Importance of subwoofers

A subwoofer is known for its low-frequency pitching audio which is bass or sub-bass. These frequencies are lower than those generated by your normal woofer. The frequency for subwoofers varies from 200 Hz to below 80 Hz depending upon its nature & quality. Subwoofers are not to be used alone; they are used with the main speaker system just to focus on the low frequency sounds to make them load & clear.

Subwoofers are made up of woofers as the name suggests. These woofers are well-placed in a wood case just to bear the air pressure while producing a heavy bass. There are many designs for the subwoofers listing as a bass reflex, acoustic suspension, horn-loaded & many more. Subwoofers were used back in the 1920s for home stereo system & then they came into professionalism as DJs & part planners started using them in live places.

DJs in audio concerts, stadiums & many more places are demanded to have a heavy base output levels. Here comes the role of subwoofers as a sound reinforcement device. Even at a low frequency, they are capable of giving you a heart-throbbing bass level with minimum distortion. Not only is this but they employed for extra clarity & high level of perceived loudness. Another advantage coming into play is you can mount your main speakers at different placement points or tie them with chain. While the subwoofers can be placed anywhere near the stage or audience. The ground fixing of these subwoofers can enhance their capability of producing heavy bass.

These subwoofers include active crossovers in their system. These outboard crossovers let you decide the cut-off frequency to gain the desired performance. Crossover can convert the signal into multiple bands & send it to the different amplifiers. Once the system is set, the mixing engineer needs to worry again. Another part of the sub is Digital Signal Processing that is used to integrate them with a complete main speaker system efficiently. DSP feature includes some specific tuning options to control the main speaker system& more.

A major benefit of subwoofers is that they are non-directional for human ears. While taking an example of a car; the car doors have inbuilt mounted speakers but there is not enough place inside the car door to fit a large speaker. So, a smaller speaker tends to produce smaller bass. There isn’t enough room inside a car door to produce a low-frequency sound (less than 80 Hz.). So, a subwoofer provides a larger case for the sound waves to resonate & produce a heavy bass in the end. Also, the sound is non-directional for the human ear so you can place it in the trunk of your car.

A subwoofer can go as low as 20 Hz. This means that you are never going to miss any of the notes of your favorite music track. You can feel the lowest of tones like the pipe organ, bass guitar, etc. Mostly woofers cannot focus on the extra speedy start of vocals. A sub can help you in providing that realism & impact.

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