Things to Consider before buying an eBike

Buying an electric bike or e-bike can be a classic and suitable investment for many. But when it comes to its buying, there are many features you need to look into. Since having an electric bicycle is mainly determined by the brand or type of features you are looking to invest in. and with the different types of electric bicycles available, there are a variety of options you can look up to and consider before investing in any eBike. So let’s go ahead and discuss the important factors to consider before buying an e-bike.

The class of the eBike

Now when we mentioned the variety of eBike’s, we were referring to the three different classes of e-bikes available around us. These classes of e-bikes mainly decide on where you can really ride a specific e-bike. Other than that, different classes of e-bike also differ in the needs of a license to ride them or not. These 3 classes include;

Pedelec: This class of e-bike can easily be ridden on a bike path, and has no specific age limit to who can really ride or own it. This is mainly because these e-bikes are similar to regular bikes.

Throttle: This class of e-bike has a running speed similar to that of a scooter or motorcycle. And although these e-bikes are considered to be legal in a few states, they’re still not considered to be normal enough to be ridden on bike paths.

Speed Pedelec: This class of e-bike is mainly considered to be a motor vehicle. Hence, if you’re going to buy this class of e-bike, you’ll need to be old enough to hold a license for it. And once you’ve got a license, you can easily ride this e-bike on any path freely.

It’s Motor

Now all e-bikes consist of electric motors to operate. But what differs in them is the factor of where the motor is mainly located. This position mainly helps us determine how the e-bike would exactly operate. Other than this, the location of the motor also helps figure out the speed and capability of the e-bike. Hence, understanding the three different locations of a motor, i.e. the front hub motor, rear hub motor, and mid-drive motor; helps figure out which type of e-bike is suitable for you to ride on.

It’s Battery

Since the battery is what will be powering your e-bike, you’ll need to pay attention to the watts-hours (Wh) the battery would consist of. This way you can figure out the total power your bike will consist of, and how long will that last.

Hence, if you’re looking for a longer running electric bike, then you should look for one that has more Wh. This would help you use the bike for long before it would require recharging every time.

It’s Weight

It’s an obvious fact that an e-bike is quite a heavy vehicle in comparison to a normal bike. And that’s simply because of the presence of a motor and a battery inside it. But since the design and structure of each electric bike and where it comprises of the motor or battery is quite different; their weight also differs. So before you invest in any e-bike, make sure you check out if you can comfortably ride it.

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