How to choose children’s power wheel?

The very first & the most crucial factor to consider is the age of your child in comparison to the directions provided by the maker. You can easily get electric cars for children for virtually all age groups, like from toddlers to teenagers. Choosing the best power wheel for your kid’s age is quite critical. It is important to note that power wheels should not only provide ultimate enjoyment to your child but safety also. We have gathered valuable information for you by breaking down the age group into three. So that you could purchase batter ride for your kid.

From birth to 2 years

Young children under 2-years old, have options for power wheels. At this age, they are not strong enough, light, & are developing motor skills. So, keep in mind that, most Power Wheels for kids at this age should be lightweight & small, & must have a single speed option. Another simple & important feature of Power Wheels for this age group is the ‘easy push-button’ operations so that children can understand ride options quickly. The important thing about a ride on toys at this age is that they help kids in developing motor skills, & balance as well as hand-eye coordination. Along with that children also need parents to help & assist them in how things work. A good example of such a power wheel is Power wheels ‘LIR Quad’.

From age 2 to 4 years

As your kid grows bigger &  develops hand-eye coordination plus motor skills. It is the best time to step up into the next age group of power wheels for slightly older kids. The selection in this age group is large & offers power wheels with multiple sizes & styles. According to the age, the speed of their power wheels also increases because the age guideline increases as well. Kids of this age group can operate power wheels with a maximum speed up to 5-MPH.

Most of these cars also include interesting features like working radio or MP3 players, with foot pedal operation & realistic engine sounds. These vehicles can be used on any terrains. On the other hand, toys for children under the age of 2-years are used indoors on the carpet, or just outside on pavements. Some of the large vehicles for this age group are designed to be used outside on gravel & grass, or even in the mud or dirt. Another good feature in this age group power wheels has the inclusion of multiple kids because these power wheels are large enough to accommodate two kids at a time.

From age 5 to 7 years

At this higher & end group, there are a lot of designs & options available for kids. Also, the vehicles are fitted with high-speed options with more styles. For example 3-wheeled motorcycle & dune buggies. They almost look like real cars & most of these models are just exact scale replicas of the real car. The ”Dodge Viper SRT Convertible” is a good example of such toys. These power wheels have a maximum speed of 6-MPH, featuring real engine sound & realistic styling, electric horn & MP3 input with different LED lights.

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