How to pick the right tiller machine for root?

Keeping in mind all the appropriate tilling process, a best suited tilling machine is necessary to have for the enhanced growth of your cultivation. Well, figuring out that what type of tiller machine is perfect for a particular kind of land is a difficult task to accomplish due to several influencing factors. Here in this guide, we’ll provide you all the factors and attributes that you must consider before buying a tiller machine.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Tiller for roots

Soil Type

Soil type is one of the most essential and crucial deciding elements for a tiller machine. Different kinds of soil require you to have different powers of the tiller machine. Having a loose or soft soil type requires less energy and the rock-hard solid ground require much more effort and energy to loosen up. There is a specialized tine in tiller machines known as a chisel tine that works best for the hard soil. So, before you buy a tiller machine you must know what type of soil you are going to work with.

Land Size

Land size is another factor that is worth considering when buying a tiller. Many of us have backyard gardens, which are smaller in size, and some have vast plain to prepare for cultivation. Both of the situations require different kinds of tiller machines. Rear-tine tiller works best for the larger areas for tilling.

Power Source

Most of the smaller tillers make use of the fuel while the larger ones are gas-driven. There is another modern kind now, which is the electricity-based tiller. These are lightweight, easy to use, and release no smoke and fumes. However, these are generally less powerful as compared to the fuel-based machines. So, if you have a hard soil to till and a large area to cover, don’t go for the electricity-based tiller machines.


The primary purpose will decide the type of tiller machine you want to have. Buying a tiller just for the home use (small backyard garden) requires you to have a lightweight and compact model. However, if you want a tiller to work on a larger scale, mainly the vast cultivation land, it requires you to have a fuel-driven and large rear-tine tiller machine or manual hand tiller machine. Hence, picking a powerful tiller for commercial purposes will pay off!

Tine Rotation

Tine rotation is directly related to the efficiency you want from a tiller machine. It should be considered in conjunction with another contributing factor, i.e., soil type. There are generally three types as SRT, CRT, and DRT. The Standard Rotating Tines have the same motion direction for both the wheels as well as tine and suitable for a few inches depth. While the SRT just works opposite to this. Dual Rotation Tines have the motion in both the direction as you need.


The last but not the least factor is the cost. You can easily choose from a wide range of tillers or cultivators. The cultivator is usually cheaper, and the front-tine tiller is somewhat more substantial and higher in price. There are several influencing factors coming side by side, which can affect the cost of the tiller machines.

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