included.
17 1/4" high.
10" wide.
5 1/2" deep.

The fourth and final product is from leading fountains making company i.e. John Timberland.

From serving at home to office and any room you want, this table-top water fountain makes a perfect fit to produce peaceful sounds in the atmosphere. Its perfect dimensions also making it a suitable water fountain to be placed on any size of the table. For easy carrying and moving around, it has a weight minimal weight of 19 lbs. This tabletop Zen fountain from  John Timberland makes a perfect interior addition for either office, kitchen space or any other indoor location. The built-in light which is present in the bottom basin in the water fountain creates a creative effect by lighting up the water flow up to 4 levels. The finishing of the natural slate stone of this water fountain along with the river rick accents, making it a highly durable and quality water fountain. The style and design of the fountain seem unique and antique. It comes with a complete pack of important accessories, including; a water pump, a 6-foot long cord, and a 10-watt halogen bulb. This water fountain is extremely easy to assemble and make use of – for anyone and everyone. Its classic outlook makes it a top-notch interior addition to invest in. It creates highly peaceful and attractive sound effects for anyone to feel comfortable around. It is a perfect indoor water fountain without a doubt.

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Creative and classy outlook with relaxing sounds
  • Perfectly sized as a tabletop fountain
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Too heavy


This perfectly classy designed and durably constructed water fountain ensures that your surrounding is full of a peaceful and calming touch. It’s a perfect interior addition to help release all your day-to-day stresses and spend some quality time in the peaceful sound of water dripping.

Overall Conclusion

Whether you’re looking to add a peaceful addition in your living space or you want to invest in a classic looking interior item; water fountains are the perfect interior options for any and every type of home interior. And since we’ve mentioned some of the best sounding indoor water fountains, it’ll be a lot easier and less time consuming for you to choose one according to your needs. Now it’s time you figure out which one suits you and invest it to experience a soothing and calming ambiance in your living space.

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