How to Choose Racquetball Racquets?

Point Number One

– The very first thing which u have to keep in mind that, all racquetball racquets are weighed in grams. Most of the racquets have the weights included in their name. If you are a beginner & don’t know much about racquetball rackets, you can also find the weight of every racquet under product specs in the description section of each racquet.  According to experts’ experience, the following generally holds true, F=MA. The actual force you can hit is equal to mass X acceleration.  Typically, most of the younger players who are less than 40 years generate more power with acceleration. Thus a lighter weight would enhance acceleration. On the other hand, an older player with a slower arm movement needs a higher mass to generate the same power. So, it means that the younger players should find the racquets under 175 grams for a better game. On the other hand 180-190 grams, racquets are ideal for older players.

Point Number Two

Smallest grip sizes are more comfortable because these grips allow for a greater range of motion in the wrist. Remember that, E-Force racquetball racquets have hollow handles. You can’t shave such handles down if you purchase a grip that is too large. However, it is very simple to add a few layers of tape to build up a grip that is a little small. If you wear an extra-small or small, or medium glove you will be needing small grip (3 5/8 or SS). But, if you wear extra-large glove you will be needing a larger grip (3 7/8, 3 15/16 or XS), which means that large gloved people have a decision to make.

Point Number Three

Strings are important without a doubt. They also not covered by warranty. If you have never played with the new racquet then you should perhaps play with the factory strings. Remember, better strings make your racquet better & better racquet makes your game better.

Technically, there are three balance points.

– Head Heavy

– Head Light

– Even Balance

The average racquetball racquets weigh-in 3 to 5pts HH (Head Heavy). Generally, this is preferred for a beginner, the reason is, you want to contact the ball higher in the string bed, higher on the racquet’s frame. You also want a little extra weight up there to transfer that extra energy to the ball. So, if you prefer more power, always look for something that has 3-5pts HH, which is also a middle range racquet in terms of balance. Similarly, there are higher balance points racquets too but better start with this range. If you could, go for the brand names. Because they are usually more trustworthy & are best in quality than your average racquetball racquet manufacturers. There is no hesitation & totally safe to go for popular brands on the market, because, at least you will have peace of mind. They will offer you only the best to stay at the top of the manufacturing line.

Head Size Matters

There are two types of head shape or size. The Quadroform & Tear Drops. The main difference is in the sweets pot of the string bed. The Quadroforms sweet spot is a bit lower & a bit wider. On the other hand, a Tear Drops sweet spot has a higher sweet spot. It’s up to your personal preferences, try both you’ll know sooner or later which one suits more to your playing style.

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