Even thicknesses and flat sides are no more problematic for the woodworkers with the thickness planer devices. Traditional methods are more costly as well as can crack the wood into the piece while cutting. This can produce useless and uneven cutting of wood slabs which is a waste of money. These wood planer devices are a little more complicated than the simple old machines but can prove worthy as these can save you much of your valuable time.

Most of the people are not familiar with these devices and have no idea how effective and reliable these devices are. Basically, thickness planer devices can cut the woods and trim it to your desired thickness in a single button press. You can set the desired thickness and rest is done by the device itself. These devices are not only cutting the slab of woods but can smoothen it as well. Hence, you can also name it as the surface planer or smoother. We have compiled some of the best thickness planers for the money in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Mainly there are three main components in such devices having individual benefits. First of all, it is a set of rollers. This component helps you to bring the wood slab into the machine and ease the process of traveling. Secondly, the next part is the cutting blades. This part of the planer helps you to decide the cutting thickness of the slab. And the last crucial component is the table which allows the cutter to move according to the roller speed to perform the cutting process efficiently.

One significant advantage of these devices over others is their efficiency even with the more massive wood slabs. These devices have their uses not only on the household basis but also in the industry. These wood planers can cut and smooth the large wood slabs which are later used in construction. Also, there are specific attributes in this device that help you to process even the more massive plates of woods with ease. These devices can cut and trim the wood slabs, so you can easily cut a large chunk into pieces and then feed into the machine for smoothening purposes. After getting the job done, you can glue the parts of the smoothen parts.

Thickness planer devices can make the woodworks more comfortable and cost-free as well. Woodworkers know the techniques to finish the project smoothly. But to get the productive output, all you need is the perfect raw material that goes through the overall process. These devices are better able to provide you with the smooth and even natural wood slabs to finish your desired product within no time.

Be careful when using thickness planers

There is also specific precaution along with the advantages of these devices. Before using the thickness planer, you must wear suitable safety goggles as well as the mask. The dust of left-out particles from the wood can get into your respiratory passageway and can cause a problem. Moreover, your wood slab must be out of any hard or metal object. The planer device can get some harm when coming in contact with such particles. The width must be appropriate according to your device’s appearance as the motor can get over-heat also. If you want to know which thickness planer is good and most effective, then you are exactly on the right spot. Let’s have a look at our top thickness planers:-

Best Thickness Planers For The Money (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.6 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com

DEWALT (DW735X) Thickness Planer

Our Score 9.4 out of 10
DEWALT 13-Inch Thickness Planer - Three Knife, Two speed, DW735X model
DEWALT 13-Inch Thickness Planer - Three Knife, Two speed, DW735X model amazon.com Check price

Your purchase includes One Stationary 13" Planer, in/out feed tables, extra blades and dust hose adapter. Stand is not included.
Planer dimensions: 24” L x 22” W x 18” H. Depth capacity: 6-Inch. Ma...

This efficient yet convenient DEWALT DW735X thickness planer has the perfect design to deal with the large and heavy slab of woods. The cutter consists of three sharp knives in a row that provides an unlimited smoothness one after the other as the wood slab passes through each of them. Also, the three knives/blades are dividing the workload so you can get a longer life span of the blades. To assist the blade’s performance and removal in an efficient way, there lies the perfect vacuum ejection system. This device is capable of providing you with two different speeds to let you decide according to your work. Moreover, the thickness planer device is powerful enough to provide you with an excellent performance without leaving any knots and uneven surfaces on the wood slab.

The device is featuring the power of 15AMP, and the motor rotates at the speed of 20,000 RPM which can even handle the bulk amount work and can cut even the more giant diameter slabs. As already discussed, there are two different speeds available. These two-speed gearboxes are here to help you with the cuts per inches. The measurements for cuts range from 96 to 179 CPI. The structure of the device is also durable and sturdy as it uses the 19-3/4’’ aluminum material in the finishing and the base of the table is far stronger. The table is double in rigidity as compared to the ordinary 10-inches thickness table. Moreover, one of the significant useful features of this device is the automatic carriage lock. This attribute will lock the blades once the desired thickness is achieved without any need for the manual user. Additional features include the removal gauge and an extra set of knives.

  • Three knives
  • Two speeds
  • Carriage lock
  • A bit expensive


This DEWALT DW735X Thickness Planer device is all set with its extra-large turret depth to provide you quality work. Also, the changing of blades on this device is also super easier. The machine is well manufactured so you can use it for years.

WEN 6552T Thickness Planer

Our Score 9.1 out of 10
WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer
WEN 6552T 13 in. 15 Amp 3-Blade Benchtop Corded Thickness Planer amazon.com Check price

Onboard material removal gauge informs users about the cutting depth of each pass
Plane boards up to 6 in. T and 13 in. W
15 Amp motor generates 25,500 cuts per minute at a 26 ft. per minute feed r...

This WEN 6552T thickness planer can reclaim the old slabs of wood and provide you with the brand new finished product with the popular features. The proficient motor of this device featuring 15AMP power can assure you of even cutting and smooth edges by providing 25,500 cuts in a single minute. Also, the feed rate is 16 feet per minute, which means that you can finish your desired product within minutes instead of hours. This device features a large planer capacity which ranges from 13-inches wide and 6-inches in length, so you can easily smoothen the larger blocks of wood.

The feeding system employs the tri-roller which can bear the weight of a large woodblock and can process smoothly. Next to the rollers lies the three sharp blades which can cut your desired thickness and also can smoothen the sides of the slabs. Moreover, there is a feature of reversing these blades, which can even lengthen the life span of existing blades reducing the need to buy new ones. Next is the fine-tuning adjustment that adds worth to this device. You can easily adjust the height of the thickness you want for your project with an adjustment knob. For this specific change, you need to rotate the knob and each time you’ll get a 1/64th inches of precise movement.

The base table is of considerable size and is sturdy to support large industrial projects. This device is equipping both the in-feed and out-feed tables which can help the massive slabs. This attribute also enables the device to maintain the angle of wood slabs, so the rollers need to apply the minimal effort. Additional features include the on-board cleaning, dust hose connection, and fan-assisted dust port to support wet and dry waste.

  • Dust hoses
  • Infeed and outfeed table
  • Less snipe due to rollers
  • Not for less space


You can mount this WEN 6552T Thickness Planer on the ground as well to have more efficient and productive output. One of the best things about this thickness planer is that its blades last longer then you think.


PORTER-CABLE (PC305TP) Thickness Planer

Our Score 8.5 out of 10
Porter-Cable 15 Amps 12 Inches Benchtop Planer (PC305TP)
Porter-Cable 15 Amps 12 Inches Benchtop Planer (PC305TP) amazon.com Check price

8,000 RPM cutter head speed powers 16,000 cuts per minute with a fast 26.2 Ft/Min self-feeding rate
Powerful 120V single phase 15 amp motor for superior stock removal
Two knife, quick change, solid...

The PORTER-CABLE PC305TP thickness planer device is all set to provide you with the superior work quality. The device features a robust and competent 15 AMP motor that has a high rotation per minute of 8000 RPM. This attribute can ease your workload and provide you with the 16,000 cuts per minute, which is higher than any other device in this category.

Moreover, the construction of this device is such that it equips the two knives in a row that are easily removable. The blades have a solid steel finishing that offers precise and sharp cutting and also ensures a longer life span. These attributes contribute towards more quality and splendid woodwork you need to get the prolific outcome.

The knives of this device have a sharp and extra-ordinary design. Both of the blades have high carbon steel in their construction which enables you to increase the efficiency of the work. Moreover, you don’t need to replace them soon so these can significantly reduce the cost and expenses as well. Both of the knives also have a convenient feature as these are double-edged. This can help you considerably as you can rotate the direction of blades once the one side gets rough. You can achieve your desired thickness quickly with these sharp-edged knives by regulating the height. The cutter elevation has already carvings into the column, all you need to do is, to rotate the knob to adjust. This column provides additional stability for the blade as well as improve the cutting precision. The Poly V belt adds to the convenience of this thickness planer that provides a stable drive. Keep in mind that if blades losses their sharpness it is strongly advised not to re-sharpen. Overall, quite effective and worth buying machine.

  • 12-inches porter cable
  • Double-edged knives
  • High carbon steel
  • Sometimes wood can stick in rollers, leaves a mark


This PORTER Cable PC305TP Thickness Planer is ideal for both the home-based as well as industry woodworks with precise measurements. If you want good and accurate results each time, then this machine is for you.

Mophorn Thickness Planer

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Mophorn Thickness Planer 12.5Inch Thickness Planer Woodworking 1500W Double Cutter Benchtop Thickness Planer 15 AMP With Stand Heavy Duty Dust Exhaust for Woodworking
Mophorn Thickness Planer 12.5Inch Thickness Planer Woodworking 1500W Double Cutter Benchtop Thickness Planer 15 AMP With Stand Heavy Duty Dust Exhaust for Woodworking amazon.com Check price

【PREMIUM QUALITY】- 1500W high-power wood planer, with 2pcs(1 set) double cutter blades, all-metal workbench and steel floor stand. With max cutting width of 12.5" (319mm), cutting thickness of 0.2"...

This fully functional Mophorn Thickness planer device offers you the extreme accuracy and precision in cutting and smoothing process of old, rough wood slabs. The 12.5 inches thickness planer is equipping the powerful motor of 18000W, which supports the heavy cutting. Also, to reduce the aberrations, this device provides a smooth finish to the raw wood with an amazing 8m/min of feed rate to get the perfect product. The device also has a soft and sturdy table surface to tackle the bulk amount of industry projects and reduce the damage to your raw material. The table has some extensions which are foldable for secure storage.

Next in the list is the Crank handle that benefits its users in the way as you can adjust the height elevation for your cutter to get the desired thickness. There is the scale in that column which helps you to take the exact measurement while moving the cutter head. Moreover, this device features a design which enables it to feed the wood slabs automatically. This attribute reduces the need of the user manual as it equips the smooth roller to take the piece into the device. You need to enter the material once, and the rest of the work is on the rollers. This Mophorn Thickness Planer has the complete compatibility with the dust exhausts. This feature can help you in cleaning the waste continuously during the work so that the waste material doesn’t rise. This keeps the working environment clean and pure. Furthermore, the heavy-duty steel stand of this device is all set to provide you with the stress-free work as the machine gets no extra vibrations. Additional features are the secure cabling of the equipment.

  • Over current protection
  • Heavy stand
  • Dust exhaust
  • A little heavy


Mophorn Thickness Planer is providing you with the splendid work quality while keeping in the safety limits. The best thing about this machine is that it allows you to easily get the replacement cutting knives.

Overall Conclusion

Thickness planer devices are best at your serving whenever you’re making efforts on the woodworks projects. These devices can reduce much of your annoyance and heftiness as these can take over the cutting and smoothening work. You can cut, divide, smoothen and then attach the parts after processing through these thickness planers which helps you to achieve even wideness. Some products mentioned above have all such features and attribute to help you. You can choose your desired product according to your needs by looking at their detailed features.

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