Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Auger Machine

Whether you have a task of digging holes for the mailbox, fence, or anything else, it is a lot of hassle for you. There is an Earth auger device that does the job smoothly and in a faster manner for different kinds of grounds. But if we are looking mainly for the hard and rocky soil, we need to consider a few factors before buying a perfect auger machine. Many factors influence the working of an auger machine, including its construction, components, power source, job type, and much more.

Choosing the best auger machine for your desired job can be tricky, but we have a solution to this problem. We’ll provide you with all those factors and elements which you need to look upon before making a decision.

Power Resource for Working

First of all, you need to decide what type you’re looking for? There are manual auger machines that are designed specifically for those people who have enough power to operate such machines manually. You can easily make a hole with these kinds of devices to plant a small tree or enhance the irrigation property.

On the other hand, there is another based on operational resources, which is the gas augers. These types of machines are more sensible and smarter in the way of working. These use gas recourse to rotate the curved blades, and make deeper holes quickly. Also, for the hard and rocky soil, these are a perfect choice.

Job Type

Apart from choosing the type, job type plays an important role. You need to decide whether you’re going to use the auger machine occasionally, or you will use it daily for a longer time. The light job types, including digging up smaller holes, repairing fences, etc. can be done via the manual auger machine.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with large jobs, including digging deeper holes into the rocky grounds, you may opt for a more durable and sturdy auger machine. Most of the people who want to drill deeper holes than 4 feet need to buy the gas or electric type auger machines, because manual auger machines can not go deeper in the ground.


Handling is an important task while working with the auger machines. As the machine moves, you need to hold it firmly so it doesn’t get out of control. Hence, the handles of the devices are directly related to the maneuverability. Most of the auger machines have a handle size of 45 inches. There are different types of machines available in the market with variety of handle sizes ranging from 45 to 60 inches. Moderate-sized handles with firm grips are suggested that works fine according to every workers’ body shape.

Depth and shaft size

Another essential concern is how much deeper holes you want? If you want a hole up to 4 feet, a moderate shaft is required. While for the deeper holes, especially into the rocky soil, you need a reliable and long shaft. However, 4×4 holes can be created easily via the standard auger machines available.

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