Got a pool at home that adds a sense of luxury to your whole home? Well, that is exactly what pools do for you. And whether your house is large or small, having a pool at home can make it complete and a great place to spend our free time daily. This can simply be because most of the homes today don’t have something unique and extra in their interior, which would make it look more interesting and fun to spend time in, right? But what are you worried about, when you have got a pool at your place to enhance the living quality for you and your family. We have compiled some of the best suction pool cleaners for leaves in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Okay, now this might not be enough too; and we get that. Since including anything in your home; whether it’s a pet or a new furnit­­­­­ure item, they all require proper look-after and care to stay the same or to keep benefitting us, right? But when it comes to looking after pools, most of the time we are likely to face hardships when cleaning it. Now I don’t mean to clean the inside of the pool efficiently and closely, but I even mean to refer cleaning the pool and getting rid of the large particles that seem to fall in the water now and then. Wait; don’t go thinking about what these particles can be; as I’m simply referring to leaves as the main concern. Now normally, one would go inside the pool and take the leaves out on there, so that they can clean the pool water and make it clear. But often at times, that’s not an option; since you can’t always go inside the pool and clean it like that. And as a matter of fact, leaves never really help you by not going inside the pool (whether it’s one time a day or 10). Since they can go anywhere with the flow of air, you’re more probably going to find them nowhere other than your pool.

Now don’t worry about having them fill up in your pool water until you can get them out on your own. Know why? Simply because we’re living in the 21st century, and as fast as this era is advancing in everything; it is also giving us various helpful mechanisms to make use of in our daily lives. This includes everything, from the juice making machine to the machines that can automatically close doors for us. And since there are so many amazing and helpful technologies available around us, there’s hardly any need to worry about making an effort on doing day-to-day work. Now since we’re talking about pool cleaning and getting rid of all the hard particles that can be found in the pool water easily; you can utilize helpful mechanisms and smart technologies to clean your pool water without making an effort on your own. And so, to help you find the most suitable ones of such technologies; we’ve aligned a few of the best suction pool cleaners that you can get for yourself. Let’s find out what are these:-

Best Suction Pool Cleaners for Leaves (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
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Zodiac MX6 Suction Pool Cleaner

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
Zodiac Mx6 Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum with Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister
Zodiac Mx6 Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum with Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister Check price

Provides powerful suction and aggressive wall climbing. Intelligent bi-directional navigation to thoroughly clean floor, walls, and waterline. Automatically controls excess flow through cleaner for...

There are so many suction pool cleaners that are fully automatic and assure better cleaning results. But since not all of them perform as good as they say; this Zodiac Mx6 makes it to the list of the best ones with its amazing features. The articulating turbine blades make it easier for the suction pool cleaner to perform it’s task efficiently and clean the pool water with efficiency – even when the flow of the pump is low.

It has an extremely powerful suction technology and wall climbing feature. With the help of its intelligent navigation, the suction pool cleaner can easily and smartly go through the floors, walls, and waterline without any help or assistance; while cleaning it effectively. The efficient operating feature of this pool suction cleaner allows it to control the excess flow of the water and easily work with either variable and/or 2-speed pumps; while performing efficient cleaning. It contains cyclonic leaf catchers that can multiply the results of fastly catching all the leaves inside it and making the pool clean and tidy.

The amazingly strong and dynamic water flow that it creates allows it to keep the canister clean and unblocked from any kind of impurities and debris from blocking the suction of the pool cleaner in any way. The pool cleaner works only with models that are either turbine-driven or of disc style.

  • Has a handle for easy carrying
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • Prevents stripping with its clip attachment
  • It cannot reverse or change direction automatically


this powerful and efficient pool suction cleaner doesn’t only cleans the pool by climbing on the walls, but also ensures that there isn’t any dirt even in places that are in corners or hard to clean for us. The cyclonic leaf catcher features of the device multiply the cleaning results. And besides all this, it works quietly for prolonged hours. It is one of most recommended pool cleaning devices.

Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit

Our Score 8.9 out of 10
Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit with Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Wall/Floor Cleaner and Additional Finned Disc
Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit with Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Wall/Floor Cleaner and Additional Finned Disc Check price

Quiet, powerful suction cleaner; works with low-speed pumps for maximum efficiency.
Devours small and medium-sized debris and cleans floor, walls and steps of your entire pool.
FlowKeeper Valve aut...

Along with the outstandingly unique and attractive design of this suction pool cleaner, it has got a lot more beneficial and highly effective features to offer. Whether you’ve got a huge pool or a small one, the zodiac G3 has its way of cleaning it effectively. This suction pool cleaner performs its task quietly while ensuring that it gives the cleanest and efficient results. For maximum efficiency, it’s better to use this suction cleaner with low-speed pumps. The cleaner also ensures that there isn’t any type of debris left in the pool; whether small or big, while cleaning the walls, floors, and steps of the pool completely. The wheel deflector in this suction pool cleaner allows it to clean the right corners of the pool too, and ensure theirs no dirt left behind. The long-life hoses that are scuff-resistant in this pool cleaner, let it eliminate all the scuff from the pool’s surface while enabling it’s shine and look just as it is.

The Baracuda G3 is a versatile in-ground pool suction cleaner with a unique design. The disc type of design makes it different from other pool cleaning devices. The superior performance from this suction gadget is no match with other similar brands. Now, what other things that make this cleaner unique? i.e, it’s set up, which is super easy and user-friendly. So, it is one of the best, among the best pool cleaner devices.

  • Works quietly ad efficiently
  • Easy to clean the gathered dirt
  • Cleans with great power and faster speed
  • The suction plastic tube can get blocked easily


Since this suction pool cleaner has almost every necessary tool that would be needed to clean every nook and corner of your pool effectively, it’s a perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to invest their own time in cleaning the pool. The best thing about this gadget is its multiple surface cleaning abilities. No matter its concrete, vinyl or tile, the G3 works really well on all. So, strongly advised.

Pool Blaster Hoseless  Vacuum

Our Score 8.5 out of 10
POOL BLASTER Water Tech Leaf Vac, Cordless Battery Powered Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer, Leaf Vacuum is Fast Cleaning and Includes a Heavy-Duty Mesh High Capacity Bag
POOL BLASTER Water Tech Leaf Vac, Cordless Battery Powered Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer, Leaf Vacuum is Fast Cleaning and Includes a Heavy-Duty Mesh High Capacity Bag Check price

HELPS MAINTAIN PH LEVEL: Leaf Vac is a self-sufficient cleaner and does not add any water to the pool which may alter pH and Chemical balance.
CORDLESS: Perfect for quick and easy cleaning on the s...

If you’ve got one too many trees near your pool, or face a situation of having leaves in your pool now and then; then this pool suction cleaner is perfect to help you get rid of the leaves easily. The cordless feature of this suction pool cleaner helps it to clean the pool from the bottom or skim the surface easily and a lot faster. And you don’t need any garden hose or cord to help it function; as it works independently. This leaf vacuum has an all-purpose and extra-large leaf bag that can store a great number of leaves inside it while cleaning the entire pool in a single turn from both the pool bottom and the surface. It works effectively in picking up all the leaves, seeds and twigs right from the floor of the pool as well as the surface. It works automatically. You don’t need to force air inside, pump or hook-up water to ensure that it is working; instead, it only requires pushing a button to work automatically. Since it is powered by an 8-AA battery, it runs continuously for up to 3 hours; ensuring that your pool is completely clean – whether it’s huge in size or small. The hose-less pool vacuum cleaner also can skim the water of the pool completely; if placed upside down.

So, if you are looking for the easiest, simple, efficient and quiet solution for your pool, then, this might be the perfect choice without a doubt, because it works great.

  • Has an all-purpose filter bag reusable filter bag
  • Performs fast cleaning
  • Weight is less
  • Cannot clean the dirt and tiny particles in the pool


If you face the issues of having your pool filled with large unwanted particles like leaves, seeds or other such things; then this pool vacuum is perfect to get the help to get rid of them; without putting in any effort on your own. The cordless function of the device and huge leaf collecting bag makes this device special from other devices. Due to the larger leaf bag, it collects maximum leaves in a single turn. Overall a very good machine.

Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

Our Score 8.1 out of 10
Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner Check price

Smart Nav scans the pool shape and calculates the optimal path for faster, more efficient cleaning
HyperGrip dual tracks for 40% less slippage while climbing walls and stairs
Power scrubs and vacuu...

This efficient and multi-purpose Premier pool cleaner provides clean and clear results of removing all the dust and dirt particles from your pool; even from the hard-to-clean corners and places. The smart nav software inside the cleaner allows it to clean the entire pool smartly by analyzing and scanning the coverage area. It ensures 100% cleaning of the entire pool; including the walls, waterline, floor, and tiles. The hyper grip making of the pool cleaner allows it to have a 40% grip on all the slippery and odd surfaces of the pool. It powerfully scrubs and vacuums all the walls, doors, steps, and waterline; ensuring that the entire pool is cleaned and tidy. With the help of it’s functioning based on DC motors, this pool cleaner saves 90% of the energy while cleaning your pool. A total of 5% of electricity saving per hour can be achieved. With the help of various modes and filters, it contains; one can easily vacuum all the debris, pollen, green algae and leaves from the pool; without making an effort themselves. Effectively cleans the entire pool for prolonged hours, while ensuring that your pool is clean. It contains an anti-tangle technology that doesn’t require any interference while the cleaning; ensuring an uninterrupted and hassle-free cleaning by all means. Has an advanced weekly control feature that makes the cleaner work on its own without having to turn it on and set it up. It contains a smart LED light feature that indicates whenever the cleaner is full of dirt and needs to get empty again.

  • Dual scrubbing and brushes clean every inch of the square
  • Saves up to 90% energy on average
  • It contains four different media/working types
  • The reusable filter bag isn’t easy to clean
  • It can be too wide to clean narrow pools


If you’re looking for an all-in-one powerful pool cleaner that makes it easier for you to clean the pool in every way; from removing the leaves to cleaning the tiny hard particles in the pool, then this is surely the best pool cleaner to have around.

Overall Conclusion

Now, whatever size of pool you have, the leave and dirt cleaning problem is completely not an issue anymore. With so many options of best suction pool cleaners for leaves, you can surely get rid of the struggle of doing it on your own. And since most of them are highly automatic and efficient cleaners, there’s hardly any need of even looking after the machine while it cleans your pool on its own. So now it’s time you make your decision and buy a suitable pool cleaner according to your needs and requirements; so that you can have a completely clean and tidy pool – every day!

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