Things to Consider When Buying Tubing Benders

Transforming the metal into the bends for further creating joints and roll cages is extremely a complicated task. It requires great skills as well as perfect tools to get the finished pipe bends that make durable roll cages and frames for various reasons. A tube bender gets you perfect angles without damaging the bends. Tube benders can perform various jobs and you can find plenty of types on the market but what makes good tube benders that you will come to know after a huge experience of working with the tools. So, we are sharing our experience to let you know what makes good tubing benders and what you need to look before buying a one for yourself.

Picking Between Rotary or Mandrel Tube Bending

Both rotary and mandrel tube bending use a different mechanism to function, both works in a quite opposite way. Each type of tube bending offers different use, like if you prefer to buy rotary tube benders, then you must know that these benders are useful to create bend on thinner pipes and tubes. Whereas, the mandrel tube bending caters slightly thicker tubes or pipes. So, you should know the purpose of use before ordering any tube bender.

Manual or Automatic Bender

You will not only find manual but automatic tube benders as well in the market, so if you think you have to use the tube bender quite occasionally, then you should not invest in buying an automatic one because it can cost you more and doesn’t suit your requirement. There is a huge difference in the price of manual and automatic benders, so use your money wisely. Manual benders let you complete the jobs manually, whereas, automatic benders give you better results with 100% accuracy.

Stroke Capacity

The power of a tube bender is measured in terms of its stroking capacity which varies from model to model. So, you need to focus on this factor before buying a bender for yourself. You can find benders with different stroke capacity, so if you have to accomplish heavy-duty jobs that require extreme pressure then you should order a one with high stroking capacity.

Material, Diameter, Radius of Desired Bend

All these factors play an important role when preparing for a bending job; you should consider the type of material used for the construction of the tube bender, size of diameter it supports, and degree of bend you can get from the bender. All these factors make an important consideration for buying tubing benders.

Electric or Hydraulic Benders, Know your Requirements

Benders are either electrically powered or work with the mechanism of hydraulic pumps. Electric benders are much faster than hydraulic benders, so you can buy the bender according to your use and requirements.


All the above-mentioned factors play a vital role in the purchase of good tube benders. You need to focus on your need and then plan your purchase before making a hasty decision. If you don’t know anything about the tube benders or if you are a newbie, then taking expert opinion is recommended before making purchase.

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