What are Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are somewhat similar to laptops but are designed to run a different operating system. These devices are designed perfectly to run the Chrome OS & is built in a compact form for the persons that are indulged in online work. Hence, for general office work including emails, Facebook or some simple form of browsing Chromebooks are considered the most efficient.

The Chromebooks are under the spotlight in the past few decades as they are faster, simpler & more compact as compared to the old traditional laptops. Most of the Chromebooks have the dimensions of 11 to 13 inches. However, some of the trendy Chromebooks designed by some well-known brands are also available now in 15.6-inches screen.

The advantages of Chromebooks

One of the main advantages of Chromebooks is their cost. These are available in less than $200 in the market now which is very little as compared to a good laptop. Hence, the persons who want to buy the Chromebooks just for the business use or want to buy a simple gadget for their child will definitely love these devices which are available in such a small budget.

Next in the list is their speed of usage. You can press the power button & within 6 to 8 seconds your Chromebook will be ready to use. The main reason behind their start-up speed & working efficiency is their SSD hard drives. These hard drives let the OS platform to run within seconds. In a similar manner, speed accompanied by their lightweight makes these devices more effectual & competent in their functionality.

With some simpler functions & higher task efficiency, these Chromebooks are proficient enough to work for 5 to 6 hours with ease. However, some of the specially designed models are expected to provide you battery life for 12 hours subjected to their usage. Both of these battery durations are obviously higher than a standard model of windows laptop.

Chrome OS is somewhat lower than the Windows but can be regarded as a higher version of Linux. It has an advantage of speed & efficiency over others but also has some security benefits. Windows OS is more prone to viruses & malware but the simple Chrome OS is far away. The Chrome OS has the updated versions of anti-viruses & malware protection software that protect it from malicious viruses. So, you don’t need to worry about your personal data or important work files.

Chrome OS has another advantage that it can sync all the files, passwords or application data with your all devices that are under use including your home personal computer, at work computer & Chromebook. You can also have access to your preferences & bookmarks in the chrome browser anywhere you want to. So, an automatic synching is a worth admiring feature. Moreover, Chromebooks come with 100 GB of cloud storage with each new device for a period of two years to save all your data in a single place. Therefore, what else you need than a device having high task efficiency, light in weight & always be with you everywhere.

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