What are Speakers?

A loud-speaker or speaker is an electro-acoustic transducer. It is a device that converts an electrical audio signal into a corresponding sound. The most extensively used type of speaker is the ‘dynamic speaker’, invented in the year 1925 by Edward W. Kellogg & Chester W. Rice.

How does it work?

To translate an electrical signal into an audible sound, for this, speakers contain a special electromagnet. It is a metal coil which creates a magnetic field when an electric current outflow through it. With this current outflow, the specific coil behaves much like a normal permanent magnet, with one especially handy property, reverts the order of the current in the coil, twists the poles of the magnet.

Inside of the speaker, an electromagnet is placed right in front of a permanent magnet. This permanent magnet is fixed strongly into position whereas the electromagnet is mobile. As the vibration of electricity passes through the coil of the electromagnet, the direction of its ‘magnetic field’ is speedily changed. This means that it’s, in turn, attracted to & repelled from the permanent magnet, vibrating back & forth. The electromagnet is hooked up to a cone made of an elastic material like paper or plastic, which boosts these vibrations & pumping sound waves into the surrounding air & towards your ears.

Record Player with speakers

Generally speaking, turntables & record players are devices for playing ”LP” discs. They offer excellent clarity of sound. You can hear such nuances that you will almost experience the real quality.

Record player built-in or external speakers

The idea is very simple. LP disc sits on a round base, i.e. plinth. The motor of the player turns the disc at three separate speeds, i.e. 78, 45, or 33 1/3 rpm. It has a cartridge with a needle, attached to an arm. As the arm maneuvers & the needle runs on the disc, the vibrations turn into music.

A modern record player that comes with built-in speakers is a complete device, particularly for first-time buyers. It does not need a set of external amplifiers. Although external speakers make sound clearer & add overall beauty in the setup internal speakers make the entire setup less expensive & more compact.

Why do Record player need external speakers

Record players with internal speakers are bit smaller & lighter, & are less expensive; but, the sound quality may suffer. It is often noticed that speakers are quite small in size, which can distort the overall sound quality. On the other hand, external speakers not only sound good but you can also increase the sound as much as you want without any problem. One of the main disadvantages of built-in speakers is that you cannot upgrade the system to improve sound quality when you want. You are unable to replace them with the new pair. However, when you are choosing a record player with speakers, always choose the one which comes with an input point to plug-in speakers. So that you can add external speakers any time later on.

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