Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Audio Books Reader

If you’re a book lover and have some sort of disability to read or have not much time to go through a large book, then these audiobook reader devices are perfect for you. You can make use of your leisure time when you can listen, for example,while doing exercise in the gym or driving your way to the office or home; you can listen to a few of the pages. Audiobooks are available all around the world to people in the digital format, mainly mp3. Or mp4. All you need is a useful device that can play such formats.

Before buying a perfect audiobooks reader device for you, here are some of the things you should consider. The audiobooks reader device is significantly subjective because one may have a visual impairment and need only the m3 player. In contrast, others may want to have a cooling large-sized device to play mp4 as well.

Portability and Compactness

As if you have no time to go through the books physically, you may have a busy routine. Therefore, portability for your audiobooks reader device is a significant concern. You may want to listen to your favorite books during jogging, walking, doing exercise, or any other home activity. So, a portable device can be well-placed in your pocket during these scenarios.

Screen Size

As if you just want to listen to your audiobooks, you don’t want to have a large screen just like the kindle devices.However, while operating the equipment, you’ll feel uncomfortable on a small-sized screen. Here is another tip that most of the device is usually cheap when it comes to smaller screen sizes and a simple interface.


The audiobooks are not of the same size as your favorite song is. Due to large pages, an audiobook can have several hours of length and significant GBs. You need a lot of capacity to store all your favorite books at a time. So, keep in mind the number of books you want to save at a time, and choose the device which suits you best. Also, some of the modern devices come with external SD card support, which solves the problem completely.

Quality of Sound

Mp3 audio files have many qualities. They can be of 240kbps, 320kbps, and go up to 1411kbs. The sound quality matter a lot, especially when you’re jogging, walking, or driving, the environmental noise can make it difficult for you to hear the exact sound. So, you must opt for a well-developed audio player device that helps you listen to the audiobooks in the higher formats.This will make your listening experience much smoother and joyful.

Battery Life

Battery life matters a lot. As already discussed, the audiobooks can be of several hours’ length. So, your device must have a suitable battery capacity that can run for at least 12 to 15 hours.


Connectivity is what makes this Audioreader devices more versatile. The Bluetooth feature will help you play the audiobooks from another Bluetooth-enabled device easily.

Size of the Device

An Audiobook reader device must be small enough to fit into your pocket easily without any problem. There are several models of such devices available in the market that are not only small in size but also have less weight so that you can carry them conveniently without any hassle.

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