A tripod is a three-legged metal frame or a stand that is commonly used to hold heavy objects & offer stability in holding them straight on the horizontal axis. It is particularly used to support heavy lenses & cameras for shooting & recording both indoor & outdoor. Tripods offer stability to different objects against gravitational forces & prevent fluctuations on the horizontal axis. This three-legged tripod gives a stable surface by holding them while standing on vertical legs, which gives it better leverage against lateral forces. So, it is quite useful for professional photography & movie-making.

Ancient tripods were used for many reasons like a showcase of ornaments, sacrificial altars & ceramic pottery in China & Greece as well. Furthermore, firearms & machine guns are commonly used on tripod stands for training purposes & reduce shocks which enable shooting perfectly. These are designed to support increased weight & absorb shocks.  It allows placement of the weapon on the tripod stand to make it lighter to use & enhance overall accuracy while shooting. Since the early 90s, tripods have been in use for motion & still photography offering stability & preventing camera movement. The stand doesn’t only help with stability but also enables photographers to adjust the height of cameras for varied use as well. We have compiled some of the best tripods for heavy lenses in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Tripods come in different makes & sizes, these are divided into two major types, i.e. table tops & travel tripods. Each type has its own uses & carries special features to support a diverse range of shooting. If you are a professional photographer & use heavy lenses for shooting, then tripods are quite indispensable for you because you will need a lot of support & stability while shooting.  On the other hand, shooting without tripods will make it quite difficult to maintain stability.

Tripods are quite helpful for outdoor shooting & support lasting use for capturing landscapes. Some lenses are really heavy & big, these lenses cannot be handheld without the support of a tripod, & therefore, you will always need a tripod for such lenses.

Choosing a tripod can be very tricky when you don’t know what type of tripod is best for you to use unless you identify your shooting needs clearly. There are plenty of options varying in size, capacity, features, & price to help the buyers pick the one which is suitable for them. You can find customizable & non-customizable stands on the market.  However, customizable stands are more suitable for professional use, whereas non-customizable stands work well for beginners. We advise users to make a wise investment to buy the sturdiest one which can benefit you in the long run. All you need is to focus on load-bearing capacity, stability, features & performance, before choosing any type of tripod. In our research here are some of the best performing tripods with positive reviews. We are also going to disclose their features that will assist you in buying a suitable one for you. Check out some of the latest tripods available on the market as below:-

Best Tripod For Heavy Lenses (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.7 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.3 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com
Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
Check price amazon.com

Cayer’s Heavy Duty Video Tripod

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
Cayer BV30 Heavy Duty Video Tripod, 64 inches Professional Aluminum Tripod Leg with K3 Fluid Head, Mid-Level Spreader, Max Loading 13.2 LB, 360 Degree Fluid Head for DSLR Camcorder Camera
Cayer BV30 Heavy Duty Video Tripod, 64 inches Professional Aluminum Tripod Leg with K3 Fluid Head, Mid-Level Spreader, Max Loading 13.2 LB, 360 Degree Fluid Head for DSLR Camcorder Camera amazon.com Check price

- Supports 13.2 LB, a professional video tripod system designed for HDSLR and interchangeable lens cameras
- Fluid Head features pre-set counterbalance, pan/tilt locking with 3/8" easy link connect...

Cayer introduces BV30, a heavy-duty video tripod stand made up of aluminum, steel & offers the sturdiest construction on the market. It supports lenses weighing up to 13.2 lbs & designed for holding HDSLR & changeable lens cameras that assist in still & motion photography. It incorporates a special fluid head for the placement of lenses & features pre-set counterbalance, pan/tilt locking system to fix the lenses on the stand & adds a 3/8″ easy link connector for accessories allowing 360-degrees spinning for convenient use. This tripod comes with two quick-release plates, each with a size of 1/4″-20 screw & 3/8″-16 screw which makes it lock the lenses on the tripod & facilitating with a sliding range of +20/-25mm for easy traveling. The tripod features locking rubber buckles with enhanced stability by keeping tripod legs locked in a position. The tripod comes with a limited 8-year warranty & equips a carrying bag along with the tripod to help easy traveling. It’s a 2-stage 3-legged tripod to let users adjust the height of the tripod according to use. So, overall, Cayer BV30 feels perfect, smooth as silk, yet strong & controlled at the same time. This product is the highest quality piece of equipment right out of the box. The BV30 from Cayer is truly a masterpiece that allows you to trigger your camera or camcorder button with full confidence. It is highly recommended for all types of video & photographer lovers.

  • Sturdy aluminum legs offering lasting use
  • Adjustable height & solid grip stand
  • Offers complete solution
  • The bag quality is normal


Overall, it is a sturdy, durable & high performing tripod to support up to 13.2 lbs of weight with 360-degrees spinning & facilitates users in the hassle-free shooting. Cayer BV30 frame is made up of aluminum which makes it the sturdiest frame. The smooth & precise control makes this tripod ideal for both camcorders & DSLR cameras. Worth buying.

Viltrox VX-18M Heavy Duty Tripod

Our Score 8.8 out of 10
VILTROX VX-18M Professional Heavy Duty Video Camcorder Tripod with Fluid Drag Head and Quick Release Plate, 74" inch,Max Loading 10KG, with Carrying Bag,Horseshoe Shaped Bracket
VILTROX VX-18M Professional Heavy Duty Video Camcorder Tripod with Fluid Drag Head and Quick Release Plate, 74" inch,Max Loading 10KG, with Carrying Bag,Horseshoe Shaped Bracket amazon.com Check price

Great Capacity . Ideal for digital camcorder weighing up to 13.2 lbs, we have tested ,making it a perfect match for studio applications and larger video cameras. the max loading weight is 22 lbs.

VILTROX brings an ideal tripod VX-18M for digital camcorders supporting loads up to 13.2 lbs & perfectly makes a match with studio applications & large video cameras. The tripod offers 360-degrees panoramic view shooting by enabling users to spin it at 360-degrees without any hassles. VX-18M tripod system equips a fluid drag video head with a tilt range of 90 degrees forward & 80 degrees backward allows easy movement for recording at supporting angle. The tripod comes with a built-in bubble level indicator on the top of the stand on the head section to let the users easily manage the horizontal level. Its legs are designed in a way that makes it easy to adjust & balances the tripod to make shooting with different angles. Its three-section design allows adjusting of the height of tripod between 33-inches to 74-inches depending on the use. This tripod brings a perfect combination tripod which allows smooth movement of the cameras and lenses while shooting. Expect more stability & strength with a tripod that comes at an economical price range. A carrying case is included in the kit for easy transportation of equipment from one place to another. Furthermore, Its 60mm ball diameter allows you to instantly level the head without having to rearrange the legs. It makes it simpler to create Dutch angle shots without dangerously unbalancing the tripod, which is really cool. The amazing thing about this tripod is, that its design is so professional & practical which gives a decent overall look & makes it ideal to have one.

  • Adjustable height length
  • Sturdy aluminum legs
  • Interchangeable pan bar handle
  • Bubble changes with tilt & pan


VILTROX is a metal made mid-spreader which makes the tripod more stable & convenient to shoot in a dynamic outdoor environment & includes everything to do the job wonderfully. This tripod equips 360-degree head pans to enable users to shoot sports & action photos quite conveniently. The Viltrox VX-18M is durable & reliable & highly recommended.

TYCKA Aluminum Camera Tripod

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Tycka Professional 1670mm Aluminum Camera Tripod, 12kg Load Capacity, 36mm Heavy duty 360 Panorama Ball Head, advanced 1/4 turn Quick Leg Locks for Canon Sony Nikon Pentax Fujifilm DSLR Cameras, Black
Tycka Professional 1670mm Aluminum Camera Tripod, 12kg Load Capacity, 36mm Heavy duty 360 Panorama Ball Head, advanced 1/4 turn Quick Leg Locks for Canon Sony Nikon Pentax Fujifilm DSLR Cameras, Black amazon.com Check price

360° Panorama Ball Head: This heavy-duty ball head features standout design. The 36mm ultra large ball-joint and 3 independent locking knobs make you feel completely secure. 2 professional bubble l...

TYCKA brings an innovative design tripod which equips 360° Panorama ball head to make it spinning all around. Its design makes it stand out on the market & distinguish it from competitors. The tripod equips 36mm ultra-large ball-joint & 3 independent locking knobs which give enhanced security for shooting with the cameras. There are 02 professional bubble levels on the quick release plate which enable precise vertical & horizontal orientation. The best thing about this tripod is its easy setup, the three legs can be easily spread out & placed to give stability while shooting. Twisting lock legs with an anti-rotating system backed with rubberized locking grips don’t let it rotate & shake. The Anodized treatment makes the frame & legs anti-corrosive, dustproof & waterproof that increases the life of tripod offering lasting use. The design & construction of this tripod provides stability at different angles. The tripod equips spike feet, offering great usability in outdoor activities, particularly in the sand, ice surface & rocky ground as well. This tripod from TYCKA is a life savior for photographers & ideal to use for indoor & outdoor environments. Its adjustable height range makes it suitable for a diverse photo shoot. Tycka also offers a 2-year warranty for their tripod enabling users with extended use & gets it replaced in case of any fault. Overall, TYCKA is ideal for portrait shooters & landscape artists, also for still life photographers, & even product photographers.

  • Lightweight & durable
  • Offers 360-degrees shooting
  • Heavy duty & well designed
  • Column pole is quite smaller


Tycka is a professional aluminum made tripod supporting 12kg load capacity & equips 360-degrees panorama ball head offering perfect spinner to help shooting large photos. TYCKA featuring ‘CNC’ machined tripod fork & 28mm in diam. of the central column, which gives high stability at diverse angles. The spike feet of the tripod is perfect for outdoor use like the rocky & sandy ground to get greater stability.

K&F Concept DSLR Tripod

Our Score 7.9 out of 10
K&F Concept 62'' DSLR Tripod, Lightweight and Compact Aluminum Camera Tripod with 360 Panorama Ball Head Quick Release Plate for Travel and Work (TM2324 Black)
K&F Concept 62'' DSLR Tripod, Lightweight and Compact Aluminum Camera Tripod with 360 Panorama Ball Head Quick Release Plate for Travel and Work (TM2324 Black) amazon.com Check price

The weight of the tripod (include the ball head) is only 2.99lbs,much lighter than 4 cans drinks(300mL). After being 180° reflexed,the folded height is only 18.1'' (460mm),smaller enough to help yo...

K&F brings (TM2324) the most economical, lightweight & compact tripod with great usability for users with low budget. It offers 22 lbs load capacity to make easy shooting. The weight of the tripod is extremely less which is the best thing about this tripod making it convenient to carry anywhere. This distinguishes itself from the rest on the market. This tripod combines various features such as portability & practical factors in a single package supporting maximum height & offers the best stability making it easier to shoot more conveniently. Its powerful & quick flip leg locks make it easy to open & close stand with the help of a button instantly. It equips a special self-locking tube angle adjustment knob which can quickly adjust the angle of three tripod tubes without any hassle. It is so easy to capture panoramic views & photos even more stunning effects with the help of this creative tripod design. Its non-oil damping new design which allows the camera to rotate smoothly & accurately. The tube is made of high-quality magnesium alloy, this is why its light & stable, can be reversed 180 degrees quite easily. K&F concept is the most suitable tripod for professional photographers. One stand out quality of this tripod is its sturdy grip with the ground. It stands so firmly on the ground & has the capability to face even strong wind. At this price point, the K&F Concept is an excellent tripod to go for. Its value is really amazing & the support team is fast & reliable.

  • Compact, Durable, & lightweight
  • 360-degrees ball head
  • Portable tripod bag
  • Folds up an inch or two longer because of less section


It is a reliable & high-quality tripod perfect for landscape photography & convenient to use. The thoughtful details & the good built quality makes this a great deal for any amateur photographers. The maximum height of the tripod is 62” (1560mm), which means standing shooting is a lot easier while the minimum height is 16.1” (410mm) to meet various shooting environments & photographic needs.

SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod

Our Score 7.4 out of 10
SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod with 700DX 3-Way, Pan-and-Tilt Head - Titanium
SLIK Pro 700 DX Tripod with 700DX 3-Way, Pan-and-Tilt Head - Titanium amazon.com Check price

Load Capacity: 19.8 lb
Max Height: 75.0", Min Height: 16.1"
Folded Length: 29.9"
Leg Sections: 3, Weight: 7.1 lb
Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium-Alloy Legs

The SILK Pro 700 DX has a solid color of ‘Titanium’ and heavy-duty structure to give you an easy to hold tripod stand for your camera. The device weighs very little and lets you carry it comfortably. The dimensions of the tripod are perfect when folding so you can take it while traveling as well. Considering the construction, the device features an AMT alloy in its manufacturing, which helps you to have a strengthening ability more than any other conventional equipment. Moreover, apart from sturdy construction, the tripod stands utterly light in weight.

The optimum height is another feature of this 700 DX stand. This characteristic helps you to bring the tripod stand head to your eye level, and then you can easily control the rotation. You can maintain the height of 76.8 inches by adjusting the center column as well.

The three-position adjustable legs are easy to set up at different angles to achieve a wide variety of angled shots, and you can also manage the stand at the unbalanced round as well. The SILK PRO 700 series also makes it easy to flip-lock the legs. The locking and releasing flip locks allow you to take a short from another location.

  • Reversible center column
  • Facilitates low-angled shots
  • Flip-lock technology
  • Leg adjustments can be stiff for some


The SLIK Pro 700 DX is a professional-looking tripod with excellent balance and support so that you can take all your favorite shots without any problem because tripod offers your different choices for leg locking. The utmost height feature of the tripod allows you to adjust it anywhere you want.

Overall Conclusion

If you think tripods are useless & heavy to carry then you must think again because it’s not true. A tripod is a useful piece of equipment. It’s not at all a burden, it will leave your hands free from the burden. It makes it easier for you to adjust the lens & work on camera settings. If you carry a tripod you can set the camera on it & leave or you can also put it where you don’t want to stand such as in water. Furthermore, if you want to improve the composition & sharpness of your photos, you will need a tripod. Because, the slower the exposure, the more camera will record movements & unsteady hands or downward motion can stop you from taking a perfect shot. This is where a tripod helps you. We have also reviewed some of the best tripods above. You as a photographer can fully rely on them without any hesitation.

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