How to Drain a Dishwasher Manually?

Managing a dishwasher does not require a lot of manual wring on it since it is more of an automatic machine. However, in some rare cases, a dishwasher does require manually managing specific parts of it. One of the most obvious and major such rare needs can be the draining of a dishwasher. Normally, when there is a minimum amount of water in the bottom of your dishwasher, it isn’t a huge deal for anyone. However, when the amount of water starts increasing, it may reach the heating element or the bottom spray arm of the dishwasher; harming it overall.  This interruption of draining automatically faced by the dishwasher can be due to a clogged drain line, a defected pump, or even a broken drain. Now to understand what part of the machine is causing this issue, one needs to drain the dishwasher manually.  This can be a hectic task if you aren’t rightly aware of how to easily drain a dishwasher manually. Therefore, to help you out on this, we’ll discuss how you can rightly drain a dishwasher manually. So let’s go ahead and discover it.

Quick, Short & Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Firstly, and most importantly, disconnect your dishwasher from the connected power source. However, if the attachment of your dishwasher is directly to a circuit breaker then you should turn off the circuit breaker

– Now place towels or thick cloths in the base of your dishwasher before opening the door of the dishwasher. This way, the water wouldn’t start running towards in between the cabinets in your kitchen.

-Now it’s time to open the dishwasher and remove all the dishes from inside. After this, you can also remove the bottom dish rack from the dishwasher. This would provide you with a larger space to clear out all the stored water inside the dishwasher easily.

-If you wish to speed up the task of draining the water and have a wet and dry vacuum, then you can use that to clear the dishwasher. Otherwise, you can use a plastic cup to scoop out the water and transfer the water to a bucket.

-Once you’re done taking out the water in a cup, there will be a little water left on the floors of the dishwasher. To clear that up too, you can use a towel or a sponge on the dishwasher’s floor.


Cleaning the water from the dishwasher might not be too technical, but it does require some time, little patience and some effort. That’s because proper clearing of the water allows you to ensure the safety of all the parts of the appliance, while you also get to analyze which part needs to be fixed. Additionally, with manual draining of the dishwasher by yourself, you can ensure the durability and proper functioning of your dishwasher, without having to invest too much in hiring others services. Therefore, if you follow the following process properly, you can easily drain your dishwasher without facing any difficulties or further investment needs.

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