How to Find the Right Outrigger?

Buying an outrigger can be a great deal for the fishermen and the people who are more likely to spend their leisure time boating. But since there are tons of outrigger options available in the stores, one can get confused in the decision of the most suitable option. Since the best quality outrigger doesn’t only serve you efficiently for a long time with its durable making; but it also makes fishing tasks and adventures much more fun and memorable.

Better quality and efficiently working outrigger enhance the quality of its grip while giving you great comfort throughout the adventure. Therefore, looking for specific details in the outriggers for a quality investment for your boat is very important. Now to help you out on that, let’s discover some of the basics you should be aware of; before you buy an outrigger.

Mounting Types

The different types of outriggers are mainly acceptable for investment, as long as they fit yours in your boat type, size, your budget, and your desired material expectations. Keeping these aspects in mind, you can invest in outriggers that fit into two different mountings of a boat. This includes;

The Gunwale-Mount 

These types of mountings are highly popular and are found in small center consoles and workarounds. These types are low in the cost and their base and telescoping booms allow users to easily remove and store the riggers without facing any complications.


These types of mountings require longer outriggers to be fitted to them. As a result, these mountings keep the long outriggers high and far away from the gunwales. This eliminates the issues of hinder anglers while making a hooked fish follow around the boat.


Polished or anodized aluminum is the most common and highly popular material used to make outriggers. However, these types of outriggers require a proper balance of the pole after a specific length.

Therefore, to understand just the right materials of the outrigger and invest in one that is according to it all; look for options that are not just advance in the materials and have better designs, but also look for telescoping poles. Other than that, having outriggers that consist of carbon-fiber construction can be a great addition to serve as a durable outrigger for your boat.


Similar to any other tool or equipment, outriggers also require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, if you look for designs that promote easy and better maintenance, you’ll find them to serve you better and for a longer time. This can include dark finishes of carbon that absorb UV light; as the barrier wax on it protects them from dust particles.

Other than that, you can also rinse them with fresh water, after every trip you take with the outriggers. Furthermore, for better and advanced protection of the outriggers, you can also include a quality metal wax that would add an extra touch of protection to it.


As a fish or boat lover outriggers are something that you cannot buy daily, so choosing the right and high-quality outrigger that lasts longer is very important.

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