Things to Consider When Buying A Perfect Kiln/ Furnace

If you are not a professional glass artist and buying kiln or furnace for the first time, then there is a possibility you feel complicated and puzzled due to little awareness about the product, then we can help you to buy the right type of kiln or furnace depending on your needs and use. Glass kilns vary in features, size, power, portability, and price as well. Making a wise and rational choice from hundreds of available brands requires extensive experience of dealing with the kilns. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your hard earned money through a wrong selection of kiln.

Here in this short research, we have developed standard selection criteria that you can follow for your first purchase as below:

  1. Size of Kiln

The size of kiln depends on its use, if you intend to make jewellery or related accessories of small size then you should focus on buying small sized kiln that would usually cost less than a heavy-duty and large-sized kiln. For users who wish to create large beads, bowls, or similar huge decorative items, then investing in the large-sized kiln is better. It is therefore recommended to consider the size of the kiln at the time of purchase and be clear about the use.

  1. Power

Glass kilns vary in power consumption and this power is used by the kiln in the heating process to mold a variety of the materials. When you need craft or mold tough materials like metals, zinc, and cooper then you would need high powered kilns to do the job. So, always consider the power factor when buying a kiln. Focusing on the purpose of your purchase can help you to save money.

  1. Type of Controllers

Kilns are categorized by the controllers it incorporates by default to allow users to adjust firing, on/off, and other controls. Most of the conventional kilns use infinite switches for the purpose and they require adjustment every time you use the kiln. However, modern kilns incorporate digital programs that automate the whole process and make projects easier to start.

  1. Top or Side Elements

It is essential for glass fusing to get a constant heat from all sides to get into the desired shape. So, it is important to have properly designed glass kiln that comes with top or side elements to allow heating evenly around the whole chamber.

  1. Durability

Apart from the rest of the factors, this is the one that should be paid maximum consideration if you want to make a secure investment in the glass kiln. Buy from those suppliers which use stainless steel in the construction of the kilns.


These things hold a huge significance and require considerations when buying a perfect kiln for the beginners. These factors will not only help you to buy the best quality kilns as well as the type so that you can meet the objectives of your purpose. Buying durable and quality kiln will last longer as well.

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