How to choose a wall mount

If you just put your TV in the corner of the room on any kind on stool trolley or table that’s ok but the same TV you hang on with wall mount on the wall, it will change the entire overall looks of your bedroom. Yes, the purpose of wall mounts not only to enhance the beauty of your room also these mounts help to save some space in the room too. Wall mounts look great in bedrooms. If you are purchasing these wall mounts by yourself there are few things you’ll have to keep in mind.


Compatibility is the most important factor when choosing wall mounts. Remember, whichever mount you decide on, we strongly recommend visiting the manufacturer’s website to confirm compatibility with your specific TV to avoid any sort of trouble later on.


A tilting mount gives TV a slight range of pivoting motion both back & forth, allowing the user to angle the TV down. Such type offers a large number of benefits over a non-tilting mount. The most important is, tilt helps compensate for glare on the screen. Natural light can minimize visibility, & even a small adjustment up or down can typically minimize this. A tilting mount offers more flexibility no matter where you place the TV.

Selecting of right wall for mount

Another important factor before you install a wall mount is, selecting the right wall for your TV, For example, selecting your wall mount above fireplace might not be a good option as heat may affect your device or walls with strong patterns like if you have brick wallpaper on the wall may also not suitable as it may affect your vision. So, choosing the right wall for the mount or bracket is necessary.

Sturdy construction

A TV mount is going to support a large & expensive TV on the wall, so strong wall bracket is what you need. Some are made up with thicker metal but they look quite sturdy and reliable while some are made up with ordinary metallic materials so, mount with round edges,  good finishing, solid-looking rivets, bolts that thread easily, & the inclusion of all the necessary hardware.

UL approval

Try to select the mount with UL approval, because mounts that are UL-approved have undergone an additional level of strength testing that only adds to our peace of mind while hanging a TV off the wall. To achieve UL certification, the amount is tested to at least 4 times the advertised weight rating. So, UL approved mounts might be the right option for better safety.


There is a number of wall mounts available in the market with different price tags. No need to go for very expensive wall mounts. Do your research & calculations before you buy any wall mount. Many wall mounts in the market are quite strong & reliable with a reasonable price, It depends on your research on how you choose it. Remember, whatever you choose make sure you choose quality, & sturdy, things for your TV.

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