Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Metal Lathe

Precisely machining or processing on the hard metal pieces requires you to have a metal lathe machine. Buying a metal lathe machine is not an easy task as you have to consider many of the essential and crucial factors before buying. We have used our expertise to provide you with all the critical concerns regarding the best metal lathe machines at a single place.

Now, before you go ahead in buying, there are few main factors to keep in mind, Whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Imperial or Metric type

Metal lathe machines are complicated in their functionalities and are not easy to simply buy them blindly. You need to go through various factors and types which are most suitable according to your job type. Imperial type metal lathe machines have an advantage that it can easily set the dimensions during working. Also, the practices like press fits and hole clearances are much more manageable.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with the drilling and tapping holes metric is a lot better choice. The relationship between the different kinds of fasteners and threads can easily be managed via the imperial type metal lathe machines.

Swing Over Distance and Distance between Centers

These are known as SOD and DBC, respectively. First of all, the Swing over Distance means that the maximum diameter which a metal lathe machine can work with. This is a crucial parameter as it will directly affects the working of your machine. On the other hand, the Distance between Centres implies for the maximum length which you can place in the device.

If you’re planning to deal with the large-sized materials and heavy commercial tasks, you must go for the metal lathes having large SOD and DBC.

Size of your Workplace

Metal lathe machines are heavy and not easy to handle at all. Even the lowest quality metal lathes are heavy and require much space to work. Moving this machine is not an option at all. You have to fit it in an adequate place where you can place it all year long. Therefore, you must create an ideal place in your garage before buying a metal lathe for you.

Chunks, Rests and other Accessories

Here is another essential factor you need to consider is what accessories come with the machine. If you’re receiving only a single chunk, you must look for an independent four-jaw type. Exact precision and accuracy can be achieved with the four-jaw as compared to the other types.

You must also look for the rest. The metal lathe comes with the steady-rest should be preferred as it can hold the large metal pieces. You must avoid the steady-rest machines as they are not good with the counter pressure during cutting.

Ease of Use and Experience

Metal lathe machines are equipped with sophisticated features and attributes. If you’re a beginner, you must look for the model having less complicated elements like cutting, counter pressure switches, large SOD, and much more. As a professional, you can go for a high-grade machine.

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