What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is also acknowledged as a baby alarm. It’s actually a radio system used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. A baby monitor is basically an audio monitor which is consists of a transmitter unit & equipped with a microphone, placed near to the child. It transfers the sounds by radio waves to a receiver unit with a speaker carried by, or near to, the person caring for the infant.

Some baby monitors also offer two-way communication which allows the parent to speak back to the baby. Some baby monitors also featured with music to divert the child’s attention. A monitor with a video camera & receiver is often called a baby cam. One of the primary uses of baby monitors is to allow attendants/Parents to hear when an infant wakes when they are away.

Some baby monitors use a video camera to show pictures on the receiver too, either by plugging the receiver into television or by a portable LCD screen. This kind of surveillance camera is often called a baby cam. These baby cams can work at night with their night vision feature. Infrared LEDs attached to the front of the camera allow the user to see the baby in a dark room quite easily.

Qualities in a baby monitor

 Basic functions

To assure your baby’s safety, the baby monitor you choose must have some basic functions, such as a high-quality camera, sensitive microphone, alarm clock, etc. Baby monitors equipped with a camera are better than the simple audio monitor, as it can provide you with real-time pictures or videos about your baby. Remember that, different cameras will generate a different picture or video quality, especially in low light conditions.

The sharpness of screen display

Some baby monitors come with a receiver that is used for getting live videos or pictures captured by the camera. As the receivers’ screen resolution & its size are different, so the video quality you watch is different too. For baby monitors prefer LCD screen (Liquid Crystal Display) which usually has very good color contrast & high resolution.

Covering range

Covering the range is also an important spec that you should check when buying a baby monitor. A baby monitor with a long covering range you can see the activities of your child when leaving him for a long distance.

 Adjustable camera

It’s pretty annoying that you have left home & find that the monitor camera is not in a good position. To solve this issue, some baby monitors enable you to perform remote control to the monitor camera. You can remotely adjust the camera lens quite easily according to your needs.

 Interchangeable camera lens

The interchangeable camera lens allows you to monitor your kid in a better way. A baby monitor with an interchangeable camera allows you to change the lens for a wider angle to narrow-angle as you want. So with this feature, you can view clearer transmission images.

Communication function

Most of the parents may not only want to see their babies via baby monitor, but they also want to communicate with the baby. That is why the communication function is greatly strengthened on most of the modern baby monitors. This communication function on baby monitors is normally achieved through a speaker or microphone. So, both you & babies can enjoy real-time 2-way communication.

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