Well, if you have a large family of 5 to 10 members and you have some guests also coming to your home, you may need a quick-cooking setup. Also, your conventional oven will not cook everything for you at that time. To overcome this frustration, you must need a specialized device that can handle all the cooking chores efficiently and provide you the perfectly cooked food. Yes, we are talking about toaster machines.

There are certain factors that you need to consider while buying toaster devices. First of all, you need to consider the type of food you want to toast. Whether you want the toaster for just heating the slices or making English muffins, if you wish for general use at home, you might go for the standard size. Secondly, you must keep in the working mechanism as some toasters work by convention phenomenon containing a fan to circulate warm air. We have compiled some of the best toasters for English muffins in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The smaller appliances can also be called the mini oven and use electricity to convert it into heat energy. Toasters, in previous decades, were of tiny size and could heat only two slices of bread, but nowadays, these toasters even contain the tray onside to part different cooking foods. This uprising of the toaster assists you be providing several benefits in your kitchen work.

First of all, whenever there are guests around, you may feel that your kitchen will become a little messy as there are a lot of things going on. You have to manage several chores at a single time. For your convenience, the toasters are made smaller in size, which can fit anywhere. You can place different types of trays, or multiple facet tray to cook the oven-related foods.

Easy cleaning and maintenance is another major factor that influences people to replace the conventional oven with toasters. In this busy era, no one has the time to scratch the hard stains from the oven surface. Well, to deal with that, toasters have the metal finish, which can be clean with a single swipe of a cloth. Also, the toaster has effortless access as compared to the other cooking devices which you can clean in minutes.

A lot of people might not know, but these devices are faster. Look at your conventional oven; these might take time to cook or heat a particular food while, on the other hand, the same food can be prepared in toasters in less time. There are several contributing factors to these characteristics. One is the smaller and compact design that can conserve the heat inside.

The toaster device is known to be more cooling as compared to the large ovens or stoves. These toasters equip the smaller size, which can lead to better and economical heating. You won’t heat your kitchen anymore with the excess heat loss. Also, the lesser cooking time as compared to the other heating devices. Furthermore, to conserve the power, there are also some additional features this toaster has, like quick heating and automatic shutdown.

Here in this guide, we have highlighted some of the best toasters, which you can use for various foods, including bread slices, English muffins, and many more.

Best Toasters For English Muffins (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.3 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.8 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.3 Out of 10
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Kitchen Host toaster

Our Score 9.6 out of 10
Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless toaster, 4-Slice, Brushed Stainless Steel
Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless toaster, 4-Slice, Brushed Stainless Steel amazon.com Check price

Stainless-steel housing with a motorized lift
Lcd countdown feature with a blue backlit led function display, Voltage: 120V
Enhanced bagel toasting with cancel, defrost and reheat options
Easy cord...

This top-rated Kitchen Host Toaster device is all set to provide you with the best toast experience fora variety of foods. This four-slice toaster can toast the several kinds of pieces of bread for sandwiches, English muffins, and many more. Considering the appearance, the device utilizes the silvery layer that gives an extraordinary look. Moreover, the device features an elegant yet straight forward control system that equips the seven settings overall to adjust all the heat measurements. There are individual options available on the top of the body, including bagel, cancel, reheat, and defrost. You can select any of the options right from the top with ease. This 4-slice toaster device provides you a lever-less design that gives you a combination of elegancy and excellence. The small screen offers you a temperature level and lets you control the heat accordingly with easy to control buttons.

The power cord is another great feature that provides smoothness in its operation due to consistent voltage. The robust cable not only supplies enough electricity but also has another benefit of the supportive fitting. You can store the wire underneath the body to provide a neat portrayal. The LED light is also employed on the top of the device for a perfectly compact and modern look.

The device has a prolonged life span as it doesn’t feature any degraded plastic material but uses sturdy stainless steel material in its construction. This assemblage not only gives a sturdy appearance but ensures durability. Another supportive feature of the device is the easy clean-up. Most of the users find it very useful as the trays are also removable to clean the device efficiently.

  • Digital technology
  • Easy to clean
  • LED lights for easy reading
  • No Cons reported


This versatile Kitchen Host toaster features a 4-slice option to toast the muffins and sandwiches. Ideal to give as a gift to your friends and family members on occasions like Christmas and new year etc.

West Bend Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
West Bend Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Bagel Settings Ultimate Toast Lift and Removable Crumb Tray, 4-Slice, Silver
West Bend Extra Wide Slot Toaster with Bagel Settings Ultimate Toast Lift and Removable Crumb Tray, 4-Slice, Silver amazon.com Check price

WIDE SLOTS: Extra wide, self-centering slots fit many types and styles of breads, bagels, waffles, and more
MULTI-FUNCTION: Toaster includes Bagel, Waffle, Defrost, and Cancel functions

The West Bend 4-Slice Toaster egg and muffin toaster device is consistent in its heating operations due to modern technology. This West Band product is providing you 4-slot feature that can make the whole 4-slice breakfast for you in a single turn. The versatility of the device enables it to use for various food items. You can use it for toasting the bread, sandwiches, bagels, English muffins, and more.

On the other hand, there is a very unique and user-friendly feature in this toaster device, which is the egg toasting. You can even make an egg on the side in the egg chamber. These eggs follow the stem-poaching process and let you make the full breakfast in no time. Not only is this, but there is an egg basket as well for egg boiling, which takes up to 8 minutes. Hence, this 2-in-1 device is providing you with all the needs of your breakfast.

Furthermore, defrost functionality is what benefits you in various ways. This feature can save you much time and effort. You can take out bread from the fridge or freezer and put it straight into the toaster for a perfect brown bread toast. Next in the list is the concealing advantage. This feature helps you to maintain the proper sleek and slim look of the device and your kitchen will also not look untidy.

Trays of this West Band y device are removable that feature an easy cleaning. You can take out the trays any time (beware of hot trays) to properly wash or clean them. The auto-shutoff feature helps you to conserve the power and have a perfect brown looking toast.

  • Concealed cord storage
  • Defrost function
  • Auto shut-off
  • Exterior gets hot


This metal-made West Bend TEM4500W Toaster has the compact design and concealed look to let you have the perfect breakfast experience. This toaster is a complete breakfast solution for busy people.

Wolf Gourmet toaster WGTR122S

Our Score 8.0 out of 10
Wolf Gourmet 2-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector, Bagel and Defrost Settings, Red Knob, Stainless Steel (WGTR102S)
Wolf Gourmet 2-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with Shade Selector, Bagel and Defrost Settings, Red Knob, Stainless Steel (WGTR102S) amazon.com Check price

Extra-wide bread slots fit a variety of bread types, thicknesses, and shapes. After toasting, bread is automatically raised to the ideal height for easy access
Self-centering bread guides - toast t...

This WGTR122S toaster device by Wolf Gourmet employs the advanced working technology, which lets you toast the bread slices in minutes. The intelligent sensors provide you a perfectly browned bread, which is centered precisely, irrespective of the thick or thin size. The device makes use of sturdy and robust materials that helps you to use the device in restaurants, homes, and any other industrial place. The device can bear an enormous amount of wear and tear by featuring stainless steel material. This construction material ensures the durability and prolonged life span of this toaster.

This Wolf Gourmet device features the wider toasting slots. You can get benefit from the sized as it increases the versatility and applications of the device. You can employ the device in making bagels, crumpets, brioche, and cinnamon bread as well. You can also toast the sandwiches and English muffins for a delicious and tasty breakfast. Also, the broader slots have another advantage that helps you to stop the crumbling. All your bread remains intact and comes out crispy.

The pre-programmed settings help make multiple items in your kitchen. You can press the start button, and the device will work according to your new settings. The device can toast the bagels like never before as it provides a toasted cut side with the warm center.

Self-centering is a significant feature of this toaster device, which lets you place the bread in an accurate centered position without keeping in mind the size and shape. This feature also helps you to preserve the corners of bread and avoid crumbling of them. After toasting, the slice comes out at a perfect height to catch.

  • Self-centered
  • Avoid crumbling
  • Pre-set bagel settings
  • Brown stripes on food items


You’ll achieve the perfect breakfast-making with this Wolf Gourmet toaster. Now, why not buying this perfect device as the company is also offering 60 months warranty? who else can offer a long warranty like this? So, it is a valuable investment.

Dualit 46555 4-slice toaster

Dualit 46555 4-Slice Design Series Toaster, Black and Steel
Dualit 46555 4-Slice Design Series Toaster, Black and Steel amazon.com Check price

Commercial grade elements that work hard enough to keep up in a commercial kitchen at home or a restaurant
Peek & Pop function: unique to Duality, this feature allows you to check on your bread wit...

The Dualit 46555 commercial-grade device features the sturdy elements that help you to have this well-made heavy-duty device for a longer time. This Dualit slice toaster is a completely commercial-grade device that can perform efficient operations both in homes as well as restaurants.

There are certain unique features in this toaster device that adds more value to its worth. First of all, the device provides you with a peek and pip function. This functionality enables you to see the toasting progress without even stopping the device. This means that you can save much of the time and attain a perfect brown toast without any disturbance. The wide applications are another advantage in the list. You can employ it for bagel and bun toasting facilities. Also, you can use it for sandwiches and English muffins as well. There is another exceptional feature that allows you to warm the bread either form one side or from both. In this way, you can attain your desired type of breakfast in no time.

This Dualit 46555 works well in case if you need a crispy bread. The device features an additional sandwich cage accessory, which works in conjunction with the central unit to have scrumptious toast. Defrosting function is also present in the device that saves your time as let you enjoy a fresh bread toast. You can toast bread directly from the freezer, and it comes out crunchy with no moisture present in it. Considering the outer appearance, the device looks elegant and enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. The control panel of the device is modern yet simple and provide you an easy to use operations.

  • Elegant silver finish
  • Wider slots
  • Defrost ability
  • Customer support


You can toast every type of bread using this Dualit 46555 4-slice toaster with top features. Made in England indicates the quality of the toaster.

Overall Conclusion

Toaster device is perfect to have that let you enjoy the crunchy breakfast. Whether you’re going to an office or have an early class in college, you can toast some bread and apply butter to fulfill your dietary needs. You can also make sandwiches and English muffins using these modern toaster devices in no time. We have researched thoroughly to provide you with some perfect toaster devices that equip all the necessary functionalities. Have a look at their pros, cons, and detailed features to choose accordingly.

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