How to Keep Your Generators Running At Optimum Performance Levels?

A generator can help you to cope up with power outage and also give you peace of mind that you have a steady power system. The generators are not used regularly, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require maintenance and up keeping. If you maintain your generator correctly, it can help you to prolong the life of your generator. It is essential to educate yourself about the ways that can ensure that your generator lasts for a long time.

Owner’s manual

Reading the instructional manual carefully is the first step that you must take to make sure that your generator can perform to the optimal level. The owner’s manual provides you with all the information regarding the protection and safety of the generator. What type of oil you need to use, and how often should you change the oil? All these things are mentioned in the manual to make you aware of the maintenance steps you must take.


The generator can run on propane or natural gas. If your generator is running using propane, then you need to keep the tank full all the time. It is essential to keep track of the fuel gauge and plan because propane companies take time to fill up orders. If you plan, you will be able to use the generator when there is a power outage.


You should make sure that the generator remains clean and free of any dust or harmful particles. The rotatory device which is attached inside the generator works in producing electricity for your house or the machinery and tools. Due to long term use, these critical parts are covered with dirt and debris and will affect the efficiency of the generator. You should clean the filters of the generator frequently, which will ensure that it continues to give out powerful performance.

Old gas

Using old gas for the generator can turn out to be very harmful. You have to keep the fuel tank empty every day and fill it up with new gas often. The cleaner the fuel tank, the more efficient the performance of your generator will be. The generator can be kept safe, and there is no chance erosion can build up inside.


The generators are mostly used as a backup power only when the electricity goes out. There may be times when you don’t use it at all, and when the actual time comes, it may not start up at all. You have to check whether the generator starts frequently.

Remember if you are not using the generator or you don’t need it, still make your habit and try to switch on your generator without any reason for at least 30 minutes after each week. This way its efficiency will stay stable and will turn on easily in case of emergency.


If you want to increase the life span of the generator, you should store it in a dry and safe place. When your machine is protected from the harmful elements, it can continue to work well even without service. You need to empty the fuel tank before you store it in a safe place.


Depending on the size and capacity of the generator, you are advised to change the oils every 50 to 200 hours. If you check the user manual, it has got all the comprehensive details so you won’t make any mistakes.

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