Things You Must Consider Before Buying a Meat Slicer

If you’re planning to buy your bacon meat slicer at home, then you’re at the right decision. Owning a bacon meat slicer will be a smart as well as a healthy choice for you that will be proven as time and cost-effective. Firstly, these devices were meant only for commercial use, but nowadays, their demand at the home level is increasing. However, before buying a perfect meat slicer that will make your kitchen chores faster and provide you evenly-cut meat slices; you need to consider some essential concerns.

We are providing some of the best-known parameters that you need to go through before selecting the right device for you.

Type of Working

The type of working reflects the power source here. Either bacon meat slicer works on the manual or electric-based power supply. In the electric meat slicer, an electric motor is employed to run the slicer, and it is reliable if you’ve to slice a large quantity. Here, no manual forces are required and hence considered as more convenient and comfortable.

On the other hand, manual slicers, as the name depicts, works on the mechanical force of your hand. You need to rotate the cutter to get the meat sliced. These are considered old-school but are usually cheaper.

Power and Speed

Motor power is also a primary concern to have before buying a perfect bacon meat slicer for you. There are different ranges, mainly from the 100W to 240W. Watt rating will decide for the faster RPM and better slicing of the bacon meat. Power and speed also have a direct impact on the quality of slicing as more potential leads to better slicing. You may go for a higher horsepower as these may be expensive but long-lasting as well.

Tray Sizes

Tray size decides for the efficiency of your meat slicer. It expresses how large a slice you can get from the meat slicer. Usually, meat slicers have a tray size of 7-inches to 10-inches in diameter. However, some of the machines may have a larger diameter for the carriages, up to 14-inches or more significant as well to deal with the larger slices.

Chunk Controller

Chunk controlling is necessary for your cooking and marinating of bacon meat. Thick slices require more marinating and cooking time. On the other hand, thin slices can be cooked faster. There is a simple knob in most of the machine which can control the thickness of the slices. You must go for the device having such knobs installed.

Blade Sizes

There are different blade sizes in various types and models of the bacon meat slicer. Most of the beginner level device comes with the blade size of 9 or 10-inches. While the mid-range meat slicer has the size of 12 to 13-inches, you may opt for a tool of your choice according to the needs.

Additional protective features

As the meat slicers deal with the sharp blades and higher RPM speeds (in case of electric meat slicers), you may need to consider the protective measures, including blade guards, non-slip feet, and much more.

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