What are the Types of Lawn Mowers?

Cylinder or reel mowers

A cylinder mower or reel-type mower carries a fixed & horizontal cutting blade at the desired height of cut. This fast-spinning reel of blades, which force the grass past the cutting bar. Each blade in the blade cylinder makes a helix around the reel axis, & the set of spinning blades describes a cylinder.

The main parts of a cylinder/reel mower are,

Blade reel/cylinder

It consists of numerous (3 to 7) helical blades that are attached to a rotating shaft. These blades rotate & create a scissor-like cutting motion against the bed knife.

Bed knife

It’s the stationary cutting mechanism of a cylinder/reel mower. Basically, this is a fixed horizontal blade which is mounted to the frame of the mower.

Body frame

The body frame is the main structural frame of the mower onto which the other parts of the mower are mounted.


This is an important feature because it helps propel the mower in action. Generally, reel mowers have two sturdy wheels.

Push handle

The push handle is the “power source” of a manually operated reel mower. This solid T-shaped, rectangular, or trapezoidal handle is connected to the frame, wheels & blade chamber.


The motor is the power source of a reel mower that is powered either by gasoline or electricity.

Rotary Mowers

A rotary mower rotates about a vertical axis along with the blade spinning at very high speed relying on impact to cut the grass. This tends to result in a rougher cut & bruises & shreds the grass leaf resulting in discoloration of the leaf ends as the shredded portion dies. This is particularly common if the blades become clogged or blunt.

Rotary mowers required to be set a bit higher than cylinder equivalents to prevent scalping & gouging of slightly uneven lawns, even although some modern rotaries are fitted with a rear roller to give a more formal striped cut.

The main parts of a rotary mower are,

Cutter deck housing

It is a drive system of the mower. It’s shaped to effectively eject the grass clippings from the mower.

Blade mounting & drive system

The blade of a rotary mower is commonly mounted directly to the crankshaft of its engine,  however, it can be propelled by a hydraulic motor or a belt pulley system.

Mower blade

A mower blade is, that rotates in a horizontal plane. Some mowers come with multiple blades. The blade features edges that are bit curved upward to produce a continuous airflow as the blade rotates, thus creating a sucking  & tearing action.


Engine or motor is powered by gasoline or electricity.


It generally has 4 wheels, 2 at front & 2 rear. Some mowers have a roller in place of the back wheels.

Other Types of mowers are as follows.

–  Gasoline type mowers

– Electric mowers

– By hand type mowers

– Robotic mowers

– Riding mowers

– Hover mowers

– Tractor-pulled mowers

– Mulching mowers etc.

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